Minds.com Tutorial: The Free Speech Social Network

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Notorious revolutionary, Tommy J says:

How i would actually use minds if i did videos is just as a monetizable hosting site that I can link to if I get demonetized. If I end up linking to it often, more people will migrate to minds for convenience. I wouldn’t mind because I would get paid either way.

A T says:

This is complicated. Im not very smart so I missed a lot of it. I really want to get off facebook. They ban me for everything. I can even say you sound like a canadian/irish hybrid and they’d ban me. They suck. But you do…

W K Cyrokin says:

Just joined it an hour ago. The feel of it reminds me of when I first joined YouTube in 2008, honestly. I can’t even put my finger on it, but I like it.

Allen Linnen, Jr. says:

Aside from fluffing Minds and bragging about your e-peen, you didn’t say anything that wasn’t already obvious.
Explain the dashes on the feed screen and why they only change the first post in the feed.

Rock the Vote says:

Yeah, I signed up – not impressed. For one, the name ‘Minds’ makes one assume that the site might attract a higher number of ‘brainiacs’. Not so. From what I could see of it (and it’s neither intuitive nor particularly interesting) it’s home to the internet’s worst sorts of extreme right trolls spouting non factual shit meant to do harm to others. No thank you. But thank you for keeping those not so bright trolls busy elsewhere……

Bolivar DiGriz says:

Not quite no censorship, but for sure far less than FascistBook.
Also, I never put social network apps on my phones. And I never use G+ on a phone, either, although I occasionally use gmail on it, although only with my SFW account.

PanQuakes says:

do you get paid on minds like youtube?

thomas underhill says:

How do you upload videos to minds? like is there any specific formatting issues with it ?

Arturelia says:

Hello, I have a question. So, do I have to re-upload all my videos that I’ve got up on my channel to Minds? Or, is there an easier way to bring most of my playlists on Minds without having to redo everything that I’ve worked for the past few years?

Diane Earl says:

What about mobile only

joshua kavanaugh says:

how, the fuck, does the wallets work? offline/online, metamask, wallets in general? por favor, this is confusing and fun

Mary Vogt says:

It’s so glitchy. If you go to help & support and post a problem, then you are notified whenever anyone posts there, and you’ll never see/find your solution but you’ll have 800 notifications. 🙁

David Jeffrey Spetch says:

Hey thanks Dave. I just joined a couple of days ago and came across you over there a few hours ago and when I came here to see if there is any visual tutorial and saw you I didn’t hesitate to watch and glad I did. I wasn’t sure how the points and boosting worked so now I have a much better idea. I just earned 2500 points thinking that was the minimum one could spend lmao and no regrets for what I spent them all on. I was just wondering how that would work and now I know much better. That earned you a subscribe over here too, not that is matters much with these bias liberal policies having people lean away from youtube. I had no clue you could offer someone else points to allow a post to be viewed on their page. Pretty cool. I’m liking this site, been doing what I do online for years and have been banned off of hundreds of sites over the years due to liberal slander / policies. Cheers Dave.

TheSlenderman says:

im trying to find their stock and cant find anything

Schmidt says:

The top 3 posts on my home page are always boosted posts, making me have to scroll on a 1440p monitor to get to my subscribed feed. Is that intentional? It’s a serious detractor.

I agree with everything you say says:

Watch as Minds starts getting trashed by MSM as it gets bigger! I had trouble registering for some reason, though but I’m still trying…

AnotherBoringWeek says:

“…you have marked monetized using the $ symbol on the blog.”
This does not exist, you can click onto the Lightning bolt but that only makes your blog cost cash or points to engage.
There is no option to upload a video to a blog, only to a newsfeed, where I can, again, click the Lightning Bolt to charge people either cash or points to engage the content.
Where is the Ad-Sharing on Blogs option?
Again There is NO “$” Dollar Sign to enable Ad-Sharing, Nor is there any way to upload a video to a Blog.

What kind of clusterfuck of a design is Minds.com?
It’s as if it was designed and then the creators said….good luck figuring this shit out.
Minds just pisses me off.

Etown Vintage Buys says:

Thank you for this!

Nexus says:

I have two hopes for minds. 1 Never censor. 2 Beat FB and google.

mwvdragon says:

Minds is a lie and fraud. It is not a free speech/expression platform. You guys who shill for it have been propagating lies.

drivesmecrazy1000 says:

Thank you!! I could not figure out how to use Minds and I haven’t been doing much with it.

DaveW316 says:

Sooo,this has absolutely nothing to do with FB?? Not sure about the boost thing. Do you have to give bank account info? If so that just completely turns me off.
Wow…the homepage resembles what Myspace used to be. Miss how you could customize your profile on there…can’t do that with Shitter or Spybook but atleast they dont have your bank account.

Andrew Cook says:

Thanks a bunch for this video brother.

