Top 5 Social Apps for iOS

We recently covered the top social apps for Android. Naturally, we had to make a top 5 list for social apps on iOS, too. Watch this video to see what our favorite social apps on iOS are, and share your favorites in the comments below!

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone:
Tweetbot for iPad:
Alien Blue:
Alien Blue for iPad:


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Arjun P C says:

windows phone……. pleaseeeeee

Răzvan Lupu says:

😉 battery is at 69%

Tyler Hedgeland says:

where is instagram

Shannon Solomon says:

Ur videos are too short!! But I guess thats what makes them sweet…..Keep up the good work +Pocketnow 

Kio Milenium says:

Paper is not available on my country’s App Store.

Alejandro Guifarro Ramirez says:

+Taylor Martin +Pocketnow +Anton D. Nagy

Are you gonna review the nokia lumia 1320?
I hope you do!

jesse77wilson says:

I really wish alien blue wasn’t terrible. For some reason reddit is something that only android developers are capable of making right.

Awe Galore says:

This video should be renamed to “Social Client Apps” since I was expecting first-party apps.

Mohamed osama says:

I adore android..but i’ve got to admit that I miss apple’s ecosystem and clean interfaces found almost on any ios app.

Mark Goy says:

Tinder! Haha

Ben Han says:


Hamz says:

+Pocketnow windows phone top 5 social apps ?

KhiishoreV says:

Where is windows phone top 5 social apps..

W1LL14M_DaBest says:


IdenticalPears says:


W1LL14M_DaBest says:


Ayman Ezzat says:

That is nice

Techofthe2000 says:

Good to know about the apps

MrTomro says:

Yeah Windows phone has the best 3rd party apps

Matthew Bender says:

can you do a whats on my iPhone video

ok. says:

Love your channel!! +Pocketnow 

Pratik Dugar says:

its stupid to pay for twitter ! it can be used properly enough for free! :p

imbored200 says:

Wass up

Bora Vasovic says:

It would be awesome if you can show these kind of videos for WP as well.. 

joyswizz says:

as usual helps a lot. thanks

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