Garmin Connect Mobile App – REVIEW #2

Garmin Connect Mobile App review. I have been hugely critical of Garmin in the past for it’s connect mobile application, but the company just keeps making improvements and this latest version is pretty good. If you’ve seen my Garmin fenix 3 review or 920XT review you know that I place a huge emphasis on how you analyze your data as opposed to just merely getting a graph. The new app I think does a better job of giving you insights and I think it will support a new wave of updates from Garmin. Also when I was looking through my Garmin Connect account I noticed a big upgrade to how things work with MyFitnessPal. Let me know what you think though.

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Codidicus says:

Can you delete some of the sport profiles on the watch through the app? Example being SUP, or golf I do neither and seems like it would just take up space/battery.

John Andrade says:

#michelle boyes Thanks for the updates. Gotta get used to the new look @Andrew Alvarez

JBA Airways says:

What is the meaning of active calories on the app?

pirko101 says:

App is bad and that is understatement: cant even be launched on Windows phone 10 and it is slightly better on Android (Samsung Galaxy 7). Garmin even send me a new FR 630 watch and it still cant connect to WP and moast of the time on Android. Useless app.

tattoocream says:

I am confused,how do i ad crossfit to workouts in garmin vivoactive hr?

Grace Calvin says:

How do you set an alarm on your watch?

John C says:

does the app automatically load the count for steps because mine does not record my steps and sleep

Vikas Bysani says:

There should be common platform for all fitness trackers ! All of my friends are on fitbit but I’m not a fan of their bands !

sixers5889 says:

Having trouble connecting my Garmin Fenix 2 device to this app.Can someone help?

Kace N says:

is there anyway to add new activities on the garmin connect app snapshot screen, like say that i wanted to add weight lifting and have that be one of my tabs on connect, how would i do that?

carol kane says:

Hi I have a garmin 235
and it’s not counting the steps correctly as it is about 2,000 steps out, how can I fix it,
so frustrating

الحمد الله says:

What are the meanings of the white horizontal lines over the chart data for the activities? I have googled EVERYWHERE. Thanks!!

michelle boyes says:

this really helped me!! but, how do i upload the map onto my garmin app?

Games, Gains, And Petroleum things says:

I have a vivosmart Hr and it randomly stopped vibrating for my notifications and I have no idea why. I don’t think I did anything to specifically disable this. Any help would be great

Andy lombokson says:

Hi Guys any one know how to change from miles to km, thank you

Tony Winward says:

Does the Garmin connect to the Nike Running app? If so which watch would you recommend?

F. A. says:

Hi would it record an afternoon power nap and would it accumulate that to your total sleep? I couldn’t figure that out.

Merel Janssen says:

Can anyone help me?

The calories off my activities are not added to my active calories… How to fix this?

Boštjan Raušl says:

Can you connect vivofit3 with polar h7? And how it works?Please make a video thanks!

Petr Diviš says:

I also hate that golf bullsh*t everywhere.

John C says:

how do you get your fenix 2 watch to track your steps

Michael Hooper says:

Have you noticed losing steps at the end of the night (with the fenix3 hr) on the connect app? I work and I am active at night, usually 3pm-6am. I had a garmin vivosmart hr + and returned it. Went back to Fitbit blaze because it stays connected with the app updating as I walk. Garmin, I had to sync with app in order to transfer data to app. If I forgot to sync before midnight I lost data from steps. Gave me the amount of steps I had from last sync. I ask because the HR monitor isn’t very correct at times on the blaze so I am thinking of going with the fenix3 hr because of chest monitor capabilities. Insight would be great on experience. Or was I doing something wrong with the vivosmart+app combo ex. not setup right?

joms mendoza says:

how to change miles to km on garmin connect?

Adam Weaver says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

Paul Armitage says:

how do you set sleep goals please

Vaughn Bradley says:

Can you share data to social media?

Lorenzo Mutal says:

How can I set a given weekly goal in miles or km instead of steps?

Amr khairy says:

is there anyway to get only calories from Activities all together rather than pressing on each activity ?

Ionel - Catalin Gheorghe says:

Hey, what phone are you using ?

Gábor Vértesi says:

I read on couple of forums that for some reason MFP is messing up the calorie section in the app. Have you experienced any glitch with this? How accurate do you find the calorie count on Vivoactive HR? I know you had a review on it but I wanted to save both of as 1 comment and 1 answer.

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