Making a Social Media App: Episode 1 (Swift 3 in Xcode)


In this episode I am going to teach you the first step to making a social media app. One of the first steps to making your social media app will be creating a user sign in/ sign up method and in this video we are setting up user sign in. Making social media apps can be very fun, so I am going to be making a series of videos about the process of making a social networking app step by step. If you can make this app it will look amazing on your portfolio for getting a job anywhere.

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Rebecca Berni says:

33:49 my Xcode is missing the received Actions sign in tapped button so I cannot complete the tutorial. Do you know why this would be. I just downloaded the program today. Is their a way around it?

C.J. Doyle says:

so far nothing is working for me..craziness

Ary de Oliveira says:


Steven Rodriguez says:

Where do I download the assets?

Alec-xander says:

Hey, first off All great video and your the best! But What did u do at 30:50 u said command calibrate or something???

Alexander Frazis says:

Yo fucking great video

Best way to learn is to build an app step by step with someone

XxLeonxX says:

Amazing video man!
I only have a problem: Xcode doesn’t recognize “FIRAuth”.
I’ve already tried to type “Auth.auth” but it still doesn’t recognize it 🙁
What can I do?
Thank you so much in advance!

Play Station says:

Do you have a video that goes before this one that explains which each of the programs you are using does? Sorry just extremely new to coding and building apps but I’d rather build my design myself than find and pay someone else to do it for me

DoNowtv says:

where is the asset catalog link ?

Osman Türkmenoğlu says:

hey im recieving sigabrt error but i guess i did everything same as you did i checked everything million times what should i do thanks

John Cantwell says:

How do you reinstall the podfile? (For FIRAuth error)

Lucas Coyle says:

I have followed each step but for some reason it still says “failed,” and that “FIRAuth has been renamed to Auth” and Use of unresolved identifier “FIRAuth”. :/

miaChloe10 says:

Brilliant video, it was so helpful thank you! Although, I’m getting an error with the “FIRAuth.auth()?” that says ‘use of unresolved identifier’, do you have any ideas?

Ricky Thomas says:

I keep getting a error here

func setUpUser(img: String){
_ = [
“username”: username,
“userimg”: img,
let setLocation = FIRDatabase.database().reference().child(“users”)

Ngô Anh Duy says:

this code ” FIRAuth.auth()?” not working, i don’t know why it breakpoint here when i click button login.

Alex Fisher says:

Thank you so much

Tenor005 says:

I am trying to make an app for google chrome store. Is it the same process accept you select Mac instead of IOS?

Jin Jin says:

it’s helpful but honestly, I could not get FirebaseAuth.auth() to run. Although I kept reinstalling cocoapods so many times.

Mohameth Seck says:

Best swift/xcode tutorial channel on YouTube! Your a big help for the app I’m trying to build

dutchy derooi says:

The error I get here is ” Use of unresolved identifier ‘destination'”
Can you help me ?
override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
if segue.identifier == “AccountCreated” {
if userUid != nil {
if let destination = segue.destination as? CreateUserVC{
destination.userUid = userUid
if emailTextField.text != nil {
destination.emailTextField = emailTextField.text
if passwordTextField.text != nil {
destination.passwordTextField = passwordTextField.text

Lola Lafia says:

Hey, great tutorial, thanks so much! What are you typing at around minute 25:50? The screen gets a little fuzzy so it’s hard to tell. Thanks!

BlueZeroGaming says:

i need help doing something like this but on windows

Spoon says:

okay i fixed all the passed errors besides the FIRAuth one its making my build fail

nick lim says:

it take me forever to cloning into master…. , any solution for that?

Tony Stacey says:

Can someone explain what he’s doing at 2:13? I can’t get the same thing to happen on my end

Pappas Made says:

Man, just came across your videos. Looking forward to learning more and getting into it. Please keep it up! Thanks!

FoxesGoPro says:

Hey, how do you make the mistake of “FIRAuth.auth ()…” disappears in the 33:17?

Gustaf Johansson says:

Hi! First of al an amazing video! You said it was no reason for an error at 27:02 , it was cocoapods that was messing up. But my error is still there when i try to build. The error says “FIRAuth has been renamed to Auth”


Britaintyler says:

what if you have a dell computer

albertmess11 says:

Really Helpful!!

Ter Tech says:

check out my tutorials for making iphone apps 🙂

Justin Faze says:

I clicked the cocoapods link in the description but I’m still having a hard time understanding how to download it .. sorry for the inconvenience . Please get back to me .

Mike Foster says:

when i right click on view controller the signInTap option to connect it to the button doesn’t pop up. Can you please respond soon, thanks!

Abhineet Patil says:

Can you please tell me what it means by bundle identifier. I am a total newbie, and I need your help for my school IB project. Anywhere I can contact you for help?? I really loved your video!

Marcus a says:

the_kaseys hello, first I would like to say thank you very much for creating such a video, it is very useful especially for beginners, I feel like you should be compensated , i was wondering do you take donations, and I was wondering , if someone has finished with their app, and they still had some kinks that couldnt be quickly solved, would you charge money to create a solution ?

Reaction Time™ says:

So I have a good social media app idea can i build the app with this software and what software can build apps

Rebecca Berni says:

When i type in pod init it says ”’-bash: pod: command not found”” what do I do???

flash light says:


jigar kotak says:

Hey great your videos are very helpful in learning, is it possible to do a video on signing up with phone number instead of email??

Justmc Let's Play says:

I got a Problem When i tipe pod ‘Firebase/Core’ in the podfile and after that i tipe pod install in the terminal it says i shouldnt use textedit so i downloaded a textedit app and the issue came again so i looked to turn off something called smart quotes but couldnt find anything saying that

Sam Bearfoot says:

Great video! This is totally out of my area of expertise

Raita Sorin says:

ur the best on planet

C.J. Doyle says:

So far ive done everything step by step…terminal says no such file or directory.. i dont know what im doing wrong considering I have followed step by step

Calculux says:

i wrote down “self.userUid = user.uid” and it says that “value type ‘String’ has no member uid” Please help me!

Michael Packard says:

I am not using XCode, as i am on windows, how would i get the bundle identifier?

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