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What to expect from me on Minds.com
2:44 What is an Applied Neuroscience Strategist?
3:14 What is a Biohacker?
More about Nicotine http://www.limitlessmindset.com/nootropic-ingredients/307-nicotine
6:30 Default Network/Creativity Biohack
8:05 Pavlovian Triggers for Rewarding good behavior
Focus promoting music https://www1.brain.fm
9:30 Scent anchoring
11:21 Travel hacking
12:30 Intellectual on Minds.com
Philosophically robust freedom
“Free Market” Universal Basic Income
My Book Reviews
Atlantis Existed.
My Articles on Minds.com
14:30 What are Nootropic Smart Drugs?
Nootropic Ingredients Directory http://www.limitlessmindset.com/resources/nootropic-ingredients
17:21 Why follow Limitless Mindset
Introducing Myself, My Story and My Values http://www.limitlessmindset.com/podcast/1489-introducing-myself

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ASMRSounds says:

So minds dot com is a DAO?

Sam OneTwo says:


Aldo Velez says:

Haven’t seen a good video on the responsible use of vasopressin (if such a thing exists)
what are your thoughts, and maybe thoughts on ias’s pitch of vasopressin as a potential memory enhancer?

GhostLocalHost says:

The hacker:
When discussing hacking and ethical hacking, it generally revolves around bad intentions and good intentions. Hacking refers to exploiting system vulnerabilities and compromising security controls to gain unauthorized or inappropriate access to the system resources. Keep in mind the system vulnerability can be as something as simple as an open port with an interesting service running behind that port. It also can involve modifying system, or application features to achieve a goal outside of their creator’s original purpose. Ethical hacking, on the other hand, involves the use of hacking tools, tricks, and techniques to identify these vulnerabilities so as to ensure system security. Ethical hacking is more on the defensive side, as opposed to the offensive side. It focuses also on simulating technique used by attackers to verify the existence of exploitable vulnerabilities in the system security.

Who is a hacker?
With the explosion of hacking tools appearing on the Internet on a daily basis, it’s easy to classify yourself as a hacker. You simply load some tools up in your system, point it at a company website, and try to exploit them. That is a very low-level hacker. When we’re talking about a good hacker, we’re referring to an individual with excellent computer skills and patience. These computer skills, in particular, will include programming skills. These individuals are highly intelligent and have the ability to create and explore into the computer software and hardware environments. For some hackers, hacking is a hobby to see how many computers and networks they can compromise. Others with their intention can either be to gain knowledge or to poke around these systems for illegal things. And some do hacking with malicious intent behind their escapades such as stealing business data, credit card information, social security numbers, e-mail passwords, and so on.

ASMRSounds says:

I have heard of people who got that eye fixed. Then it rolled back the different direction 5 years later.

John Galt says:

Social media has grammar checking? I be missing out on features awesome.

Transporter Tech says:

Hey I posted a comment but I think it went in your spam folder could you check and allow the comment please? thanks 🙂

TimeNow AndThen says:

happy you finnaly make videos again! where to get best nicotine spray in europe?

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