Samsung Gear Sport review

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qube says:

A sports clock review without any review of the vital functions? Like the GPS and pulse accuracy?

greentealatte says:

Am I the only one that thinks it doesn’t look visually appealing?
I use an Android phone and have always wanted to buy a smartwatch….but they just look horrible.
Apple designs it so much better….no matter they sell way more smartwatches.

Georgi Grigorov says:

Who sells this grey strap! Why isn’t this one of the default options :S instead of the crazy yelling blue that looks like a tourist rubber band that he received from the foreign country hotel!

Sam Ker says:

I got mine yesterday, absolutely love it, such a great watch looks solid and the software is a top notch

KnightMD says:

I wonder if it can use Heart Rate to calculate stationary workout calories (e.g. treadmill)… This would be why I’d get it (well for squash, not treadmill)

John Davis says:

No MST. No buy.

maximus says:

Why didnt she mentioned about the lack of a speaker?

Carl CIFER says:

Hot af

A Al Awadi says:

Thanks for video.. I want to know if gear sport support call and receive calls?

Indian Train Simulator says:

Who wears a smartwatch in 2017?

ThexBorg says:

Hitting every price point but not selling many…

coolertuep says:

apple did all that 1 year ago already

Melih Ergundogdu says:

300 bucks? Come on samsung, 200 dollars and this thing would sell amazingly

Tom Trump says:

I spend about 80.00 and my phone has cracked glass ,, , but really miss the days of pay phones and land lines 7 numbers in your local areas! and your parents either yelled time for dinner or sent my brothers to get us!! Don’t have my German grandmom come find you even bigger trouble she did not play tough as nails,, but always looking over us with love!

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