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These are my TOP 3 BEST FREE Video Editing Softwares For YouTube in 2019! All of these have NO WATERMARKS which is great making YouTube videos for free! Each one works on MAC and WINDOWS which is great for everyone watching! These free video editing softwares are almost as good as Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere, which means you’ll have the ability to make really good YouTube videos for free! Please drop a LIKE 👍 and SUBSCRIBE ❤️ if you enjoyed the video!

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📽️ Hitfilm Express: (make an account first, then when you download the program, go to the account tab on the website and you should see the free serial number you need to type in when registering the program for the first time)
🎨 Divinci Resolve: (Download link at the bottom of this page)

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I can’t say this in every video but if you’ve read this far down the description, I just wanted to say that I appreciate each and every single one of you who take time out of your day to watch even a minute of my family friendly pg clean videos, it truly does mean a lot. Thank you so much!


cool boy10046 says:

i love to make videos where i fix electronics i have a hp with vista now i got to boot a test drive i put it in legacy boot and my free special edition beats laptop is saved i had my normal drive in it as well. 1rx8 4gb dimm ddr3l Ram in it. amd a8 quad core my poor i3 dual core.

UltraNine says:

What about shotcut

GamingFire3 says:

I do fortnite videos

SlickSwick says:

I play fortnite Mobile, who else

MilkyVids HD says:

I just make random videos on my phone but I want to start fortnite gameplay

Moh4k says:

can we make the blur screen effect on lightworks like 2:21 please tell me

Reblex says:

it has fortnite in the video so it must be good

binalfew says:


Ruthlesszebra30 says:

Im guessing most of us here are trying or are a youtuber

Sm m says:

i make fortnite videos and streams replay to this comment if you wanr to make a video or just play lol


( )
/ )

Fortnite VS Roblox says:

obs please because i dont understand

swaRm Tame says:

i dont suggest lightworks. i’ve been using it for almost a year and it keeps shutting down on me and messing the audio up, im now switching to hitfilmexpress

RIMREAPER 26 says:


Diamond Gaming says:

Muazz can you make a tutorial on HitFilm Express I Had it downloaded for months now doing nothing with and using animotica please i want to get to 100 subs by march

MrMosspot says:

Don’t do the first one it has the water mark

swaRm Tame says:

you should start ASMR.ur voice is soothing 🙂
i make fortnite videos

KnasBollarna 2000% says:


Cedentry says:

Hey I am a twitch streamer sooooo, can we collab in YouTube? I had made shitty videos in youtube around 1 year ago on minecraft. I have a better pc now and am mature and have good skills in gaming and streaming. Soooo ANYONE LETS COLLAB

DarkLordDuiker says:

i make league of legneds vids

Swagman says:

sub to my channel

yellowelmo says:


SkullBoy64 says:

Thanks! I’ll try HitFilm.

Hobi _ Hyung says:


CJB says:

I make 2k,GTA role play videos

Galactified1 says:

thanks for the free editors

Oliver On YouTube says:

Anyone wanna colabe
Drop PS4 name
Or if wanna still play then give your fortnite name

SLØTHY says:

Thanks!! Your good at fortnite btw

r0n24 says:

fortnite videos

SomadoodBTW says:

Check out my vids 😉

CKPlayz says:

does it have: can u add pictures on a video over a short duration, text, can zoom for short duration, and can pause it while the video is running, just like thug life. music, special effects, does it have those?

please your reply would be helpful

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