GTA Online NEW Pfister Neon Review – BEST 4 DOOR SPORTS CAR (Should You Buy?)

GTA Online NEW Pfister Neon Review – BEST 4 DOOR SPORTS CAR (Should You Buy?)
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Syder Sauce says:

Tesla roadster?

Weird kid in school says:

Graphite and Ice white pearlescent + black sports rims makes this thing a fucking beauty.

Robert Durall says:

G2A is bs. Never has ps4 cards

Destiny Gaming says:

Already bought it and it’s pretty fast

StraightMeltedEm says:

Cars lately been shit. All electric and weaponized or just straight horrible.

fuck you says:

That looks like Porsche mission e concept

Tclans says:

“I don’t know where this is based off”
Under a rock and or no wiki? ^^

Roshan Chaudhry says:

I was coming from school and saw it outside a bank


Its a 2018 porsche panamera


I duplicated some cars so I’m good if I ever want it

Gencay Taskin says:

I beated the t20 with the neon

sremliferae says:

lmao just buy the f’ing thing if it’s a great purchase then the price should not be an issue

TheWavy Cake says:

Based off of the Porsche Mission E

Christian Chkaiban says:

Saints! It’s a combo of porsches
the panamera back and the missionE lights!

Shifty Malone says:

Porsche E Mission. 25% off is 1.125M and “pfister” is pronounced “fist her”. Do you get jokes? Because Cockstar makes them…

Daily Saul says:

Pfister… P-fister… pussy fister?

Bigbadmanatee I Fun Gaming Videos says:

By the way, the P in Pfister is silent. There is a family in my school and they have the Pfister last name and it is just pronounced Fister

Joe M says:

I hate the spoilers so much..I wonder if Rockstar would ever go back and give us normal ones for this and other cars

Mike Lowery says:

Oh it’s Benny’s level….trust me. LOL

Naps says:

I’m gonna skip this one and reserve that last garage space for something unannounced (on the drip feed) and epic. I’m tired of selling previously good cars everytime.

Ach Asl says:

i think the P in Pfister is scilent

Destiny Gaming says:

It’s an electric car they don’t make a loud sound

Jʌʏ says:

dat glowing logo tho

TorchGaming says:

I would not but this vehicle only because of the price and lack of money on my side. If not money then why not?

Terminator Gaming says:

I love big spoilers

Jacob Robbins says:

he ain’t apart of big wang gang

GnomeK says:

Back – Porshe Panamera
Front – Porshe Mission E

Matt James says:

Every time they release a new car its the “best car” according to this dumb ass

Paul D'Onofrio says:

Porsche Panamera is what it’s based off of

Andrew Zhu says:

Porsche Mission E

André Filipe says:

this is the latest Porsche panamera

Connely Chauvin says:

Is actually pronounced fister?

Yung Kihh says:

Im 80% sure tha the neon is based off a Porsche

NaturalHabitat_2.0 says:

Finally a cool car.

Depressed Ding Dong says:

To save time is it not really worth it as it comes second to the cyclone and a few other cars

Whitelightning says:

I’m quite sure it’s a Porsche Panamera they were trying to make, and did a good fucking job at it

Samee Aryaan Ahmad says:

This is a porsche mission E

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