Building My Own Social Network App – iDev Journey #17

Let’s discuss where I am right now in my journey and my big announcement! *HINT* *HINT* I’M GETTING STARTED ON BUILDING MY OWN iOS SOCIAL NETWORKING APP!!

Udemy iOS 10 & Swift 3 Course:

Subscribe to join my journey of creating an iOS app and business. I am currently learning iOS development, then I will track my app build progress, followed by building that app into a business. I also plan to start freelancing at the beginning of 2018, which I’m extremely excited about! I hope to see you on this journey.

– Shot with a Lumix G7:
– Rode Video Micro:
– Tripod:
– Joby GorillaPod (Don’t get this one):
– Better Joby GorillaPod (Get at least this size):

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Andreis Ocasio says:

Udemy is awesome man!

mike the cike hi says:

forrest knight i just wanted to say if you think this could be sucessful then i think you should invest your time making the app with your partner cause like you told me imagine where you could be in a few years. and i think you should split the credit 60:40

Mohammad Tahir says:

can you please guid me 0Aouth 1.0a with rest api using call back url plz

Andreis Ocasio says:

I should continue my courses so i can start my own website!! Ahahah love the channel dood!

gokalp altun says:

Hey you are following Mark price course but which one: Swift2 or Swift3

184process says:

just make sure he’s ok with you showing the idea and you dont get into the legals. You sure will need backend like firebase? happyCoding!

Chelsea Menendez says:


Ertugrul Altun says:

Thanks for your videos. You inspired me to start the Udemy course and to become a programer 🙂

Dragon Ball Super says:

Hey, I know this is late but the best startups have equal share of equity. 50% of a Billion dollar company is better than 80% of a million dollar company. Also investors are more eager to put their money into a team with equal share because it shows that you guys have a strong relationship and value each other’s contribution and are therefore less likely to crash and fall apart. However, make sure you have a founders’ contract in place with a broad cause for termination i.e “If the co-founder does not execute his role functionally and effectively”, which is cause for termination.

Alex L says:

If you ever want to learn android development I’ll highly recommend you to buy Tim Buchalka’s Mastering Android 7 Development Course on Udemy too. That’s perfect.

Master Gamers says:

hi @ForrestKnight i am the creator of crown network and i want you to create social media network for us please contact me on my personal email and i hope you see this message

Yashwanth Madaka says:

i think your share should be 60 and his should be 40.
p.s Are you trying to grow your beard like JonnyB ?

King Reigns says:

I’m doing the same thing too bro! 😀 Any tips or advises you can share? I’m on Xcode 9

Kyle Suchar says:

65 35!

Misc.2 says:

Liking the new intro! And the frequent uploads!

Mohammad Tahir says:

very useful think Thanks

Jump says:

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m handling the business side, marketing, pitching, and approaching investors for seed funding, and project management while I’m having my partner code the product.

And we’re making a social network too haha. My issue is that he’s purely frontend so I need to find a designer and someone to handle the backend.

KeeepUK says:

Ideas are nothing. Everyone has ideas. It’s all about doing it. Just make sure you know you’ll have the bulk of the work and you get majority share no matter what 80/20.

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