Is Vero Social Media Perfect for Artists?

So last night I fell in love with the Vero social media app and today I want to share with all of you why I think Vero is such a great platform for artists, photographers, musicians and all around creative people. I also take Vero vs. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and vert out a few…frustrations :).

The first million users on the Vero social network are free and then it will cost a subscription – so if you’re interested, jump on board and hit me up while you’re there!. I really hope this platform takes off and we finally start to see an end to toxic advertiser driven social media practices!

Join me on Vero: Vinny Le Pes



0:00 – A new social media app
1:18 – Why I’m frustrated with social media
1:25 – Vero vs. Facebook
2:29 – Vero vs. Twitter
3:08 – Vero vs. Instagram
3:47- Why is the Vero social network ideal for artists?
4:23 – How to use Vero
8:31 – Vero app wish list
9 35 – “True Social”
11:00 – Conclusion


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Jeffrey Vue says:

My main issue on Instagram is that whenever I post something, I always get the feeling that I’m shadow banned because this happened to me the 3rd time this year and the first time last summer. Have you ever had that happened in your instagram?

Dania Reichmuth says:

Right on the money Vinny, will follow you there!!! 🙂

Vlogging Molly says:

Vero (so far) is the way to go! I’m currently in love with it!

Francesco Panzera says:

Hi Vinny, I’ve signed up yesterday, still trying to figuring it out… I have a band and on facebook, and I have a separate page a manage for it. In your opinion how should I do it on Vero? Should I create a new account for the band and take it on from there?
Thanks, and cheers from Italy

Michael P. Schmidt says:

it’s not really new tho’ … installed it like one year ago … never really took off and now kinda can’t keep up with the hype that it got like 2 days ago (why is still not clear to me) … and i fear that is the death of the app if they don’t fix this in the next few days if not hours

Marko Russell says:

very solid review of the app! I just joined It tonight so will see where it goes for sure

Holy Fool Productions says:

Totally agree. My issues with Instagram: everything is stuffed with buttons adds and annoying red circles. Launching a rocket is less complex. Oh and the whole Facebook connection is kinda like making out with someone and then finding out that you’re related.

Creativity Weekly says:

Nice! I just made a video similar to this!

David Sornberger Photography says:

I agree – absolutely perfect for creatives.

I signed up yesterday and I love what I see so far even though it’s a bit (okay, I should have said A LOT glitchy). As a creative – photographer and vlogger – I’m hoping Vero has a very bright future. Love that there are no algorithms or ads!

Carlos Benjamin says:

I’d look you up but my login just goes off into the ether and never returns…..

Javier C. says:

Clay Enos on twitter and vero, share some steps of how to use the app. Guys you should read that !
Good video 🙂

John W. says:

I really like its potential… very clunky in ways so far, though. Search function doesn’t always work for me, can’t seem to follow anyone on my first attempt, and other little things. But it’s BETA so I expect these things will obviously be handled. I really really enjoy the interface and, as you’ve stated so well, some of the features are very well worth being excited over. I can’t wait to see this app once it’s full functionality is unlocked.

Kancer Jednoroga says:

It really reminds me of Tumblr, it seems very interesting too bad I’m not in those 1 mil haha
Also I’m really happy that I found this chanel, I like that you put effort in your videos from the very start and the themes are really nice, I hope you keep it up, good luck

KronoMuzik says:

Ca se voit que tu es francophone car tu portes un béret !

Jinder Atwal says:

This is dope fam!

The Extraordinary Tourist (TET) says:

I figured I may as well get in before they reach that million subscriber number. I’m not so sure you’ve convinced me just yet but I like that you can cross post to Facebook and Twitter. Vero actually reminds me of a cross between Tumblr and Google Plus.

baby blue says:

I have a question
Im a digital artist and my qurstion is how do i post my digital art if your going to post it and then there are only books place link etc. Pls do help me ;^;

Carl S. says:

Thanks for the square and laid back review (I’m only a month behind). Now to go over and see if I can search, locate and follow someone. Cuz NO ONE I know is there. :/ But I like the layout and specificity it offers. Cheers.

Lora Crooks says:

Thank you. You had me sold on it but the app is so large I don’t have room on my phone and good ‘ol Facebook has now made Messenger a necessity to read private messages so it’s next door to impossible to remove that ONE app to make enough room. My only option short of buying a new phone is saying goodbye to FB for good. Blah. I don’t like being forced to limit options.

Kate Dillon says:

Really enjoyed your video! I just made a Vero review video too and we totally agree. I’m loving Vero!

Kromentum says:

great honest review….. please follow me on Vero everyone @

Daniel Lucas Hahn says:

True words – trying this platform for the same reasons. Let’s see where it goes and if it can be an alternative for artists and people who love their art.

Nick Klein says:

The first video I saw of yours was the Journaling video, and it was very good! This video is great and you have earned another subscriber! i made a video over Vero too, you should check it out!

Jermy Russell says:

love Vero. Looking for menswear & hype fashion content on your feed?! Follow me @ JohnnyWest

Tomy says:

If they could make it desktop too that’d be super cool.

Esmeralda/ lifthardeatsmart says:

I’ve got Vero and like it.If you’re intrested in fitness my accountname is Esmeralda

Mary Åberg says:

Who owns Vero?

Je suis Parte says:

I am trying it right now. The thing with the links is definitely perfect for guys that need that platform to spread their stuff.

Siddhant Sahu says:

is Vero only for smartphones as I didn’t any way to signup from a computer on their website?

Dan Hostettler says:

Thank you!

Andrew Edmonds says:

Prime review. I might give the old Vero a try.

David Difuntorum says:

This is cool! Im going to follow you as soon as it stops being buggy for a moment.

Learning To Learn says:


vulgar madeh says:

Can this app work for singers?

Kimberly Vargas Roberts says:

Yes! I feel the same way about Twitter. When it first started it was a cool way to find out what was going on in the local community. Now, I don’t even log into it. I’m curious to see how Vero turns out once the server stops crashing.

ElReco Ramon says:

How about how to be an artist not on social media? It’s ok to be different and take a longer route.

Iain Dowling says:

Great video, thanks. I do wonder though, from a creator’s perspective, their Terms seem hectic with regards to permission to use content. Also their Privacy policy is ambiguous with regards to retention of your data after closing your account. Do you have an opinion on these?

maksqwe1 says:

Thanks for the quality video! This app has me inspired more than anything ever. I’ve given up trying to establish a page on Facebook, Instagram isn’t the best unless you post posts that are popular. This app feels more social, and I can post everything in one place. Hope it’s here to stay. Keep up the video quality, because you deserve more views. I was surprised you’re not more known. But it’ll come I’m sure !

Chelsey Austin says:

thanks for the intro to this! I love your voice, I felt like we were just chatting at a table 🙂

Jodi Stephan says:

Awesome video!

Sebastian Aasland says:

Just found your channel, great content! Keep it up! Adding you on Vero now:)

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