Best Apps for the Apple Watch Series 4 – Complete App List

Discover the best apps for the Apple Watch Series 4. From an app that lets you translate in real time, a weather app that gives minute by minute forecasts, fitness & even games this video includes the Best Apps you need to install on the Apple Watch Series 4.

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Let us know what your favorite Apple Watch Series 4 Apps are in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!

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xMcFlow says:

Man you could have at least set the apps up for the video. Holy shit, we didn’t even get to see half the apps because you didn’t take the 15 seconds to set them up. Your channel is called AppFind ffs, you might want to at least put a little bit of effort into your videos.

Steve F says:

Snowflakes don’t like the Fox News mention. They prefer corrupt CNN, fixing debates with Hilary and then getting caught. lol

Shard Phoenix says:

Watched your first video for 30 seconds and got annoyed with the sales voice and the s l o w talking that I stopped watching. Not subscribed

Joshua Vander Heiden says:

Good video but I feel having this many apps on a watch is overkill. Most of these things would be better on your much larger screen phone

Rocco M. says:

This was a great video thank you. Downloaded many new apps!

Merv Howard says:

Everything was fine and dandy until the bible

XHUDYX says:

I will download 20 of these apps

Geo Reyes says:

The fuck did I just watch?

Andrew Berg says:

As soon as I saw the Fox News app… I made sure to like the video

Aurozia Builds says:

Pleaseeeeeee help me figure out how to add like games and stuff like that to it!

Mustang 1 says:

can you get facebook on this watch?

1聖戰修羅官方頻道 says:

After I buy one. It is fucking useless

AP404 says:

Terrible Video

jdelgadosegovia says:

Why are you guys complaining??? It’s not that hard to hear them lol

Jankoly madera says:

Thanks god i choose the Galaxy watch …..people its not a phone or tablet…

IceRook says:

Is that he 40mm>?

dindu nuffin says:

Maaan y’all tryin to play me when I saw Fox News I dipped out. I only wanna see liberal, Democrat loser azz news that cater to welfare bums like me OBAMA 2020 nigga

Chloe Brown says:

You need to mention the cost of the apps

RetroMatt says:

Dude in the beginning of this video you sound like me. In my PS2 for Android video (almost 1 Mill views) we legit say the same thing lmao “today I’m gonna be showing you” and it sounds so similar. Freaky.

lunna2k says:

what a useless piece of junk

Miya says:

Why is everyone is upset about the Bible app?

Mr. Reanu Keeves says:

I’m surprised no one is reviewing the new maps app.

Ch Jay jay says:

Iam thinking to buy one just one question can play YouTube videos on it

Flavio Agushi says:

What’s the Pokémon application

Emir Speelt says:

Wat doet hij met de Telegraaf?

RocketheReptile says:

Sno need for the translator really when Siri can do that

AppFind says:

Let us know what your favorite Apple Watch Apps are in the comments! Thanks for watching.

Andras Kovacs says:

iTranslate Converse slow as hell + the translation for bathroom was somewhat weird if the toilet is what you’re looking for…

The Great Hawk says:

Lol an oxymoron if I ever heard it, “Trending Verses”.
Also, Fox News.

yellowsnh says:

Got it. No useful apps.

jash jenetrix says:

These work on series 2 and 3 right?

TallSomeone says:


Pratik Ahir says:


Skate says:

Lmao why do people have an issue with the Bible. Respect people’s beliefs. If you believe in the sacred hot dog, or the spaghetti monster, or even nothing, that’s good for you. But don’t start crying because people have there religious beliefs. You wouldent do it in person.

Farman Liaqat says:

Good job good job

AP404 says:

Dislike Before Watching

Hatem Ali For Objection says:

ll of this apps are useless as much as the watch , i regret that i bought it , sucks light not bright screen music not play on watch no website on watch no ECG that they proud for , fuck this watch

Vicente Michaud says:


Antoine Lys says:

“Best apps”…. Try ALL the apps available on the app store….how many have you really tried on? Seriously….

________x says:

No YouTube why?

86qscott says:

Fox “News” … thanks for the laugh

AP404 says:

This is a shitty money making scheme

Geo Reyes says:

Screw your quick thoughts!

taka kana says:


Deangelo Owsley says:

How to get instagram

Mike Meagher says:

You know what would have been nice – you listing the apps in order – other than that – great presentation. Thanks

Serg F says:

You should make a list of names of the apps

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