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Fazza l Clash Royale & More says:

How many trophies do you need to join your group?

Sheikh Sheese says:

the only reason that stops me from leaving facebook is that easy FB login in most sites

madame w says:

Im having so much trouble signing into mewe. Either it says wrong password or wrong email, yet all my information is correct.

christie kerr says:

Good info!

Joris Baas says:

who’s owner of Mewe?

Jeffrey Lee says:

sponsor ….

Wade Patton says:

I’m not a sheep. I am a trend!

charles larsh says:

thousands a day converting to mewe soon f.b. will die

Debbie Armioia Thomas says:

That intro music sounds like MARIO.

Muhammad Younus says:

let them get little popular .. and thn we will see what MEWE cares about money or users 😀 ha ha ha

helenevienna says:

Ehm, this is exactly how facebook started. Facebook just needs to allow everything except for illegal things, change its algorithm, and give us Pet Society back!

Michael O Neill says:

Can MeWe tell me why my account has been deactivated please

Ak situk says:

If you’re still on Facebook then you’re an idiot

amarna gemz says:

mewe allows nudity. that’s great. i’m moving my business over there because of that

XtremeConditions says:

Didn’t join until I saw your video and got an inside look first. Thanks a lot, man!

Leo Moya says:

Telegram is better than ever app if you know it!

Sen M says:

Is anyone else not ready for the big change of ‘Share on Twitter and Facebook’ to ‘Share on Twitter and MeWe’?

Bro Brian says:

The problem is that everyone’s on FB, and very few wish to migrate over to MeWe, hence making MeWe a lonesome place. I say this as an ex-FB user.

Dazie says:

The problem with MeWe and most of these sites is that they selectively harass certain users. For example, I had to verify my sign in here with a text to my phone. God forbid a site’s using your home # which you know, can’t accept a text, then your account is “suspended” bc you can’t prove your identity…it’s all becoming a huge waste of time. Besides if you’re relaxing, to have to search out your data is a hassel. I haven’t been on MeWe in months bc every time I have to change my password, that won’t be accepted anyway, yet they keep sending me emails of who wants to friend me but can I open my account, no. Wish I could delete any trace of MeWe bc it turned out to be more aggravating than fb or Twitter. Better to go to the pool and connect in person. 😉

william osborne says:


Sen M says:

It’s been a week since an Ion Tech Central video. Boredom is high and the stragglers on YouTube are struggling to survive. See you next time on Peach Grylls (:

Gayle McLeod says:

I have looked all over for up to date tutorials of how to use MeWe, as many I know are having a difficult time using it, including me. It is very confusing. Many FB users have told me this too, or they would change. Can you do an update video? Thanks.

Scotty Thompson says:

Trouble is You Tube is starting to censor too. IS MeWe beholding to a group of venture capitalists?

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