The Reason Why New App Vero Is Actually SHADY As Hell

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Find out why people are saying Vero is the new Instagram…and why others are warning people to stay off it.

If you’re straight-up over Instagram’s algorithm changes, then you definitely aren’t alone.

So what is Vero? Well, much like Instagram, it’s a photo sharing app. But unlike Instagram, you probably haven’t heard of it before. In fact, just a week ago, Vero wasn’t even ranked in the App store’s top 1500 apps. But today it is THE most popular app in the App store. And it’s all thanks to Instagram users looking for a better version of Instagram.

Vero is an ad-free social network that QUOTE, “lets you be yourself”. The creator of the app said he started it because he was sick of the privacy policies of ad-based social networks, like Facebook and Instagram.

The app itself is, as we said earlier, is very similar to Instagram, with a few big differences. Vero not only lets users share pictures, but also lets you share texts, URLs, and even recommendations for books, TV shows, and movies.

So, basically everything you could ever want out of a social media app.

Of course, there is another thing Vero has that Instagram doesn’t: The Vero app sorts posts chronologically. Which is something Instagram used to do, until last year when it started sorting things out based on an algorithm that puts everything out of order.

News Flash Instagram: We do not like your algorithm, and we never will.

Another thing Vero allows users to do is separate their connections with other users categorically. So, you can designate people as close friends, friends, acquaintances, or followers, and opt to share posts specifically with these groups.

I know what you’re thinking — this is all WAY too good to be true. And it actually gets even better. Vero also has a much better privacy policy than other social apps, because it only collects QUOTE “a minimal amount of data about its users”, like names, email addresses and phone numbers. And Vero does NOT provide data to advertisers or other third parties.

If all this sounds way too good to be true, however, one user pointed out what seems to be a red flag in Vero’s Terms of Service.


Upon using Vero, users give the company the license to use your name, voice, and likeness, as well as free access to basically do whatever they want with your content.

Another red flag pointed out, was that in order to delete your account, you have to send in a request, and hope that someone from the company reads it and accepts your request.

Okay that’s actually pretty messed up.

One final question you might have is–how does Vero make money if it doesn’t have ads? Well, the app isn’t making money just yet, but the company is planning to eventually rely on user subscriptions for the majority of its revenue. CNBC reported the subscription fee will be QUOTE “a few dollars a year”.

Wow. Okay so now I’m dying to hear what YOU guys think of Vero–are you downloading it as I speak, or are those Terms of Service throwing you off? Sound off in the comments below, and after that click right over here to check out YouTube Live’s new updates. Thanks so much for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more Clevver News. I’m Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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xwhizzkeyx says:

Instagram’s home.

Delilah Harter says:

PAY to use social media?

Jamie Roxx says:

So it’s been 3 months now… did it topple FB? How did that all work out for everyone?

Mr.Banana says:

And here is me who doesn’t even know what’s vero.

Titanium Fish says:

Ok, fix the policy so it is not allowed to use name, voice, clips, and make that policy 10 dollars a year> and I think we are set.

ItzRally7 says:

This Vero is a zero

CaptainAKG says:

Quality wise, Vero is better. Privacy wise, sadly, Instagram is better a super tiny bit.

Rippingthosecheeks Hey says:

This just popped up and I couldn’t give a fuck about instagram it’s literally just something for people to be up their own asses, wish a social media platform that respects free speech and doesn’t ban people for literally disagreeing with someone like twitter does…..

Miss Amazon says:

FUN FACT: The men on this planet got us all into & out of TWO World Wars…..without the use of the internet ..or Instagram!! Just sayin’!!

baxter0728 says:

Lmao instagram is fine with me

uwu owo says:

Pretty bad. I was thinking of using it to post my art but after hearing that they’d be able to use my shit however they like I’m gonna have to say no.

-_*ThatOneDream*_- 00 says:

very shady.
aint digging the i can use your name and voice for whatever i feel like

T. Schmidt says:

I don’t mind the service at all.

tazegamer 05 says:

Mark zuckerberg would buy this app

TheDesertLad says:

Does it protect my free speech?

girl group stan says:

i feel likes its more like tumblr than instagram

Heather Sawyer aka Moonlight Heartless says:

I don’t even know wtf Vero is tf

Invincible YT says:

HAHA subscriptions. Bullshit.

ツzyber says:

How come i hear one channel talk about something thats “Trending” its something ive never heard about

Jamal Al-Nubani says:

So tumblr basically?

Red Jackie says:

You could just make a 2nd account for vero, that way it doesn’t have anything to steal.

And then boom, you have the perfect instagram

No More says:

Instagram is complete dogshit wrapped up in horse intestines. But at least my identity is not stolen by the app, so I’m pro-Instagram

Kevin Klika says:

This is the lamest ad video I’ve ever seen

Josh Cruz says:

Insta and vero both suck and I use neither

ThnksFrThDnkMms says:

Instagram and tumblr’s lovechild

basic xo says:

i have not tried Vero but i still think instagram is better

Supa Sweggiy Sasuke says:

I just want to download it now before they put out the update where you have to pay to use it. bc then everyone will have it and i’ll be that one lame guy who still uses the ‘free version on Vero’ (Instagram)

filly291 says:

Isn’t Vero more like Tumblr than Instagram? Just sayin’

Casper Round says:

Just get Facesmash

Tom Cunnington says:

It’s like the sword art online of apps

NovaGamer 551 says:

If they try to steal your content everyone just post copyrighted content then they fucked

ichigo kurosaki says:

so basically the less buggy version of tumblr?… i like it…

Hadhiri Zakkeh7 says:

Ow !! I like vero

Skykristal says:

I can’t use vero anyways. The app doesn’t open anymore since a week so I deinstalled it

NovaGamer 551 says:

Just get on a fucking social media that is actually good

popcorn pop says:

the fact it didn’t have a delete account button and only added it after the update.. ya. delete

flying goat child of Clorox bleach says:

I honestly feel more neglected over it

joe smith says:

So what about a business on vero? My churro company has an account, do they own the rights to use it as they please?

Google User says:

I installed it after seeing it on an ig ad…

dArk Red says:

Girl bye, get this strict ass bootleg tumblr out of my face.

maw kuri says:

no fuckin way.. subscription fee bs…

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