What is Beme?? (New Social Media App)

Beme is a new social media app that shows you THE RAWEST version of yourself. Kind of like Instagram and Snapchat! Its new an interesting and I will be using it soon! 😀



Anonymous says:

Is it made by Casey Neistat.

Sedale Perry says:

It is open to the public from today and they are working on the Android app

Mido. D says:

its not even available in my country

J. gam3s says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/8940373101979/2892259249993.html

Monica Rivas-Parker says:

I like snapchat better

Nick Fisch says:

Check out the unique way i’m using Beme on my channel!

Casandra S. says:

Wait so beme is like snap chat???

Brandon Garcia says:

in concept this is a good idea, but in actual reality just about everyone it’s way to self conscious about posting a picture or a video of their actual lifes, without adding filters or memes to portrait a fake scene.

Nick Palmen says:

first viewer + like + COMMENT!!

Noah Stricklin Studios says:

I’m gonna take random photos of me and make them into memes and basically make my self famous

Albrix says:

Albrix on beme!

Jujube says:

You should go over how bad Marco Polo apps are. They are really bad
They bug everything

Gavin Dahill says:

Arron by any chance I sent u a snap on sun plz chek it

iKien says:

Add me: kien

BreakTheInternet says:

Thanks for watching everyone! Add me w/ the name AaronFPS if you decide to try it out!

The Johno Show says:

I worked really hard to get a code and was all excited and once installed I was absolutely horrendously disappointed. Not only that but it conflicts with Periscope and blocks the audio for that tool. No idea why!

yo it's dawson says:

I want you to narrate my life

HipsterNinja says:

It’s a bad idea and probably won’t catch on, at least not for long

gadgetgal38 says:

I just added you, if you will can u follow me back? it’s gadgetgal38, btw great video!

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