What is Ello? A look inside the new invite-only social network

Ello? Anybody out there? I snagged an invite to Ello, the new invite-only, ad-free social network, and signed up and tested it out! Here’s everything you need to know about this new site. Check it out at http://ello.co, or follow me at http://ello.co/cassidyquinn

Music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin McLeod, incompetech.com

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fullyawakened says:



Antonio Brandao says:

My brain feels nagged… omg it hurts



udor nyc says:

+Cassidy Quinn Cassidy… you are informative, very good looking… but… well… how should I say this… have you ever considered DECAFF??? 🙂

impuredeath2 says:

I heared in facebook you are half Japanese, is it true? 😀

Supreme says:

How do I get an invite? Can someone invite me?

FurtherIllusions says:

It reminds me of Tumblr, but more bloated. Many startups can brag about not having ads, but when they scale it changes. Look at Instagram. Ello is only interesting because of the exclusiveness right now, just like One Plus One. Don’t care for the hype.

DrDK144 says:

Why would you include your Facebook page on Ello? That seems like a complete contradiction in some sense. I know you’re trying to reach out to people, but being that Ello is supposed to be the anti-Facebook, quite a number of people on Ello will want to stay far away from Facebook as possible.

Andrew Nguyen says:

Are you on #tsu  yet +Cassidy Quinn?

Lucy Lux says:

I tried to watch it but constant switches from your computer screen to your face is so annoying. Viewers don’t necessarily need to see you when you are reviewing a social network. Plus my advice would be to be yourself cos it seems you are mimicking someone you are not. You don’t have to be shouty and noisy and make faces every 5 seconds for people to want to watch you – just be natural. thanks

Chris Fitzhenry says:

i don’t see me getting an invite – this would be really awesome if i could, and then get the BEST of my friends on there – and, be away from Facebook and Google+ (Did that even really take off?) I do think this COULD be the next big thing….though, when it launched last year, i haven’t been able to get anything! 🙁 I just hope it doesn’t turn into a Myspace LOL. Or, a Facebook for that matter. Each is unique, and each is cool in their own way (Except myspace, that sucks now LOL) – i woulda loved to see this from the start, cause, normally, i’m Alpha/Beta everything LOL…being in the dark on this one suckkkkkkssssss!

Jesus says:

Jesus loves you 🙂

rahim max says:

love it i have gratez a profil in ello

anny giordani says:

would you send me an invitation to Ello? I really wanna try it (:



Fabiola Carolina says:

I just get in now

I signed up in September and It just let me know in December


please, send me a invitation. anirban.putai@gmail.com

Spinnit Round says:

Anti-FB! Ello here I come. Thank you really good video.

Colin Proctor says:

Very shouty.

Mark Heath says:

I want a real social network, that works for people, something that encourages doing activities together and organise proper meetups outside, Facebook does none of that or my old friends were just useless!

Russell Sanders says:

Well I just stick with facebook

Inked Angelz says:

I think it’s 50/50

Ca Bu Fla Ma Nau says:

“Oh it’s all black and white and not customizable”
Facebook is like smurf city.

TheClashofClansPlayer says:

Follow me on Ello: https://ello.co/f3dy

Jiraiya __ says:

That site is stupid as hell!

Praveer Concessao says:

NO madame!…it does matter how many views u get…cuz der r many lurkies…and u know thenn..

Also!..u can be pretty pretty :)… but also very scary scairy… :O…so ease of d coffee..and chiidfaqDown 🙂

KNow Judgemants!

Superclean turbo says:

Ad me to ELLO

john smith says:

Yeah F that . Tailor made for snobby leftist elitist trash……..PASS

Ivory Dixon says:

Ms. Cassidy Quinn! Here is another social media site to check out. Here’s your invite code.        HAVE YOU HEARD OF “it”? IT’S SOCIAL AND SHOPPING IN ONE PLACE! https://lifeonit.com/?invite=1516931


Well I just signed up and it looks pretty cool! Not too much flashy which kinda looks classy….I guess it would actually be on top of other social networking sites if it releases ads for its publicity(which is so not gonna happen)

Aaron Smith says:

You should not yell when you have ten minute videos of mostly dialogue

John says:

ello sucks, i even deleted it after 3 days

loveless ai says:

Ello is actually a really nice site but the only thing about it is that it doesn’t really have a personal messaging system yet and you don’t need an invite to make an account on there anymore you can just make an account and you don’t have to wait

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