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What is ooVoo?
65% of all ooVoo users are younger than 25 years old
ooVoo is one the world’s largest video and messaging app. With over 100 million users from 130 countries and 54 MM in the US alone, we consider this app to be popular with kids under 25.

ooVoo suggests that kids be at least 13 years old to create an account. They also brag that 65% of all users are younger than 25 years old.
Young people prefer ooVoo over other video apps because of its popular features:
ooVoo users can video-chat with up to 12 people at a time
ooVoo has free video calls – users can video-chat with up to 12 people at a time
Free text messaging – users can send text, pictures and videos to each other
Unlimited free voice calls – users can talk to other users from around the world with no charge for calls
Patented SuperClear™ & Superior Audio technology – which allow users to have a high quality picture and sound while they are talking to friends and family
Free screen share
ooVoo works on any type of network – 4G, 3G, LTE and WiFi-only devices
Steps to setup an account on ooVoo:

Don’t use your real name or any identifiable personal information as your ooVoo ID
To register you can use your email or login with your Facebook account.
ooVoo will ask you to:

Create an ooVoo ID (it will be your username, which you won’t be able to change later)
Write your name, that will be a title of your account (you can change it anytime)
Give your date of birth
And to choose your gender
How to find your friends on ooVoo:
ooVoo can integrate with your phone’s address book, Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp accounts and find your friends, who have ooVoo.
In 2015 ooVoo introduced a new face recognition feature:
New software introduced by ooVoo is able to read human emotions
In March 2015, ooVoo introduced a new software feature that reads human emotions. The company says it could be useful in business and politics. Political pollsters are planning to use it in the 2016 US presidential election.
(From Daily Mail)

Researchers fed the computer with pictures showing human expressions. Even oovoo admits it could worry some people because of privacy issue.
What should parents know about ooVoo?
Parents should be aware that ooVoo is used by predators to contact underage kids
ooVoo is used by predators to contact underage kids.

If your kids have an ooVoo account – have a conversation with them and consider having them delete this app. Instead, use Facetime on an iPhone.
Ask kids to not share their real names, age, phone number or address on ooVoo or any anonymous apps or websites.
Ask your students to not share their ooVoo ID or email address on their social media pages.
Ask your kids not accept adult social media friends without talking with you.
Tell your kids that they can always come to you if they have questions or concerns about their online activity or about other online users.
Teach your kids to be Light, Bright & Polite in real life, as well as online.

Learn more: https://safesmartsocial.com/what-is-oovoo-social-media-safety/

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Darla says:

Oo VOO like ooh vue like view

Stranger Things ElevenMike says:

Dude I’m 8 and I have ovoo

untube says:

oh the one thing i forget to text your channel
the thing is i will like to subscribe your channel your channel is fun

Taliah Hill says:


Mel S-D says:

he pronounced it wrong and it was killing me!!! plus I got the app at 10

Brianna Rutherford says:

how do u know if somebody read ur text?

Depressed Jessica says:

I hate this new update it’s awful like wtf and they got rid of filters like what even is the point of oovoo anymore??

Bandit The Dog says:

How to change a Poiife PICTURE NUUUUUU

Kaitlyn Edwards says:

I use oovoo all the time it’s the best!!

Star Storm Gaming says:

Helped very much

Klayton Menage says:

iv got ovvoo and I’m 10

untube says:

i know what is oovoo oovoo is more fun with friends
and also you can text some one or your friends for free and also you can call some one or call to your friends
for free its for free to text and call on oovoo

Steve Frank says:

It’s really like Facebook and Facebook is why then this shit

Statikk says:

Oovoo give u a Big Fat VIRUS if u download it on pc

Emma Cox says:

I wanna know how u find people on oovoo

MLP K&B says:

I got oovoo but I want to know if for example you use your brothers email will things send to his mail box on his iPhone even when my brother doesn’t have oovoo?

Nikki Rios says:

but how can check ur friends number??

Omgitsbri says:

ooVoo doesn’t have crisp clear image. and I deleted it cuz it was a waste of storage and none of my friends really had it. and I would rather see my friends in person, text them, or call them.

C4Chaos42 says:

Terrible on PC, application poops itself with 7.1 headphones…

Laquanda Stringfield says:

Hi I’m having problems with my oovoo I can’t login into my account and I been had the same user name and password for along time I need to know is there a problem with it.

Marble Jar says:

Great introduction to the app. Thanks for the video!

nicola tesla says:

In short it is utter shit .Prior to needless update it was a wonderful program worked flawlessly.I have removed it and replaced it with skype …And much better program..

Stranger Things ElevenMike says:

I have the cuz my friend Ariana doesn’t have a iPad or whatever she has a Smaug so and other friend and it’s the best

Michael says:

Can u play games while cammig

That dying Girl says:

How do you delete ur profile

Walker Szczecina says:


THEDGAMER5651 says:

Or Skype on a lumia

Venom Flames says:

How do you see your ooVoo code

Mirella Ojeda says:

I really wanted this picture that was downloaded on another app to be my profile pic (thought it would look cute) but it only showed the pictures I took. Please respond when possible.


Can you do what I musical.ly

Dash3r says:

In my opinion, discord is a good app for kids. Yes it doesn’t have video, but to get in your kids group, the person wanting to join needs a code. And it’s hard to for a pedo to find your kid

zoye is awesome says:

Your not it

amgine elbavlosnu says:

A volvo?

Megan Evans Blogs says:

I’v got OovoO

Susan Jones says:


THIS IS 4 REAL says:

I only friend people I know from school on ooVoo

Icecodplay Plays says:

Hi I’m a kid and I only oovoo group chat with my cousin and today I saw the guy accept my request and calls me and he said to me “Emm excuse me little ones” and I was Like What??!!! So that why I’m alway innocent and never date so can you make a new rules for me to know?Thanks for reading this comment

Klayton Menage says:

I can’t get oovoo on my blaze tab

Nina Varvatsas says:

I am never getting ooVoo even though my friends beg me for it

xXHunter LoeraXx says:


ahlayseia Rinnix says:

can use ooVoo even though my phone is off??

Brian Morales says:

I have oovoo I just turn 17 it awesome .

xXSupreme_GodXx says:

The app got deleted from the app store

Klayton Menage says:


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