Tsu: The Social Network That Pays (my review after one month)

***********As of 8/2/16 Tsu has closed their doors. Bummer!

If you want to try out another social media site that pays… Try Rabadaba.com (or get the app for your phone) – they pay to PayPal and at a much lower cash-out point than Tsu did. I like what I see there (so far) and will do a video on it later. Follow me there! @gabeturner ******************

Join me on Tsu here: https://www.tsu.co/gabeturner

Tsu: The Social Network That Pays You To Post

After a month of being somewhat consistent on this new social site I found that it was growing on me… So I thought I’d make a video and invite some others over.

The unique thing about Tsu is that 90% of their ad revenue is given back to the users. The content creators are the ones keeping people on the site so… they deserve to be compensated for that. Pretty cool idea, eh?

*1 Million users joined in the first month so it seems to be gaining steam.

*Some users are reporting receipt of their first $100 checks.

For most people it will probably be more of a slow build to start earning from the site. But if you put in some real effort in the beginning it helps build the momentum.

Besides the money aspect, I think there’s an opportunity to build your audience in general with this site. It’s a wide-open playing field at this point and could be easier to make a mark here than other places.

Bottom-line, I think it’s worth checking out. No matter what happens with it in the big scheme of social media, it’s a chance to grow your audience and meet people who you might never have the chance to meet elsewhere.

Say ‘Hi’ to me over there! https://www.tsu.co/gabeturner


Some Articles I Found Helpful:

Why Tsu is not MLM:

Opportunities For Marketers on Tsu:

Some details on the launch of Tsu and their funding:

Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ts%C5%AB_(social_network)


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Gabe Turner


Ourhometips says:

Hi Gabe, I am already in TSU great video on it clear and concise. I recently found Startpeeps https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=rstillman if you like TSU you will like this also, same Paying premise they are in beta right now so join quickly before they put request caps in place and then add me as a friend because you seem cool my username there is moneymakingmom Have a great day. https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=rstillman

Juan Andres Sluimers Castro Quintero says:

Motivate, inspire, grow… join me =) 

Zen Smile says:

https://www.tsu.co/zen6s  ………… smile with Zen

MlleMarquee says:

Blessings! Follow me on Tsu ♥
http://www.tsu.co/mllemarquee #art #music #poetry #fashion
717 followers – help me get to 1000 🙂

Manly Men says:

At least this site pays you unlike scam book

Referre Fifa says:

You can join to this AMAZING site on this link: http://www.tsu.co/SuccessON

Богдан Волошин says:

Dear friends, September 12, from the account of our friend Voloshyn Bogdan had stolen money. They were transferred to the account of a Pedro Joao. In response to a letter why it happened, Voloshyn Bogdan was disconnected from the site,, TSU ,, and accused of placing pornography, distorted information, promises of money for shares, placing another’s products, etc. Shame that the company is engaged in the usual Sebastian Sobchak cheating people.

PeteLouisThe2nd says:

Guys, you can use this shortcode: http://www.tsu.co/petelouisthe2nd if you want to join our Tsufamily! It’s an amazing social network platform! 😀

Adrian Burns says:

I was interested in this. I suppose I’ll check it out.

Tiffani Steinly says:

@tiffi_taff if you’re still active

Raven Angel says:

So, how do you join, I went to the page and there was no way to sign up. So, how do we join?

Hira Malik says:

Guys you can use my referrence short code which is hiraabbasmalik1

Loopy Loula says:

I’m on TSU! Misslyss24. Nice review!

Crystal Star says:

Can you do a review on Rabadaba

viral videos Collection says:

https://www.tsu.co/bigrob2379 link to join

topnetworkersgroup says:

great video sir

oDesk Helpline says:

 Your Joining Link : http://goo.gl/TpQ7we

Vane22april says:

I currently have more than 800 friends and more than 400 followers and I upload original contents (drawings, gifs and photos). If u wants some suggestions, join TSU with this invite: http://www.tsu.co/Vane22april

Watch MeEat says:

Hey Gabe! I like the video. Very realistic. I joined TSU and wasn’t sure how to explain the concept in depth to others, so I just share your video… Funny thing is, I have to create a space between youtube and .com when I share it on Facebook because Facebook doesn’t want people to mention TSU on the site. Go figures.. anyway… thank you!

Tamika English says:

JOIN TODAY !!!www.tsu.co/millionaire40

UAE Jobs says:

Join Now for Latest Jobs in Dubai http://www.tsu.co/careerindubai

Antonio Rosell says:

Hello Tsu is social media networking plataform just like facebook,but with one crucial difference……. Tsu PAYS YOU FOR POSTING AND SHARING ETC..

Tsu is an invite only access network which mean’s you need a link from a friend to join.Mine is http://www.tsu.co/tsu_site Click link to join my network

ANY PILY says:


Ozair Mustafa says:

I have spending sometime here. My account has started ticking, and I testify to that.
You can be a part of my family by following me @ozairmustafa.
And those who are not on tsu, you can use my code;

Lissette Cruz says:

I like tsu. If you’re still active, I’m @acrogodess there – I’ve made $100 a year since joining. It’s good to promote yourself. Like right now I’m trying to build my YouTube following. I post links to my video there

Saad Ahsan says:

I signed up yesterday. I got 100 views but I don’t even have a cent in my bank. iT is just blank. It did not use shortcode while signing up. Is that ok? or is this the reason i am not earning anything?


TheAmusingOddities says:

Sounds sort of like a pyramid scheme, at least the whole getting paid when others who joined because of you post and get noticed.
*Research time*

Thanh Pham says:

Follow me 😀 http://www.tsu.co/thanhconsl, and give me your link, i’ll follow you too 😀

melissa taggart says:

I joined this for my writing to promote it more i havent been paid though

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