Question: How Do Build a Social Network if I’m Not a Programmer?

I have been following your videos for a while now and want to start up my own social network but i am not a programmer I am actually a mechanical Engineering student writing my thesis but i found opportunity in a particular niche that is fast growing in the world.
In 5 to 10 years statistics shows that this niche will be in hundreds of million persons. i have being looking at different content management approach like ningo but the maximum limit is about 10000 users and it has limited social network functionalities. Could you please give me a guide on how to proceed.



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R2 says:

You could of suggested, a php mysql setup. Ah well, depends on the user count. I don’t know..


Of no help

Stefan Alexander says:

What would I need to learn in order to build my own platform for a social networking site?

Cheryl Renee says:

If you extract the bs and sarcasm, he provided some good info.

Caleb Kelly says:

Thank you for your honesty! You really laid it out clearly that building my social networking site is about to cost me a lot of money.

Stefan Alexander says:

Is there another way other than buying a server? Couldnt I get the hosting and domain from a Hosting company? What type of hosting plan would handle the strain from alot of active users?

InspiredSkill says:

i have realy clever and nice idea for a site bu you just cut my wings …with thouse numbers…and yep i am thinking to walk away.. 🙁

Clout GangTM says:

FaZe up

Morel Williams says:

Thanks for posting! Kinda wish it’d been a bit more objective though, I hope you didn’t discourage the kid.

Stefan Alexander says:

Are you a programmer?

Grab A Grom says:

Hi Eli,
Just wondering if you had any updates to this video as things change so quickly in the tech world. Do you have any updates or tips for someone wanting to start some kind of online network in 2017/18? Would appreciate any response you may have. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

NewsRedial says:

Some great advice there. Thanks.
I’m looking to build a social network site but the site would be peripheral to the main purpose of the site. Just some way for users to make friends with each other in a way that is more social network like than forum style. We are raising money now so some good pointers in this video.

Winter Till says:

You don’t need $200,000

gerald diaz says:

Hello, join the social network in

JusTAfighter says:

lmao this guy obviously doesn’t understand the concept of “investor”

Mike Henry says:

Here’s my story. I knew nothing about the net back in 1999, but taught myself how to use the web, and web designing. I started a site, first 12 months went from 1 -5 users to 30-40, I then linked to other sites and learnt how to use metatags, I started to get more people. 3 yrs later and on a shared server, I was up to thousands, 5 yrs on, now on a 3 dedicated servers, I had reached millions of visits per month, on Alexa web stats,in 2005, I had reached 17, 000th most visited site on the net, I had over 20 people helping me to run it.
Today, its still running. A friend who is a top IT and programmer, came in to help me, we wrote our own scripts for security etc..Joomla built us our own platform for free, my site became a benchmark in its field, we are the most secure site, we have tracked 1000’s of attemps to hack our system, its impossible to do so, with our codeing. But Ive left it to others to run, sadly its gone downhill ever since, but ive been working on a new site, for the past 2 yrs, it will go global, and it will be huge, but I lack the funds to take it to its full potential, before it goes live, and to patent it. It takes a lot of hard work to build any 1/2 desent site.

nAmE jEfF? says:

I was wondering what programming language I should learn if I want to make a website where all you do is post a image and text and you don’t need to make a account. is a program that can do this or is there a language I could learn

1sbollap says:

how do you build apps to run within a social network. what is osapi ? how do you use it

Ken Aguilar says:

Everybody wants to start the next big thing, theres also a lot of money to be made in maintaining these networks.

NWO Don says:

You can messup a 20 Million data entries userdatabase if your ER-M is really poor designed.

Casey Williams says:

Not rich? Don’t try, and your idea sucks. Got it.

My-crypto world says:

i am not good at programming but i want to own my own social site in my country Liberia.
So is there any different platform to use freely from PHPFOX?

salah mohamed says:

200k thanks for crushing my dreams!!

Mathias Brekkhus says:

I do it for free

rhapsody22ful says:

You can very easily setup a social community web app with pH7CMS
It’s like WordPress but for social networks..

Nadine Mason says:

If you reeeaaaally want something like an app, go to amino and get acm builder and boom you have a community. I know it’s not an app but if you promote your community then you can get tons of users

Jemcm123spy says:

I need to build one in a week… might need to reconsider doing one.

Maurice Williams says:

This is great information. My plan once I learn how to code is to create a social network. I have the rest of my life to do this. I start school for programming next month on June 5th. Even if it’s a small program like World Star Hip-Hop I would be happy.

kartik garasia says:

nope you need to just start … instead of walk away without even trying

Josh Taylor says:

0:00 when your hiding your porn tab

Cool F1Racer239 says:

Ning , socialgo, spruz, , that simple

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