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“Mastodon is a federated social network, with similar features to Twitter, but administrated as a decentralized federation of servers running open source software. Users belong to a single Mastodon server, known as an “instance”, where they post short messages for others to read, subject to the privacy settings of the user and instance. The service seeks to distinguish itself from Twitter through its orientation towards small communities and community-based, rather than top-down, moderation. Like Twitter, Mastodon supports direct, private messages between users, but unlike “tweets” posted on Twitter, Mastodon “toots” can be private to the user, private to the user’s followers, public on a specific instance, or public across a network of instances. The network of federated Mastodon instances forms one part of the Fediverse, a federated network that includes servers running any social network software that uses OStatus.” From Mastodon Social Wikipedia page.




TheFake VIP says:

Coming from an almost completely blind users perspective, I knew this was going to be interesting. And it was. Amazingly, the mastodon interface is almost fully accessible to screen readers, I love the concept, the people, the fediverse overall, and most importantly, I don’t think I’ve found a more interesting technology than activityPub before, linking potentially thousands of different services that may not (and do not) necessarily do the same thing (peertube and mastodon) together.

Иван Ерзин says:

Thanks for the video! Never heard of Mastodon before. Turns out, it definitely worth a try.

Patently Paul says:

Have you looked into It’s a decentralized, open source and federated social network that can be selfhosted.

Hrnek Bezucha says:

Reddit does it for me. I don’t see a reason to be present at more than one social network.

meulto itau says:

Hi could yo make a video about Own/Nextcloud hosters ?

fdxc says:

Have you tried Minds? It’s open source and really nice to use overall.

Alex Bush says:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the business with Facebook that’s going on now. Is there a good alternative for people who like the ability to have “private” groups and pages?

sharperguy says:

Why is it that you see everyone on the federated feed? Surely you’d just see posts from people you’re subscribed to?

Lance says:

Thanks for the video. I followed you on

Tromino says:

This video ended 20 minutes earlier than I expected it to. :p

Marcin Mikołajczak says:

hi, author of Polish translation of Mastodon there 😀

Snapp says:

I want to do an open source social network!

… but I don’t have the hardware… and I’m not experienced enough in coding yet… 🙁

Kasra says:

I deleted my FB account months ago and never looked back. I feel happier without one.

MathCubes says:

I like the idea of an Open source social network.

Team 98 says:

The part about mastodon is I’m much more likely to be viewed by you there ! (Im

Andy Raman says:

I am to loving mastodon but joining late

UltimatePisman says:

I’ve been on since April 2017, because it was the first instance I heared about.
And I later made an account for my YouTube channel on after failing to get my own instance installed.

I really like both instances, I eventually quit Twitter full time as a result.

Jeroen Bollen says:

I don’t like Mastodon because it’s centralised.

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