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So what is Nextdoor anyway? Nextdoor is a social media site for many local neighborhoods. Nextdoor was launched in 2011 and works like most social media sites with the exception of your membership is verified with your physical address. Only members of your neighborhood and close surrounding neighborhoods can see your posts if you chose so. Nextdoor has grown in popularity over the years and not with just the younger generation. It seems even the most non-tech-savy neighbors have been able to work this social site. Many people that have used the app will give a long explanation of everything wrong with Nextdoor, while others will be singing its praises. In this video I will explain the benefits and the drawbacks of Nextdoor and if you should you consider it for your neighborhood.

Is the Nextdoor right for your neighborhood? For me, I am on the fence on this. I just think it makes for more resentment and bitterness between neighbors giving those who like to gossip something more to add to their gossiping wheelhouse. I know for others its been a useful tool for finding their lost pet, a good dentist and a local pediatrician with recommendations from local people, getting instant responses.

Nothing brings me more comic joy than to read the posts from my iPhone from the Nextdoor app. The honest complaints from neighbors that don’t have the guts to say things to neighbors in person about your home or your household habits are very willingly share it on Nextdoor for all the rest of your neighbors to comment on. I believe the Nextdoor app had good intentions and has its place for alerts of missing animals or suspicious activity. With that being said, it doesn’t take you long as you scroll through the posts that the pettiness between neighbors gets amplified by the cloak of typing out gripes without having to face your fellow neighbors. If you do a quick google search of Nextdoor reviews you will find plenty of negative reviews of the site. There are even several secret Facebook groups that share the most ridiculous of complaints. I myself have read some out loud to my family crying in laughter at how silly and immature grown people can be. So I wonder, is this social media site truly making for good neighborhoods are causing more resentment among neighbors for all to see.

Last year a post went out asking for people to BAN fireworks on the 4th of July. In our area, fireworks are not banned and can be bought at any roadside tent or even the local Wal-Mart. I would never have thought it wouldn’t be expected that a day traditionally celebrated with fireworks would be requested to BAN them. The request from one neighbor to ban them was so silly that I couldn’t help but laugh. Her comments under the post started to elaborate her frustration with her next door neighbor and his use of them going on to say that he left her yard a mess with exploded fireworks in her yard, which of course caused so commenters to gasp. Hours later her neighbor posted a picture taken of the women’s perfectly cleaned yard and he explained that this is exactly how her yard was left the night before with no mess and he was not holding back with his response to her “firework ban” request. My point of telling you this was to explain, wouldn’t this been so much easier if the woman just knocked on his door and asked nicely to not fire or fireworks too late in the evening and please clean all the papers from her yard if they are to land there. Now everyone in our neighborhood knows about this pettiness and it could have all been avoided by a simple, not so dramatic conversation.

In closing, I’d like to say this video and description is completely my own opinion of the Nextdoor site and suggest you do your own homework when deciding on using it for your neighborhood. I tell you all this “Because YOU Matter”

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matthewlwalton says:

Great vid!! Chuck doesn’t say much, does he?? Lol

Barbara Bridges says:

I love my Next Door but not a fan of the high pitch women in the video.

Tool Review Zone says:

Haha, Chuck reminds me a lot of myself.

Buzz Live TV HD says:

Hi Kristina, we were watching a live stram on the TubeBuddy channel, can we get in touch? It’s about my channel getting rejected from YPP for Duplication

Eddie Smallhorn says:

Oh….The Nextdoor App….

Hash Info says:

Amazing Talent you have eh! Im looking to Collab with ya big time eh!

My Stuttering Life says:

I LOVE THIS VIDEO !!!! So funny! Chuck is the BEST !!! I have the NextDoor App and it’s beneficial in that many neighbors have home security cameras so whatever “suspicious” activity is reported, we ALL SEE IT. Also, I like the recommendation features and we don’t have that many petty posts but they did get angry when my house alarm went off several times (due to a glitch). Thank you for this AWESOME post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey Stika says:

I had never heard of next door app until your post last week…thanks for the info Kristina, You’re the best!!!!

