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What’s the Best Free Video Editing Software? Here’s everything you need to know!

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– DaVinci Resolve:

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– DaVinci Resolve:

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— Best Free Video Editing Software —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Free Video Editing Software, and the number continues to grow with some awesome new players entering the market over the past few years.

Until recently, free software was generally far too lightweight for most editing work. But that’s changed, and these days some of the free software available totally beats out a lot of the paid options available!

For anyone considering their options when it comes to free video editing software, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start, whether you’re using the best software, and what the upgrade options are…

We’ve tested a HEAP of options, both free and pro/paid, and in this video we’ll run through my recommendations for the BEST Free Video Editing Software. Whether you’re just getting started with video and don’t know where to begin, or have been editing for years and just want to know if you’re using the best option out there for you – this video is for you!

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Heatseeker - Clash Royale and Other says:

You guyys with your website are autistic


I ve got an account with light works.. It is professional editing to the enth degree. But because it is so comprehensive.. this is meant for absolute professionals.. anything that frustrates me.. i dont care how good it is.. for me purposes. simple is best but as far as lightworks goes its a superb program for the advanced and if someone is willing to spend the time and watch the videos and possibly take notes; it is amazing.

The joe Kelly channel says:


TinyHouse and Offgrid Resources says:

Ive just downloaded Windows MovieMaker only to discover that it will not support MP4 so its no good for android phone videos

Blastoffplayz says:

I want hitfilm express 4 soooooooooo bad but my Mac doesn’t have the correct system requirements

Hilal TheGamer says:

Intro : Hi im Justin B.
Me: you don’t say
Guy: Hi im justin brown
me: Thank god

샌토끼ღ says:

thank you!!!!

Ritzy Tv says:

Sub to me for a sub right back

TheGrassySceptile says:

In the description DaVinci Resolve takes you to Pinnacle (which isn’t free)

YaBoiNhoj says:

Hitfilm is terrible, I just spent 3 hours editing a video and I need to pay to export the finished product, complete theft.

Michael Silvis says:

I really think that this is the best video editing software Highly Recommend IT!

Beea says:

I have a windows 10, and none of these actually work on my computer, is it the version I have or something else?

Atul Avhad says:

thanks ..such a good info

Abm from arthala says:

teri bhen ka

SecretGaming434 says:

Are these websites trusted?

Bell Idrael says:

So uh, you have links in the description for 2/3 of the mentioned programs…

Yanadoodle says:

Its ok when vidoes drop frames but its not ok when ads drop frames

nicole rblx says:

just going to use iMovie LOL

Lanii Kaii says:

how do i still get windows movie maker

iTz Trippy says:


ForeverLove Gaming says:

Your video are just primal. Lol

IceWizYT says:


Kypal ansh says:

is DaVinci resolve leave watermarks after editing??

Skupp says:

Is it just me or is it satisfying to watch someone’s mouth while he/she is talking

OhPervyOne says:

Thanks SO MUCH, expecially since I’m using Linux Mint right now.
I’m curious to know if you have tried VLC. I recently learned there is a VideoLAN Movie Creator and I’ve been wondering about it. Have you tried it? (Or will you, please look into it?) And what do you think of it?

Jeremy Lehman says:

where can i find windows essentials?

Jumping Buddy says:

Thank god
I was stuck with easy movie maker
Or ones with watermarks the size of russia

Rightly Dividing The Word With RK Brown says:

I absolutely love Devinci Resolve, but it will not let me edit my OBS files, because they are done with the H264 encoder. What should I convert them to, and what converter should I use to do this?
Thank you for the informative videos. God bless.

Josh Gaming says:

every link is the same

DoubleDDos says:



Doggy :3 says:

windows movie maker works on windows 10 for me

NikolasRama Vlogs says:

is there watermarks in it?

Lance Lovecraft says:

I just want somethimg that will resize the video so I can upload it to Instagram

Javabasily Gaming says:

I got iMovie in 2017 and it was free in the Mac App Store

IHackStuff says:

Which one do you think is the best?

Hugo Corelli says:

davinci is not free anymore

nini says:


ZoFi :3 says:

does they have watermarks???

jekabtv says:

not free

GrimReaperBr0 says:

this is fucked up

His Studios says:


Late Plays says:

Hi guys



mp sohum says:

Thank you Mr.Justin

ilooktheweb says:

Were I can download windows movie maker. I can’t find were to download on Microsoft?

Craft GamerZ says:

Which better davinci or hitfilm?

The Cool Kar says:

I really need a video editor but im really worried if i could get it virus from any of these pls help

HemiPlays says:

I cant find where you can get davinci free

raju bodasingi says:

Very informative bro

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