Barstool Pizza Review – Goodfellas Distillery (Lexington,KY)

The first ejection in pizza review history has happened in Lexington Kentucky.

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Brandon Smith says:

One Ice cold slice, everyone can go ice fishing with an igloo on this

Eli says:

i think him asking to throw away the slice was possibly a bigger mistake than kicking him out. pretty much agreed with the guy in saying the slice was worth fucking garbage.

L Prey says:

The owner of Googfellas Distillery looks like a jerk. I hope his restaurant gets lots of 1 star reviews and fails.

Brian Lane says:

Fuck this place and that guy, this is a good look for your business and here you are acting like a jerk.

LoLitzLiam says:

Sad… I’ve eaten there when I was on a college visit to UK and it was great… Guess this wasnt their day

Travis Wilber says:

Whats strange is the owner knew pres was going to be in town and told his staff to be ready if he came by.

Maxwell Oliver says:


Guam Bat says:

Must of been a Yankee fan

D G says:

One pair of 12 year old boy jeans everybody knows the rules

Dan Rouse says:

This guy seems like a whiny bitch

Jsh Shh says:

1:48 anyone who makes some nervous hand movement like that after saying something confrontational ain’t about it. I wish you would’ve asked him to make you. He immediately would’ve ran and called the cops. He wasn’t gonna do SHIT

arrangearrange says:

Really was just one bite tho

Drew says:

If it’s anything like the one in Indy, it’s trash and deserves the rating it got. IT’s in the same company as LeBron’s pizza. At least in Hell, you’ll have company.

mcgeenius says:

Both guys are dicks. Pizza God, my ass. Your ego is almost as terrible as that gait. Get over yourself douche bag.

C Shotton says:

What an utter douchebag this guy is. Goes around the country trying to mooch free pizza for a living and then has a whiney bitch fest on camera. A real man…

Steven Richard says:

“What a mistake” lmao

Bryan Domingo says:

Yelp temporarily has blocked people from making reviews.

Cheesy Does It Cooking says:

Feel bad for the owner. One bad employee incident and their reputation of 13 years gets destroyed. If any of you have ever owned a small business, you’d know its extremely difficult to control the actions of every single employee. I mean they’re doing everything they can to make up for it. The internet can be so harsh. Give the restaurant another chance barstool.

silv3474 says:

Best pizza review ever

WaywardTiger says:


TheGalwayjoyce says:

That guy fucked up.

Gaikokujohn says:

he never had the makings of a varsity athlete

Utah Bones says:

The local fake news came to there aid.

Rk9 says:

Barstool sports its a fucking joke anyways.

David Antonucci says:

I would rated it as garbage too. Cold pizza and I’m being thrown out.

lefty2guns says:

Best review ever..

GoodGuyHello says:

He sounds drunk af

Xavier Breff says:

This place is terrible…i’ve eaten here and they have a knack for serving cold pizza. and why does the guy that kicked you out look like Hans Klopek from The Burbs?

Ablaze TV says:

all you holier than thou rich fuck retards that are crying about the employee need to learn to step in line. I wouldn’t want your loudmouth ass on my property either, quit acting like a fucking child in public.

Patrick Webb says:

Excuse me while I showcase my detrimental decision making skills .

Pandeayer says:

report channel

William Pomeroy says:

The Yelp page has already been temporarily disabled…

RollerWithCheese says:

sheep mentality all over the comment section.

rapinbatches says:

Now go home and get your fuckin shine box!!

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