Top 10 Social Media Platforms That Failed Spectacularly

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For every Facebook, there are many social networks that fail. Whether it’s a heavy hitter like iTunes Ping or Google+, a site by Walmart like The Hub, a familiar site like Freidnster or Digg or a smaller social media platform like Xanga or Orkut, these virtual communities turned into social media disasters. WatchMojo counts down ten old social media sites like Myspace that failed miserably.

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00:39 #10: The Hub (2006)
01:17 #9: Ello (2014-)
01:51 #8: Digg (2004-)
02:34 #7: Diaspora (2010-)
03:09 #6: Xanga (1999-)
03:51 #5: Orkut (2004-14)
04:34 #4: Google+ (2011-)
05:27 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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Ty says:

Myspace took too much of a commitment; as ironic as that may sound today. Facebook beat out Myspace because it was easier to use for EVERYONE. Kids will always migrate to the latest and greatest but Older adults just wanted to find old friends and keep in touch with family. Facebook is basically a digital rolodex for the masses.

Slimjim3k says:

The sad thing is that Myspace was and still would be the superior website if not for the horrible overhauls it had around 2009 / 2010.

Jus Zajac says:

IDK why but i died laughing when they cut to the guy saying “bread makes me fat”

Nellie K. Adaba says:

That’s why I stopped using Myspace since 2013 or so. I remember Google Wave and Google Buzz. Google Plus is one of the best. Too bad Ping is gone, it was fun while it lasted. Yes, I also quit hi5 and Bebo, and Tickle, it wasn’t working for me. RockYou is gone.

Manly Men says:


Timothy Broomell says:

I miss MySpace its WAY better then Facebook you could have backrounds,add music,decorations,gifs and what do people obsess over a blank empty white background yay fucking awesome I’m being sarcastic people are stupid after MySpace ended I ended being Social and I refuse to ever join any Social Media I have better things to do then read some attention seekers bitching about whatever people complain about

Tyler Wars says:

OMG where is VK?? 500+ million users in VK

Brii says:

I personally think myYearbook failed as well.

Tyhler Novac says:

Tom should have never sold Myspace Facebook is worthless platform

Justin Chon says:

Every social media will drop out of its limelight and comes a new era someday.

Sean Doan says:

MySpace wasn’t really a failure until it was sold off. it set the bar for Facebook. they took the idea of social media, looked at MySpace as a guide and changed what they thought they could do better.

HabboPoop88 says:

You guys forgot to mention that Orkut was a gigantic success here in brazil during the 2000s xD

Yosuke Rechain says:

myspace, frienster, mirc, dll is best on history.

heypachuco1991 says:

Waar is Hyves? 😛

Frederick Zabala says:

people still use MySpace!!?? it’s now a graveyard or ghost town whatever

Fulgermcqueen95 vlogs says:

My space was replayst by outbook

GenEx Machina says:

Don’t forget Migente lol

Michael Terndrup says:

Can’t you add Tumblr to the list

frank flyman says:

you forgot the site yearbook that later changed its name to meetme

miiles derpworth says:

any dutch poeple here who remember hyves

Nigganometry says:

I don’t remember most of these I was expecting to see tagged imeem AOL maybe even blackplanet lol

Mr. Rhino Official says:

Yep, Google were assholes when they forced people to use Google+ to comment on video’s. I think they still are assholes.

Constance Leclercq says:

Magic rice sunlight dzuali affair turn grade negative.

Vape-oreon says:

I use google +

realdonaldtrump says:

Wtf is blogger

[ s c i i n t e ] says:

ello came back to life this months, I use it, and I love it <3

Xx prototype xX says:

How is reddit popular? When it comes to debates and other stuff, it as retarded as Yahoo users.

Joshua Smith says:

I remember some friends of mine having xanga accounts, but that popularity wavered.

dolores robinson says:

myspace was fun but it was for a younger crowd. in my opinion facebook was better because it was real, u werent talking to strangers. As for Facebook dying out one day, it probably will. Just like all other social media sites.

Sardar jaiveer singh sidhu says:

Orkut beat MySpace in India though, before Facebook.

Joseph Rodriguez says:

Thanks for showing the same lady using the tablet every 45 seconds! I didn’t understand it the 3rd time!

Zoe Bolio says:

I’m surprised myyearbook wasn’t anywhere on the list

Sithirakyin says:

1:47 *insert Lenny face

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