Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Android Video Editing: Here are the best video editing apps for Android! *** Check out Gear and Apps we’re using:

– Cyberlink PowerDirector:
– KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

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– How To Edit on Android with KineMaster:
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— Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android —

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of producing video content with Smartphones. The quality of camera’s built in to devices these days has really changed the game, and as they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

With improvements in Video Editing apps available there’s now some great options for editing your content right on your device, making it the ultimate tool for creating videos on the go.

I’ve tested a TON of android video editor apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support. Until recently, my biggest gripe has been how overly simplified these apps have all been – there was no real option for true ‘editing’ I was really happy with.

But that’s changed. There are now several apps that give you a full editing workflow and all the basic customization tools you need, right on your Android device.

In this video, we run through my two best recommendations, after testing out and working with a ton of different apps!

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Sir..Do you edit your video in your phone before posting it on YouTube?

Jen M says:

which app is the best to add background music with the ability to set the music to the volume you want?


U have more view then subs

A1 Demon says:

it’s free of cost

Jauhar Ismeth says:

never thought chris martin was youtuber tho

Obvi Rhii says:

Video Shop is good, doesn’t have any watermarks.

Long Vu says:

@2:54 you said paying will remove the watermarks making your videos useable. Does the Watermark really stop you from making videos with it? Or is it okay to make youtube videos even with the free app version?

Neutral_ Gamez_2 says:

i dont want kinemaster thats weird…

Jhonny Cornejo says:

You look like a bootleg zuccerburg

Emerentiana Shynret says:

Thanks Justin, I’ll go with Kine Master…..

Alex ChineseKittens 2.0 says:

videoshop is good

JAKIB says:

How to get rid of those ugly watermarks?

TripleTeddy GT says:

I’m using Power Director But It’s Bundle so no watermark

InterferanceGaming says:

Holy shit! I could add a real facecam on it!


I need an app where you can put any music you want on backround

Prophet Atah says:

Thanks very much for the video it will realy help me alot i just started making videos just two days ago and the app am using is power director . your video has really help cus i now know other apps to use. much love bro. and keep the good work

auby 123 says:

Im using powerdirector

smik says:

this vudoe is awesome and you Are too

Deepanshi Fun Corner says:

nice k needed these

bankhead39 says:

– KineMaster is more like a pc editing program not to mention if you not doing professional work your getting paid from then the watermark isnt bad especially for instagram facebook etc and you get a professional editing workflow

Swift says:

Too bad most of them have watermarks.

Ian Fender says:

video show i think is better but how knows

Infinate Games says:

I use FilmoraGO, it is sooooo good!

IVIakeItHappen says:

This is hilarious! I have a surface pro 4 and it has a horrible scaling issue and makes everything tiny whenever i open my editing software (resolve) so i almost cant even see it, and on top of that it crashes almost every time i try to use it, so i made a decision to just start editing on my android, and took on the seemingly impossible task of finding good editing software. I filtered through almost every high-rated app on the market and ended up with PowerDirector! Ive been using it for my videos for awhile now but have been trying to change things up and needed to find a way to overlay videos. Turns out like you said, you can only overlay one clip! At this point I needed to find something better and went back out on my app store adventure and with a bit more extensive searching I found KineMaster and I’ve just started using it and so far I like it for the most part! I just thought it was funny thaet the 2 apps I decided to use are the ones suggested in this video lol!

shongnessy meness! says:

thanks so much i was sick of downloading apps and testing if they work but they never do kine master is the best app ever to edit your video was the best and most helpful!!!!!!

DJ ETS Dj ETS says:

work thanx

Jxson Editz says:


Alexander Macleod says:

Viva Video is also another good editor that I used however, it does have the watermark just like most of the editors.

sleak meat says:

Thank you very much man becuase these editors are easy and work super great, i make memes, dont judge, and they come out great with these editors

jum462 says:

hy guys

you like HIDROPONIC ???

Dr. Oid says:

Truly appreciative ,great and well thought out ….keep it up …and wish me luck in my hopes of makimg a channel that is based on getting all that u can from ur phone that ur phone company trys to prevent but with a contemporary and easy to do yet well researched….well thats been done quite a bit like my idea yet these ppl are so lazy and very little thought is put into the content ….and im a professional in android risk and threat mitigation and know how to bypass restrictions safely ……..i plan on bringing tech to guys like me who laughed at techies back in the day but rely on them and need someone trustable and understandable as well as relatable….wish me more luck lol

Thanks and like and sub + notify

The Diamond TOTODILE /TDT says:

thank you now my videos are more funny

A1 Demon says:

I uses hacked kinemaster video layer supported with no watermark stupid people pays money just download kinemaster mod v3 hacked

Yavuz Kalkan says:

This is great for RemixOS.

H0L0 Iridescence-ness Is My Favorite Color says:

But I need one to make a music video.. will they work or?

Sidiyq Leonard says:

hey Justin, I watched your videos and it taught how to make my first video. I’m making a “how we met” video for my wedding next month. it’s coming along decent but i notice loud clicks on some of the transitions. how can i fix this?

sampetrino says:

Very good video, I am new in the this can of apps for smartphone , i have been using Power director for PC for a while..and I am very satisofed with it…so seeing all the feature that the android version has, I prefer spend the time using the pc.. si i am looking for a very quick light version on which just right after an event finish i can creat a light short video with a series of pictures and short video, for exmaple I went to a museum last week for vacation so i could not make any video unitl i got home and use my PC so what I am looking is after finish the tour i sit on a bench and make a quick vidoe in 5 minute or so and it to friends, Thanks in advance for your recomendation.

Dragonzer says:

VideoShow Is Actually Good Though

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