Life In China: 10 Must Have Apps To Survive In China

Life In China: 10 Must Have Apps To Survive In China
Hi everyone! Lulu here, today I want to share with you guys 10 apps that I found are essential to living in China. I hope you find this list helpful!
This is my first video on youtube, I definitely underestimated the hardwork behind filming and editing a video, and after watching myself in the final video I noticed I said a lot of umms, very, basically, and essentially, sorry about that! will work on it to improve, but hope you still liked my video!
Comments on what you think of the video and how I can improve are always appreciated!

Mentioned Apps
Vypr VPN:
Astrill VPN:
Baidu Map:
China Air Quality Index:
QQ Music:

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Husna says:

This was so amazing and informative! thank you

Kpop Life says:

You can’t use Instagram,Twitter and YT in China :c

sandy sharma says:

terrarium supporter country ‘china’

corey mc says:

I like the white bun with the soup in it in shanghai at the temple place.

Sempi35 says:

Thanks for taking the time to give us this list. Does Wechat work outside of China?

David Tavares says:

thanks for the info

Tour Guide says:

Without plece i wouldnt be able to learn chinese…

Xin Wang says:


Jenyu Li says:

Better than VPN→

Dorjee Shokho says:

which apps are good for learners of English? In YouTube we can subscribe different kinds of videos like anything we want but can we subscribe lessons from foreign countries? please answer me if you got what I mean!

Giuliano Oliva says:

You copied Fancy Nancy tv

Fat Ducky says:

I’m about to go to Shanghai, China this summer but I want to keep my streaks on Snapchat. What do I do?

Genocide x says:

are there other girls prettier than you.

Ali Alghamdi says:

you have inspired me to get in App business in china

zhengyu qiu says:

are you Japanese?

TheBiscuitLife says:

got yourself a subscriber! i like your style

Lao G says:

Really I like you

Kpop Life says:

Now VPN is prohibited

nabit raii says:

Hou to make appleid in china

sdushdiu says:

Pleco is a “very basic” translation tool????

corey mc says:

I use qq music on my app but how do you download from the qq music player app?

Zackary Selfe says:

You’re very helpful and beautiful. I am from Australia learning mandarin and want to live in Chengdu for 1 year to teach English.

sdushdiu says:

Air Quality

Jia Ming Zhuang says:


waleee Mohmed says:

lol I love you thaaaaaanx

corey mc says:

I use wechat and qq haha

Tour Guide says:

Come on youve been living in shanghai for 2 years and you pronounce baidu wrong;)

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