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Hey there design champs! Today I worked on two logo options for a mobile app. The logo design is part of the thirty logos challenge. I started the process by making a few sketches on paper. After I came up with ideas that I liked to represent the app, I moved the designs into adobe illustrator. The first logo option I created was a football with bar graphs instead of laces. I think the logo is a little too simple and not properly aligned. The second logo is an arrow going through a field goal, I like the balance of this logo much better. I’d love to know which app logo you guys think is the best! Have a great day today guys!

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Arcadia Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Carpe Diem Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jetski flutuante says:

I’d go with ball boi, but i think that the last bars on the ball should be taller, since the idea is an increasing graphic

Cristina says:

The football logo its cool !!!

Mathis Hasse says:

I think both are amazing, I love the Font 🙂 And I like the left boi more, but somethings missing… i dont know what 😀 love your vids man!!

make-life says:

Field Goal Boi

DinomiteDOM says:

Great designs as always! For the real reel logo, I feel like the width of the film coming out of the reel needs to have some perspective adjustments…(it looks oddly thick and doesn’t look like it matches the reel width.)

4th Down: as they look right now, the field goal boi looks best, but ball boi has more potential. Maybe if the ball was football colored and the lines in it were different colors that could help? turn that ball from butchered to kutchered.

Kaz Jahanbini says:

I like the process in between creating and completing. Those final touches can fix a logo or a design by a lot.

womalee says:

Both are graet, “Field Goal Boy” i like better..

heyitspaulined says:

what if you’d color the outside of the film strip then keep the inside orange? like the border would be brown or something??
great logo though i love it!!

David Pruitt says:

I wonder what the film would look like with even spacing on both sides of the machete? The left side is much closer. I know the right side is a little more playful, and gives off more action for sure, but I wonder if it would feel a little more cohesive if it were the same spacing. Overall I think it has really improved! I like the depth in the redesigned real. The handle looks way better as well! Great job, sir!

Bernard Williams says:

Answer yesterday’s question. I maybe an odd design champion possum. I tend to like the idea ting and the creating part of designing. Why, you may ask? Well, when I hear what the client wants my brain begins to quickly see different ideas in my head which in turn began to formulate the actual look and feel at the same time. After the marinating process of the design is created mentally now it’s on to creating it digitally. By the way I do sketch out many of the design ideas.

wictor1992 says:

I mostly enjoy completing projects since this is where you are getting really close to the perfect image of a logo that you had in mind all the time and you can play around with many different things like shapes and colours without being afraid of ruining the whole design too much. I also think that these small changes hugely affect the feel of the final logo.

Ball boi btw.

thelazersofa says:

I have some opinions on that reel logo
I think handle on the machete looks like a bandages, nether less lines on that and play around that something is warped around it or make it a real machete handle. if it was meant to be a texture i guess you can leave it as it is.
Make the the picture film reel come out of the reel, now it looks like it just laying underneath it.
The lighting and the shading i think you should remove one of them to make them more simple, stronger and less messy.
and make the holes on the reel a tiny bit bigger maybe.

just ideas:
maybe adding some sort of smear on the knife so it looks like it’s cutting the motion picture thing or add a star spot around the area where it cuts. cause now it doesn’t look like its cutting anything.

filthybrown says:

i prefer field goal. and with regard to the part of the creative process i enjoy the most, i find from the second i think of something i’m not happy until it’s finished, then i can look at it and bathe in the glow of a completed project.

jojo abulaban says:

can you please do a video on how to get started in logo design also tips and a beginners guide.
And show us your first ever logo design.
Stay Awesome opossum ✌

Finishers AR'm says:

Field goal

Puneet Dembla says:

Ball boi with a different color

Nahrizul Ashraf Kadri says:


jojo abulaban says:

And also do a video on how did you started and what made you choose graphic design

Свободный человек says:

corey devise!

Abdenasser Bendahmene says:

My favorit step on my design process is whene i get payed 😀 😀

Oh and by the way, the one like for 2 likes, was the best deal in the history of best deals … EVER

Kasper Stenbom says:

You’re so lovely Zimri ❤️

Kawish Behzad says:

Process Questing :
i enjoy the creating process more, because i love seeing my idea taking its shape bit by bit

Reel Boi Question :
For me i think it would be better if the knife sink into or stuck into the ground, so you can get that feeling of the knife cutting through the film reel

Mike W says:

This guy is like a real life Goofy doing hella incredible graphic design. Quite the contagious HYUCK <3

Kirubakaran Seenivasan says:

Field goal boi

Dwight Daly Jr. says:

Where is the poll that you always ask us to vote in?

Rachel Hanna says:

My goodness, you are such a delight. Thanks for doing what you do!

Larry Burgos says:

Enjoyed the video, I prefer the field logo but the circle behind it feels out of place in my opinion. Awesome either way! ⚘

Courtney Herz Art says:

Omg, I love your videos so much haha. You always make me laugh while also doing amazing art and design. Thanks for sharing what you do with the world. You rule!

Joni H says:

Firstone its going goodway but need some extrawork. Second its too much.

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