Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple’s fitness claims

How well does the newest Apple Watch hold up as a fitness tracker, and are the new features worth the splurge?

Read the Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress –

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portzblitz says:

The small-penis squad are here again mobbing these comments, unfortunately..

Minds Eye says:

First of all who the fk does a SIX hour hike?! Jeez Louise. Secondly my only beef with Apple Watch is that there is no native food-calorie tracking app. The Fitbit does a great job of being able to see calories out vs. calories in by allowing you to track food calories within the app. But AFAIK in the Apple watch the only way to do so is through a 3rd party app like Myfitnesspal or something. That’s pretty lame and is the sole reason that’s preventing me from jumping from Fitbit to Apple Watch

RJtoon1 says:

The heart rates were very different at the half way mark

Fernando Moran says:

Is that Stinson beach? Pretty sure I’ve done this hike, beautiful view!

JustSleeth says:

I don’t know if I’d call this a fitness review. Sure 6 hours, but on an easy trail, at a very slow pace, little elevation, low heart rate. All these things would also impact battery.

Roxxy Vega says:

Is this the 44 mm?

portzblitz says:

At 5:08

Wow, that little bird by the road did NOT care..

Zane Singh says:

The location services was not running – battery save right there correct? If so, then how would that help her map while hiking ?

iSprint4GEyes says:

whoever this chick is in the review she can be my personal trainer any day of the week, DM me ma

Gerald Garcia says:

Man thy should come out with a apple 4 circle watch

Jackson the Meme Warrior says:

Holy crap, MARIN COUNTY!!!!

Lukas T says:

what kind of band is that on the series 4? looks dope.

Captain Turco says:

I wish I could hike for 6 hrs

OfficialSyca Entertainment says:

Thanks for the invite

jameyhaz says:

Series 1, version 1 doesn’t get the update 🙁

Marsorry Ickua says:

Nice, I quite enjoyed that. Definitely on the cards to getting one for myself. They’re hard to come by on our side of the world, so travel is needed.

George Allen says:

Mmmm she’s a preciosa!!

EDLuke246 says:

Thanks guys, good test. Out of interest was that a new series 3? If it’s a year old that would probably affect the battery a bit.

cogen651 says:

Apple watches stink.

Bflo23 says:

sheesh… I was just considering to get the Series 3 because it is on sale for $200-229 range now but I value battery life and I would be disappointed in series 3’s battery life. Now I think I will wait for the Series 4 to go on sale next year.

Eric Draven says:

Didn’t have LTE connected either it appears so that would degrade battery life.

Ben C says:

6,49 miles (10,4 km) in around three hours? Yikes. In three hours, you should have at least walked 20 km (12,4 miles). You must be in pretty bad shape if such a light exercise session is getting your BPM over 90. Yikes.

Lucas Lopez says:

Brian Tong (Apple Bitz) has his own YouTube channel, you’re welcome

Gen Lin says:

Thanks for the test

Christian Canter says:

Quit claiming it has a longer battery life. At the unveil Apple even verified it’s the same battery life as the 3, not longer.

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