Gran Turismo Sport Review

GT Sport gets its online racing right but can’t keep up with its contemporaries elsewhere.

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Sugar Hieroglyph says:

I’d rather have one really really good donut…

MenderSlen579 says:

Cut down peice of crap.just graphics

draco2351 says:

I had been waiting for this review for a while. Loved it!

Blast says:

GTS Metacritic: 75
Forza Metacritic: 86

Brett Smith says:

“It’s been reliable since launch…” LIES!

Mark J. Kim says:

Jesus.. look at this mess. I will never buy it.

Finding Offensive says:

3/10 not 7.5… oooh it has good graphics that gives it a 7.5 is like saying a cardboard cheeseburger satisfies your hunger almost as good as a big mac

zxp4 says:

Gran Turismo 7 coming on 05 April 2022

CosmicOwl100 says:

Gt 7 : 7.0Gt 8 : 6.5Gran Turismo is at a downward spiral

M Ym says:

Not surprised

CAPO Don says:

Not true about the oldest car from 09._. See hondas

skylineXpert says:

I will rate it 3.5 out of 5.

Kazunori yamauchi has removed the offline career and i am not taking it lightly

TrinimanBanton says:

this game is messsssssssssssssssss

A R says:

GT Sport is underrated. I was weary about buying it because of all the mixed reviews, but I ended up getting it and I love it!

+The driving phyiscs are near perfect. It’s way better than Forza, and it’s just as good, if not better, than Project Cars.
+Each car feels different. They handle and accelerate like their real-life counterparts.
+The graphics and sounds are amazing! The game looks photo-realistic, and car sounds are detailed and accurate.
+The AI is improved and the camera stiffness angle is fully adjustable making the racing more fun.
+The Online Sports mode is perfectly executed.
+Scapes mode and the livery editor are badass.
+Yes, there’s only 160 cars, but it’s better to have 160 perfectly rendered cars than 800 shitty looking ones.
+Polyphony is known to add new content and features to their games after release, and it’s confirmed GTS will be no different.

The only negatives are there are only 6 real world tracks, the car selection doesn’t include older cars, like previous GT games, and there’s no career mode. However, GT Sport is taking a new direction for the series. It’s trying to be an online focused game with online competitions backed by the FIA. I can see why they didn’t include older cars and a career mode because of this. 6 real world tracks is still unacceptable though. With that said, this game is a solid 8.8/10. If you’re on the fence about it, GO BUY IT!

G e n o c i d e says:

WHERE ARE THE 90’S CARS?! GRAN TURISMO 1 has a better car selection than this game! My gran Turismo 6 garage has almost as many cars as gran Turismo sport’s whole car lineup.

The cars that built the game’s legacy, like the skyline, RX7, viper, classic STI’s, etc. aren’t in the game, which is extremely ironic considering how seriously the game takes “heritage”.


i5 to i7 says:

So it’s a 5/10 which is good

uutuber431 says:

Luka the Liar. Here for Xbox shill money hatting.

Robert Sullivan says:

beautiful game with little to no content.

Dan d'Auvergne-Massie says:

I’m enjoying the game but would’ve liked a couple more tracks like Tsukuba and Motegi as well as a fair amount more cars. It’s missing the depth of Super GT/JGTC cars from the past. Hopefully they do release more later.

Hal Yolo says:

Tell me when GT7 comes out.

conor kennedy says:

if they added more real world tracks i think this would be a far better game. still fun tho.

Kevin strickland says:

Game looks good but no career mode? No thanks I’ll keep my money. I wish they could just remaster gran turismo 4

Dragoon Z says:

i would pass this and wait for XL Edition.

gogouyt says:

buy it , dont play (boring), for photography mode

Soulward says:

So I completely understand the disappointment of the fans looking for the next title in the long running Gran Turismo series. If this was Gran Turismo 7. But this is not GT7. The developers made it very clear this games focus was going to be on a competitive racing experience. They have created a very good rating and match making system. I just don’t understand the comparison of this game to the GT series. This game never intended to be the next game in the series and I think they have achieved a very good foundation to build on for competitive racing.

If anyone bought this game thinking it was going to be GT7 then they made a purchase based on false assumptions. It does lack tracks and cars atm but it has been stated that more are coming.

Dragoon Z says:

your basically playing a prologue or early access

Shambler says:

Bjork is amazing

Michael Fernetti says:

As much as I love this game and series I agree with the review and end score. Gran Turismo has always been quality over quantity but I’m really hoping they have alot more tracks and cars added to the game. And how hard could it have been to replicate the campaign mode from GT5?? Game looks amazing but if there isn’t enough content to keep players entertained then those nice cars won’t ever be seen.

sfsilverwolf says:

I’m getting tired of saying this gt sport is not a full title its only a pit stop until gt7 comes out that’s why it’s small

Amilio Carter says:

Right on man! It’s very good, quality. But not content.

Sebastián Jerez says:

7.5 is too high

Dragoon Z says:

i guess it will take time for them to release more tracks and cars and models and modes, i guess they probably was not done with many other content but Sony wanted to release early so i guess at the moment it’s like playing your usual (prologue early access GT game releases as usual) i will probably just wait for a XL/full season edition.

Always VIRAL says:

Graphics look really meh

Rookie To Pro says:

… was about to buy the game. Until I seen this review, a little disappointed.

Raul Hernandez says:

What i dont like from these game i tough there would be more perfomance customize

Ryan Garcia says:

Racing on ps1 days was great. But now it feels boring.

Barney says:

how many years did it take to make this game? where they sitting on there thumbs or something, Polyphony needs to get the sack

MinderestingPictures says:

“Like a pissed of Sebastian Vettel” XD haha

Jeff DeVito says:

Hit the video on the nail

Alex says:

All went downhill since 4, I can’t keep being loyal anymore

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