DON’T RUN! I CHALLENGE YOU! – DRAFT Fantasy Sports App Review

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Caridad Rodriguez says:

How do i start a game

tre john says:

iim playing mav!!!!1!

Mandengue Moukoko says:

mav tell stack head to play

Alex Elzein says:

Mav u ready to take this L in draft and sorry no money not allowed

N Sase says:

Mav I think I just vs. u i was 1nick_is_dope

Josue Escamilla says:

You have to use actual money? ):

D_Da_Tree says:

u got me by .4 points -.-

Aidan Perez says:

I played you my name was acp03

Marcus King says:

Nevermind i found it now get this work


Awesome app

Marcus King says:

Yo mav is it called nfl draft

Troy Moten says:

im playing you kvngneptune lmao you gonna take this L mav

Caridad Rodriguez says:

After The darft

King James 23 says:

Hey Mav this might seem like a stupid question, but how do I challenge you? Lol I just got the app and want to wreck you this week lol

Dillon Stai says:

Hey mav do you know how to challenge you on iPhone it would really help thanks

bh7 says:

Dislike my new video

Light Up The Darkness says:

madden 12 the best, i subscribed you pretty real, here to support God bless yah guys

DowntownHoward 1 says:

going against you now

Clayton Arritt says:

just drafted with you: claytonthegoat, putting no money in for fantasy this year but good luck taking the loss

Wassim Zrikem says:

mav knows cashnasty gaming

Nathan Billings says:

Cowboys v Eagles week 2!! LEGGOO

Justin Royal says:

had a draft with u a couple of mins ago, RoyalSpeaks

JoeySports44 says:

I tried playing you MAV but u didn’t respond

Christian Collins says:

Mav is going to take this L with my dabbleness

Tae 2 Lit says:

stack head

shedarius square says:

just drafted against you. you have no chance

Mario Rofael says:

yo mav you going to get your big L

KoDe Frostbyte says:

Just played you mav but I don’t have a pay pal so I can’t play for 5$

Mandengue Moukoko says:

playing mav rn kingkoko is my name

JDNastyy says:

Can yall hit me w a sub also I have pack openings

Carter Jones says:

iMav I just drafted against u! I’m cajbaseball sry I couldn’t bet 5$ I don’t have any money lol

Zachary Volavka says:

+IMAV3RIQ I’m HoldDisL on draft can we still play even though I didn’t accept the momey

Alexes Vizarraga says:

Mav get ready for a good whoopin. user notdiondoes

yO says:

You gotta do more collabs with other YouTubers like 2k and madden pack and plays, wagers, and challenges

TCF Clan says:

Check your draft messages

BlinkingDragon4 says:

Mav excited to play you can’t play for money tho kind of broke so hope that’s ok but anyway great vid

Matt Pereira says:

I love this app been playing with my friends for so long

N Sase says:

If it is get ready for this work

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