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Savage TRK says:

Hey I checked out vero… sounds nice of course it’s still very knew .. I don’t know if you could look into holonis is a fairly new app and it would be awesome if you did a review on that.

It has great potential to be a great app for social media as well..

Thanks your one of my favorite mentors and I know you’re going to be able really succesful

DramaNation 24/7

Keep it up I learn a lot from you and are starting to apply your tips to my business daily

Billy Santos says:

Follow me Billy Santos

Pain Amvs says:

My guess is that their selling user data to make money, what other way is there if they don’t have ads.

Elyssa Robinson says:

Heard they enslave Filipino people???? And supposedly they can use our content without our permission. Thoughts??

Donald Trump says:

This bitch sucks reviewing . .

Asher Reid says:

that looked like the play store tho smh

AfroTris says:

Bruh, it looks so beautiful… but I can’t use it. It be like “Welcome to Vero! See I’m tryna load, but the way our servers are set up…”

Brenda Linden says:

I downloaded it and at first it didn’t work at all. Now it works but I’m still very confused by it hahah

Ivy Beam says:

When you freaked out in the middle about how Vero is gonna make money lmao

Dean Director says:

I downloaded Vero… BUT, actually no but! it’s buggy and it’s a little confusing at first but after experiencing slow to zero growth on my Instagram I think it’s time to start looking at other emerging options. I just hope they don’t eventually get swallowed up by one of the established social networks like Instagram or Twitter.

Julián Mateo Fäldt says:

U should definetely do a ”How to grow on Vero” video

Lesa Fine says:

They sent out a notification today saying due to the problems they were extending the free offer for Beyond 1 million ……..

Yasmeen Garcia says:

I definitely think that Vero has sooooo much potential and they’re just going through growing pains! I’m honestly just so excited to see a new social networking platform. Add me on Vero if you see this 😀 @yasmeen garcia Congrats on 14K!!!!

BDAYZ says:

I dont know if this has been said BUT…
this app isn’t good for photographers. Why? because once you post your photo on their platform they own it. So if you care about maintaining ownership over your work… don’t post there

Debra Riddle says:

I had the same issue downloading it. It works for me today, though.

a virgho says:

hey i love vero so far, it does crash a bunch “BUT” its poppin

Go Sammy-Jo says:

Great Video I just made one about this topic! It is so Interesting and I can really see it taking off!

Yugi Oh says:

I’m using it when it still has a very small number of user and before the server crashed because all of this hype and that’s the reason why I deleted my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not being promotional whatsoever but that’s true, Vero welcome me to be social in and leave me feeling great day by day, the engagement is great the content is great no trolls, no ads we don’t like and I can keep everything in collection and I can totally feel the real social interaction online!. This is the first time I said it out loud but just my experience, I never put this against giant platform because this is different, this is the way to be social online and you can feel the interaction when using it. Thanks to Instagram algorithm that’s the big deal. As the Vero founder once said that’s really related to me “A FALSE SENSE OF CONNECTION LEFT US LONELIER THAN EVER.”. just embrace it guys, we feel that. So hopefully they’ll fix the issue so I can start using it again. Anyway, you’re the cutest, genius reviewer/youtuber I’ve even seen, I didn’t even know about you but keep it up Jade, Subscribed to your channel 🙂

James James says:

They make money selling our data

Manini Soraan says:

Follow Me on Vero,for a follow back !ID- Manini Soraan

Ryan Garcia says:

Definitely has potential, BUT only if Instagram fails to keep people on their platform, which I believe is unlikely. Other than that, great video again and love your videos!

Shako Gibson says:

im gonna pass on vero

Nuz says:

Just created one, but (BUT) it’s not intuitive at all at the moment. I’m happy with the idea though

AndreaLissetteReyes says:

I got vero but all it did was crash lol


To be honest I love the graphics but I can’t upload anything yet on my Vero account… i’ll keep trying!
BTW, I love your channel jade, you are always so quick – I guess you are my nr. 1 social media news source :))

Charlotte Clement says:

but instagram started with no ads too!!

Quenten Chad says:

jade your content is amazing as always!

James James says:

I blog on medium, I love you medium don’t die please

Miz Fabulousity says:

I just signed up Jade … I guess time will tell .

Fill Moniz says:

Been using this app for a month now way to be late jade!

Vargas Moreno says:

its like MySpace

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