The Home Depot says:

Is the next door app anonymous? My subdivision has a Facebook page and people are NOT afraid to stir stuff up on there. I find it amazing how petty some of the conversations get. We had one lady complaining about the lawns in the front of the neighborhood – rightfully so because some of them were 3 weeks uncut at the time and full of weeds – and then another lady coming on saying how pretty she thinks dandelions are. Anyway, I find a lot of it funny and stay out of it.

Who was that crazy lady with accent in the movie? She seemed a little out there! Great video YREW I’ll have to check out the app!

innocent dissident says:

Gang stalker app.

Jilligain says:

Can it be used against you? I have meth head redneck neighbors who are known for stealing ppls yard belongings, breaking & entering, vandalism, etc. I’d rather not give anyone my personal info at all & tend to think things like this might give them too much of my info

SEABASSINS Tool Reviews says:

The movie the burbs is a great move

George Kenner says:

you have more personalities than a woman has a right to…. love your stuff..

VCG Construction says:

It’s sooo sad that people resort to posting online rather than taking the time to talk to their neighbors one on one!

MJ C says:

Never heard of it?! It’s crazy that people complain on there I wouldn’t want to live near someone that complains. You should talk to your neighbor if something is bothering you.


Chuck is a strong man, that or that wife must be a wonder woman in the sack

crypto cruising says:

chuck chuck chuck

Caleb Block says:

Lol great video. I signed up for next door for about 20 minutes.. couldn’t stand the pettiness and gossip

GunnyNinja says:

I think Chuck wishes he lived Nextdoor…

Cici Bradley says:

Good ole Chuck.

Hi5ive says:

We just got the next door app invite letter today. I’m skeptical of social media in general. Hate Facebook. Thanks for the pros and cons.

gmguy156 says:

Yrew you sounded like Eidith from all in the family! Took me awhile to figure it out.

gmguy156 says:

Wait until you hear this one. Came home About a week and a half ago on a Friday. Im coming down the road and I see this beat up Ram on my driveway.
Im thinking who the heck is this?! (Edited of course). Look in the house, everything ok.
Look around yard. Nothing. Come back out front, heres this guy walking casually across the street from the Brand New Neighbors house who is literally moving in!
I asked is this your truck. Guy gets an attitude, “yeah why?!”
I let loose:”get the &$@“ out my driveway who the h$ll told you to park here!!”
He scrambled and as he pulls up a massive grease and oil stain appears!! Tried to stop him he kept going.
Marched straight over to the new neighbor. “EXCUSE ME” I say. Long story short it was a cable sub contractor, neighbor claims he didnt give permission, which I don’t believe at all. He asked me if it was a california license plate? How would he know the plate if he didnt give permission to park there?
Cable company sent a power washing company over which cleaned the entire driveway. Would of been $350 out of me if I wouldn’t of been persistent.
Guy wont make eye contact with me now, its only been a week or so, I dont want to be on bad terms with anyone but that took alot of nerve!

gmguy156 says:

Ok I’m over it with this next door deal. Im sure its beneficial in some areas but definitely not in my surrounding area. Bunch of one uppers, know it alls, and telephone typing tough guys.
Have to figure out how to delete it.

ALL ABOUT GLAM Sophie says:

Hi there Neighboor, I’m really interested in your content, si I decided to stop by to support you, hope you return the love.

michaeljfiorito says:


chas766 says:

Sounds like mrs kravitz from bewitched

kingofthecrease30 says:

chuck looks like he is real excited about the next door app

boilednuts says:

Nextdoor can be useful but some of it really is nonsense. Now, I just read posts regarding crime, scams, traffic detours and if I notice a lost dog.

SEABASSINS Tool Reviews says:

My neighbors dog bark every single second and my do just ignores them because they bully him

gmguy156 says:

I signed up for the next door app. What a bunch of telephone tough guys! Im ashamed to be neighbors with some of these clowns!
Someone complained about the utility markings for locate, in another subdivision!

ExpatLife&ministry says:

Hi Kristina! Good to meet you and I’m glad I came across your channel. Love your content. Btw, I’m your new friend and supporter all the way from Thailand. I hope will do visit me as well and stay connected.Many thanks.

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