Arbetarbroder says:

The iPad App is useless, tried to find this video on your Minds.com (Dave Cullen) but after find your Site, accidentell click on a Picture and could not go back..
But Desktop Editon is Interesting, and everything Pro-Free Speech is as BitChute/Minds but (stay away from Gab.ai!) thanks for a tutorial

the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0 says:

I love it but i will admit that making an account is a pain in the ass

Krisztián says:

sorry for the noob question, but what is this YT “Restricted Mode” that you were talking about w/ Paul Watson..? is this the one thats on the bottom of the page? mine is turned off, of course, and yet I get more and more shitty and mainstream videos in my recommendations in the last few months… or for half a year now. basically a dont get any interesting stuff recommended to me!

and even if I search actively for some topic, its seems to act dumb, and dont giving me the most relevant stuff in a particular field. or is this just “perfectly normal paranoia” 😀 …?

TheWanderingWizard says:

When Minds Site was Alpha… Some of My Video Played…
Then Turning Beta Nothing Showed… So I Went Away. 🙁
I Came Back with The H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Format…
The Damn Video Counter is STILL Reading 00:00/00.00…
So… How Do I Upload a Video and Get It to Play Anyway!!?

Tom Shore says:

Thanks for showing me this site, its pretty awesome!

Andrew Johnston says:

It certainly was very helpful. The latest developments by Google are very worrying. I hope Google and Youtube shoot themselves in the foot, the way IBM did when they had their monopoly.

nothing dotdlmsc says:

I love gab but DO NOT GET THIS SITE AT ALL even how to start it or what to do everytime i go to it i get upset and deactivate. and sorry have never been on such a user unfriendly site so easy for new users? i have not had one single ? answered

A Gamer Aaron says:

All you fucking do is relink from Minds back to your videos here on Youtube. And there is good reason for that, even you know it’s a shitty video platform on it’s own and thus it can only operate by leeching functionality from Youtube. I don’t see how this is any better than Reddit.

metalgear666sucks says:

paid speech

weallbfree says:

Is there a way to search for groups or get “suggested” groups or users? I can search by Group name but I’m not sure what’s available in terms of who is on and a directory of groups. Do they wok the same way as Facebook?

KEK Freedom Heritage says:

Thanks for the discussions. Love the MINDS And hoping it has some upcoming improvements. Here is link to KEK Freedom on MINDS. https://www.minds.com/KEK_Freedom

David Sawyer says:

So also. Ummm, all I see on Minds.com is NeoNazi, AltKike, Trumptard propaganda that is being promoted by Stefan Molynjew. Stemmit is more safe for anyone with real information or any kind of awareness of the JWO.

Merrimour The Red says:

what’s the ID number thing when trying to monetize your account?

Dajju Kunrama says:

It does not work either lefties got me or minds [[[[dot]]]] com

Irving Kurlinski says:

How do you keep the corp-gov’t trolls off? These anti American types are annoying to be sure, but also usually obvious.

Shawn Bird says:

Next time you do a video for this, can you please not gloss over everything and actually dig into everything?

Jammy joe says:

Just joined minds but seems to lack content but I believe it will prove to bring in more! FREE SPEECH!

Diego Pecchini says:

Too complicated. Boost? Points?
We keep complaining about social media brownie points and here we’re literally using a points system?
Sorry mate, I’ll pass. Less is more.

Boom Boom Boy says:

is there chat/messaging feature ?

1978ajax says:

Finding all forms pf political censorship obscene, I tried MInds. I have no idea how to make it work, it is incredibly confusing, there seems no rhyme or reason to the interface, things pop in and out arbitrarily, there is no user guide, there seems no way of streamlining it so that it delivers only the things you are looking for, the search feature is simplistic and severely limited. I seems unusable in its present form. Given the astounding success of YT, all we need is a _similar_ competing site without the political censorship. All the rest you can keep.

Matthew Carmody says:

Thank you, you glorious ginger you making the move to minds.

YYY says:

thanks for the tutorial, but minds.com can be censored if someone wants to since it is not in a blockchain , or sometihng like it. Also the data is in one server, not in all users , so it can be tampered if wanted, minds.com its a great idea and i am thankfull , but it does not represent what it says it does, here’s a good post in the matter: https://steemit.com/steemit/@neoxian/wrapping-my-mind-around-minds-com

daydreams4rock says:

steemit is the way to go — much bettr rewards for content

David Sawyer says:

Minds.com is owned by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos banned 400 books on Amazon.com in 2017 so far. So a freespeech platform from a Zionist shill billionaire that bans books and was one of Killery Clintons biggest contributors is a dumb idea for anyone.

BugsMr123 says:

Very timely — thanks for doing this.

IE says:

There is some censorship. Minds.com owner has been deliberately disabling boost for certain political posts he doesn’t like. This is the main flaw.

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