iM5 – Discover the best ideas! A new social app

Cam talks about the Idea Medium 5, also known as iM5, and the PhoneDog Founders’ mission for developing a Social Network for Doers! Cam asks the question, “Why would anyone do this?” Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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RP says:

This could be useful but it is really slow loading what’s trending, or any channels. The layout is clean but a little unmotivating. More color and animations would be great.

Mr Thug says:

good job. is Cam a programmer?

Ethan Dennis says:

When will it be coming on Windows….?

James O'Neill says:

Voice over guy in video is annoying as f’ck

Nathan says:

Looks great!

Kaamil-Inaam Naicker says:

Seems like a good idea

Daniel Schmitt says:

It says the app is made by im5.Inc not phonedog

Cole O'Driscoll says:

It sounds like you said “I am 5” lol

randyhandbag says:

its not on the playstore

Igor Rebenko says:

Ehhh… there’s something wrong with the sound.

Mohamed Bouasria says:

It’s a great idea, really .. love it 😀
Good Luck 😉

Alex Pelling says:


GetInMyTelly says:

I think it would be much more useful and share-worthy as a send-a-reminder app. With its own sound alerts and whatever you can program it to do, I could send pre-calendared personal reminders in advance; including favours and cheeky requests to my girlfriend and friends. “Bob’s interview is in two days. Get him a drink and lend him your best tie”. Or even just as an event invite app. “Raptors game with guys Wednesday @ Wateringhole”. Accept.

StyleAndSpeedx says:

Sounds like a CIA codename. Just kidding, they don’t spy on us. .

LolekBezBolkaShow says:

This guy is f’ing boring when he talks

Abdullah Mohamademin says:


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