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Why do we do sponsored app reviews?

A: it helps us get gear and and increase our production quality. We try to only do things that our audience would like but the truth is we try to push out quality videos and this is a way that helps us achieve that.



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▣ What phone do you own?

❝ I own the Nexus 6 by T-Mobile running a custom rom called Euphoria with Android 5.1 R3❞

▣ What’s your launcher?

❝ Nova Launcher ❞

▣ Editing Software?

❝Sony Vegas Pro 13 ❞

▣ What camera do you use?

❝Nikon D5300❞

▣ Homescreen Clock Name?

❝It’s stock clock but with a CM 12 Theme❞

▣ How do I root my phone?

❝ Look it up ❞

▣ How do you make the icon on your homescreen so big?

❝ With an application called Giganticon❞

▣ What keyboard do you use?

❝It’s regular stock but with a CM 12 Theme❞


Jordanian Arabian PRINCE says:

dude its not working

BrunoRoSilva says:

The only problem is that when u live in a small town in Brazil (like me), your ripples just won’t get worldwide hahahah

Dan Az says:

my name is Daniel and cool video!

Rich Conrad says:

I rippled this video

Dean Stavropoulos says:

Nailed it on the video! Awesome job HowToMen



Mage Enderman says:


heroman patel says:

which video editor u use?

Tee Con says:

Rich Conrad says:

I rippled this video

HowToMen says:

Hey guys its Daniel and i wanted to let you guys know that i know we have been doing a lot of app reviews however more amazing videos are on the way. Including more top 5’s and some new ways to make your android devices quicker and have better battery life. Stay tuned for more amazing content! Also Facundo isnt gone hes just on vacation, he will be back in a few days and im sure he has some more awesome videos planned! Stay cool 😀

Ceziᴴᴰ says:

Great idea – I’m currently working on my own “network” which will hopefully revolutionize this lame old social media world. Should be done end of this year … let’s see how it will work out.

Dwight Goliday Jr says:

Interesting? But cant you do this with like Flickr or WordPress or Tumblr tho?

HowToMen says:


ranz marapao says:

+howtomen please make another video of xposed framework tools and apps,hacks and please,please,please include apps that will locate your loved ones anywhere..

great job you guys !!
have a great day!

yash chitransh says:

how do you make app widget that big?

Revzo says:


Matthew Robb says:

how can it ripple to Europe the nearest place it would come from is from north or south America how are they near enough to ripple it to europe

LetsFact says:

similar to plague

Melody Garcia says:

this was an amazing video! 🙂

Ryan Kwan says:

this app is like the app plague works the same way but I like this ui better

Yo Rabzy Live says:

@HowToMen im gonna try it out and can you add people on it

Josh Schoorl says:


Christopher Munoz says:

The app has potential but also has some problems.

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