BEST iPad Video Editing App 2018


Please note: The iPad I use is NOT the iPad Pro, just the regular iPad.

Thank you for watching. I have made this video for anyone who has ever been told they have no hope of editing professional videos without an expensive computer, let alone in 4K.

It is never about the equipment, simply about the story you are trying to tell.

Shot on Canon M50 and Panasonic G80
Edited on 6th generation iPad (2018) and LumaFusion

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ElizaShakiraMassani says:

Would you recommend a hard drive?

I am questioning getting one for the sake of saving my videos on a hard drive instead of taking up tons of space on the iPad.

Do you have a cheap hard drive suggestion?

laughingboy9000 says:

No millennial is complete without an avocado – funny guy – subbed

wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN says:

Do u think the pen is essential?

Максим Ковалев says:

thank you a lot for the video !

Stephen Williams says:

I have had the 2018 iPad Pro now over a month and use it for all my photo editing.

Nic T says:

That intro felt as if Clarkson himself were introducing this on Top Gear, brilliant!

wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN says:

Im going to buy this tomorrow thanks man

ednaplate says:

Is there any particular reason why you filmed at 24fps at 4K? Great video, btw.

Kane Wrench says:

Wow!…really?! You don’t need the iPad Pro to get it done?? How much storage does your 9.7” have? In watching this video I couldn’t believe the 4K wasn’t taxing the ram.

Kuldeep Bora says:

perfect…exactly what i was looking for. next buy is iPad. Thanks.

wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN says:

One more last question, can i plug in the sd card and directly edit video from it without the need to use the ipad memory? Because if i can do it like tht, there’s no reason to go bigger than 32gb whereas ive a unlimited gdrive storage is it?

Hong Cheung says:

Thanks for the clear review! I originally started filming on an iPhone using iMovie in 4K and really enjoy the workflow and speed of cutting videos quickly. Now using LumaFusion and based on your recommendation of using the iPad 2018 rather than a iPad Pro I can now edit just as quick with more features available. What I really like is the ability to preview, scrub with no delay and also the rendering speed on iOS is crazy fast compared to anything on a laptop/desktop. Keep up the channel!!!

Fish Anh says:

Great video! Can you show how to make cinematic black bars?!

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