Social Media Management Dashboards. Which One Is Right For You?

There will come a time that you may find yourself overwhelmed with all things going on relating to your social platforms. But, there are amazing Social Media Management Tools out there. We discuss in our opinion the 2 Best Social Media Dashboards out there. Of course they all cost money so that’l be part of your decision making process. Check out our video where we discuss the pros and cons of each social media management tool dashboards and hopefully it’ll help you make your decision.

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Heather Rogers says:

Your youtube channel is the only tech channel I subscribe to and I have NO time to watch them, but I DO! You make learning this mind-numbing stuff fun!

Rosalinda Lozano says:

Great beard. Very Nice Hair. Oh and great video 😉 Thank you!

Diane Coville says:

I have found so many Social Media Management Tools but NOT the one I need. I need to have an account where I can incorporate my clients into it – not set up an account for each specific client – but a Dashboard that provides sub-Dashboards of each and every client and their accounts (like an agency would) but not at an “agency” price. Most clients don’t have time to monitor their own accounts – so they hire me to manage them. It would save so much time if I only had to access one program and hop from one client’s accounts to another and have access to collect stats – wonder if there will ever be one like this?

Erhard Mostert says:

Thanks Man! Great quality videos

Synergy Solutions Partners LLC says:

Hi There
Have you ever looked at and would you consider it a social media dashboard with rich creation features?

jachnoon1 says:

Steve! How come Hootsuite stops us from seeing Facebook news feed? It used to be there

Perk Tes says:

A paid classic marketing technique for Agora!

Contempo Space says:

Research mode — say NO MORE

David Santiago says:

Hi! Very good video! It helped a lot! Thanks!

Btw.. have you tried I think it’s very complete and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Marc Holmes says:

Great vid

Danilo Del Cadia says:

wow…Mr.Dotto, you’re #1, no doubt!

Luuri says:

Hi Steve! This is off topic (about evernote) question but hopefully you can answer me. I am looking at a text from a webinar and i want to take a picture of the text and convert it to text in evernote, so that i can add something into the text. Is this possible? So far i have only managed to take pictures without the ability to edit the text myself.
Greetings from Norway 🙂

bernard mc dermott says:

Hi Steve, how the heck are you doing this fine day!! I love your youtube videos and find them very helpful. I have noticed that you have done a number of videos about Google and Google drive. Here is my question? I use Google docs, not a lot, here is why! I have been using Microsoft word for many years and miss the same type of features word has when i am in google docs. I know there are extensions that you can use in docs to help enhance the word processing process. It would be great if you could do a video on google docs showing how and where to find all the additional extra features that are available in google drive to make the word processing production process easier to use. Thanks in advance, from an Irish fan and member of the Dottotech Community.

JuanMar Freile says:

Great vid. But where is the link to that tool you used to calculate costs?


hey steve…

check this out… chrome extension for google calendar.. would love to have your review on this…


Bart Nedelman says:

Let’s say I want to post to 15 facebooks groups in a similar genre at the same time. What’s the best tool for that, if there is a tool that can do that?

Theresa Mueller says:

What about Socialpilot which is much cheaper and Retortal?

عاصف الخزرجي says:

Hi, Steve, would you please give me the link of the tool of cost comparison?

Scott Jones says:

Great review Steve thank you.

Maria Saad says:

Hello! Can we see a review about eClincher? I think it’s a great tool, I’m using it right now…

Mason Schweinzger says:

Great video! Can I ask what software you use to edit your videos?

TheMrBvcx says:

Great video : it is really nice to have a somewhat state of art of tools used for social media management

FBA Coaching INC says:

Steve I think you are great and give fabulous advice! However, how does one not include Buffer in this comparison – especially when you are focusing on Hootsuite. I guess I would expect you to do the research as Buffer is HUGE in this industry!!

Russell Isabel says:

As for me, FollowingLike is the best tool to manage all my social media accounts(Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr).

Lindsey Hazel says:

Wow! I’ll definitely have to checkout Agorapulse and that pricing tool is so intense! Thanks for sharing!

Raúl M. Moreno says:

I think eClincher is the greatest tool out there right now! Great functionalities + pricing. Their customer support is the best and also they improve the system every few weeks. I’m really happy with them!

CheapGeek says:

Hi Steve, just found your channel!
This video is a great help in my quest for content management. 🙂

Jessie Chen says:

Awesome video. Thanks! I have a question though – what software do you use to make this video? I love that only your body appears at the corner, not with your background.

Service Manager says:

Great video. There is another such one from
More networks are available

Andrei Litz says:

Hi Steve, thank you for the great video. What do you think of

Heather Baker says:

What about Edgar or Buffer? Have you looked at those?

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