Top Gear S3/Gear Sport Apps 2018 Best Of The Best

These Are The Most Useful Apps For Your Gear S3/Gear Sport And Your Galaxy Watch You Can Find In The Gear Manager App Store. Check OutThe Gear S4. New Edge Screen. Best Of The Best

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nripesh poudel says:

Are you Barry kripke from Big Bang theory?

Riot BlaZeD says:

Amazing video yo

Patrick Mcglynn says:

I;d love to get a sirius xm app on my s2/s3

Kimberly Perez says:

Commentary by Mike Tyson

Jackie Ardoline says:

I love Samsung Pay and use it almost exclusively. Its so easy to use from my watch. Must have!

Subtastic Channel says:


Alexia Benson says:

thanks for the info … may I offer a suggestion? you should practice your modulation. you want to avoid sounding monotone. If you change the pitch of your voice while you are describing features, you have a better chance of keeping your audience’s attention and engagement. Just a thought. 🙂

Kevin Grayson says:

Great video! What is that watch face called?! It’s so dope.

xaero5150 says:

Samsung pay is worthless! Only works with a few banks and if yours isn’t listed then it doesn’t do anything but nag you to set it up.

Vin Mar says:

Hope you didn’t but that house

Glen Barrington says:

I’m more of a Pandora guy, is there a pandora app?

Duy Le Anh says:

What is that watch face?


Great review .BTW Check out my watch face apps available on Samsung Gear S2 and S3, and soon on Android Wear!. Later apple, but for now enjoy my cool creations. You dont have to be a multimillionaire to own something bad ass. check it out and on Samsung gear store, and within about a week Google play-android store. I also have some screenshots that I uploaded to youtube channel.
Let me know what you think. Review me if you have the time. 🙂 Cheers!

Michael Upchurch says:

Samsung pay is way better than Apple pay

gyula moldvan says:

Yes but in order to use Samsung pay on the watch you have to call your bank to confirm your info before you can use Samsung pay on your watch

EveryThingMaster says:


Archit Kaushik says:

how did you download google on watch?

HexerGaming says:

I’m Wisconsin born and raised!

Md Tanam Deaf says:


iCookie says:

What watch face is that

Daniel Suppes says:

Great review. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

David Valdés says:

hi I just got my frontier and I couldn’t download ebay, you tube etc… how can I do it??. my wife series 2 Apple watch have all the apps she have on the done in his watch and works perfect, it is really disappointing and frustrating if I can’t do it

Ricky Jones says:

Nice video Huck! You must be from the same area as me. I live in Racine county. Nice Youtube page.

Frank Keller says:

Don’t think I trust Samsung pay app.

Music Islife says:

No Facebook?

Patricia m says:

I liked the video but I have Samsung S2 Sport. I cannot get YELP to operate. It says ” no network connection”. ? I have blue tooth and wifi set up. I tried to restart each device, nothing worked. Watch uses other apps that need my location.

Jam Bacardi says:

NPR One–Does that require data/wifi to work? 🙂

TheGGurls says:

Nice Videos… keep it up

Dehan Mollentze says:

What the durability like with the silver face, no scratches or anything?

Bruce Kirk says:

How about battery replacement… obsolete in 2 or 3 years?

Joey Kuffman says:

2018 in title video made in early 2017.. hehe

Chad_803_to_401 says:

I would use Samsung Pay on the watch if it didn’t require you to have a pin lock on your watch. Because that pin lock is used for the entire device not just Samsung Pay, making in annoying.

Ryan L says:

what nfc payment does samsung gear 3 have?

Bent Mathiesen says:

None of this I need

Arturo Garza says:

More than awesome

David Valdés says:

Thank you very much

Debitum Naturae says:

Nice video

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