Vero – True Story

We didn’t set out to make a revolutionary social network. Just one we wanted to use. Here’s how we did it. Find out more on Vero:


W&W ModernMedia says:

hochwertig produziertes video. Gefällt uns aus filmischer Sicht… aber noch eine weitere social media Plattform? – Ich weiß nicht wie ich das finden soll. Wir sind alle schon so sehr aktiv im Netz und leben viel zu wenig in der Realität… oder vielleicht ist auch das unsere neue Realität?

Gus Zentev says:

That’s a logo from a bank, vision banco which was a cheap stock logo

persoulrpg says:

History showed that if something is advertising literally everywhere and everyone is talking about it – and this is the case of Vero, then it’s bad.
You can’t just come out of nowhere, have no “back” somewhere and simply succeed like that. Things don’t work that way. I don’t buy that but well, thats me – most dumb and brainwashed people nowadays might seem to join everything just because it’s trending. So I will rather keep away from this until the boom and the fireworks are gone.

Catalin Dimitrescu says:

Okay… But what about the fact that you need to send in a request to delete your profile? Or the fact that by signing up we are actually giving you our consent to use our name, voice, and likeness? That’s shady as hell. :-/

Nina Grenningloh Reyes says:

While it’s a great idea, I would hesitate calling it revolutionary. I agree that we need to rethink social networking and what it really means to be social. Profit-driven algorithms are surely not the way to go. But that leaves really only one other option: To create a social network that is truly crowdfunded and built for the people, by the people. An organization that does just that is Human Connection: it’s a social, knowledge, and action network that has a non-profit status and serves the world by connecting individuals with charities and social causes and makes it easy for users to take action towards positive social change. Now, THAT’s what I would call a revolutionary idea and a network that answers the pressing topics of our time. Check it out:

MiltonNGTV says:

I kind of like where they are headed. If it’s another social media platform that does well, it will just be added to the list for people. The only thing they lack is stories, which has proven to dominate with Snapchat and instagram. I am excited to see what Vero has to offer and will give it a try.

Luminary says:

Not today

sadf asdf says:

The need to be “social” while online is a sign of a sick society. Electronic interactions with total strangers results in opportunities for exploitation, abuse, marketing, invasion of privacy and as we have all seen, government and corporate abuse. We used to talk to each other – in person. Now, we “chat” while in the same room – across screens. It’s utterly ridiculous, but a strong signal that our society is sick. While I like the idea of no ads, I pretty much despise social media in all forms for this reason and there are many more reasons to reconsider whether you should stick with social media, or just walk away. The real world is not online. Americans in particular are infatuated with screens. The life you are NOT living because you are spending your waking hours checking a screen is a life you will NEVER get back (time lost, life energy wasted). I’ve been online since the very early days (nearly 40 years, for real) and I will never replace what I’ve now lost with the thousands of hours spent staring at screens. As a research tool, the Internet has enormous capability and power, but as a social “network” platform, it will always seriously lack real life. And it has many security flaws, privacy issues, loopholes and exploits that can make whatever you choose to share very dangerous sometime in your life. I hope Vero kills Facebook, but don’t let your online digital life become your REAL life like I did – big mistake.

WickedMo13 says:

Ok fine , I just deleted my IG and snapchat and was on my way out…but I think I will give it a shot

Kary J. says:

Wonder how long the no advertisement promise will last

Kushtrim Imeraj says:

As i read in the articles about Vero, first million users will be able to get it for free, others have to pay a subscription fee, thus they will generate income to move forward

Sampson Liao says:

Why use twelve good apps, when you can use ONE shitty app? Get Omni today

Hansel Thepedo says:

It will die as soon as it becomes paid.

linux-guy moen says:

Now make a desktop website so you can log onto it from any device sense you know computers is still a thing.

Ben Courtwright says:

They will probably get sued because of their terms of use which basically says they can use your pictures whenever and however they want when you post them without asking their permission. Do your research don’t follow the crowd. Their CEO is also messed up because he apparently fired tons of employees in Saudi Arabia without paying them for no reason.

Repurity says:

servers have been struggling forever.

Lenny D says:

Wonderful!!! I’m sad that I didn’t find about Vero earlier…not because the prospect of Vero going to be a service you should pay for…but because it looks soooo cool to me !! 🙂 You got me hooked, I’ll definitely going to make an account on VERO!!

Summersault666 says:

Can i use the plataform if i am a heterosexual white man? Because i saw the propaganda and now i am in doubt…

Technicality says:

ok this is pretty cool

Ciekawe Rosliny-Video Blog says:

Kiedy język polski i wersja przeglądarkowa ?

Josef Rinderer says:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Two words: Fyre Festival.

A Thrasher says:

Meh. Bring back MySpace.

AriHD says:

Not mining data… ever? We will see.

Summersault666 says:

it’s ok to be white

big tutubi says:

more useless bullshit trying to ride the coattails of facebook

Chris Böhm says:

Sounds good Guys!

Josh Jackson says:

welp Vero was fun until i realized their CEO stopped paying salaries to 9,000 Filipino workers at his previous construction company rendering them essentially homeless and reliant on food donations. peace

MikedieONE says:

the TRUE STORY about it is, a billionaire paid tons of influencers to promote that buggy piece of crap.
the TRUE STORY about it is, it exists since 2015 already and nobody gave a damn about it, till sheik boy pulled out his purse and paid all these influencers!
the TRUE STORY about it is, that the CEO of VERO didnt pay 9000 philippino workers at his former construction company and they are homeless now
the TRUE STORY about VERO is, its build on a sellout fake hype. and its 1000x worse than FB and instagram ever could be
Everyone who seriously uses this app, is a sheep or got tricked. very shady business

Spaniard Republic says:

Kind of revolutionary is quitting all social media and returning back to real life.

David Sornberger Photography says:

Just signed up! Love what I see so far… a bit glitchy but SO many people have signed up in a very short period of time. As a creative – photographer and vlogger – I’m hoping Vero has a very bright future. Love that there are no algorithms or ads!

Sarthak Panda says:

Hahahaha. No algorithms. ok

Lazar Jaksic says:

Hey creators, let’d collab on Vero and grow together! Add me on Vero, Lazar Jakšić 😀

Mexican Made Meatless says:

So excited about this!

Yugi Oh says:

Vero is just different as the goal is not to get everyone in, they want to keep a small number of users that prefer a real social interaction, unlike Facebook or Instagram that trying to get everyone on this planet join it’s platform. So if Vero don’t have a large number of user means they don’t have to upgrade the server and spend a lot money on it. Vero also takes fee per transaction we made on the platform like buying clothes, t-shirt and everyone can sell their own product so this is so cool isn’t it. A lot of people saying that Vero is the new Instagram but that was false. Vero never meant to be the next Instagram, the vision is different and how the app tailored is also different. You don’t understand because you’re so full of fake. God Bless You

Edoardo Villanueva says:

im assuming you’re going to have to pay a subscription fee in the future. because of their website it says “free for the first million users”

Reno Makani says:

Cool! @RenoMakani

timcity says:

Yeah… this will have ads on it this time, next year… If Facebook doesn’t buy the company first.

Old Bear says:

Does anyone know who composed the music for this trailer?

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