Best Video Editing App for Android (2018!)

A review of the latest Android Video Editing Apps, and our pick for the BEST Video Editing App for Android in 2018!


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Best Android Video Editor:
► PowerDirector –

► Kinemaster –

Other Android Video Editing Apps:
► Filmora Go –
► Cute Cut –

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— Best Video Editing App for Android (2018!) —

If you’re looking for tools to edit video while travelling, or without the need for a Mac or PC – look no further than the phone in your pocket. With a quick app install, Android smartphones (or tablets!) these days are more than capable of amazing results when it comes to creating your next video.

The landscape of Android video editing apps is constantly changing and the Android video editors available become increasingly more powerful each time we do a video review on the latest lineup. In this video, we take a look at the latest options and my pick for the best video editing app for Android 2018!

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Fahad Tech says:

I do use Kinemaster thanks for your videos

Yonatan24 says:

I’ve tried them all and my favorite is Actiondirector. It’s the simplest to use, super fast, but it does lack a few features (Audio, clip splitting, better color grading). I’ve edited dozens of videos on it. But it wouldn’t be really good for talking head style videos. A few $ you can export 4K without a watermark!

Michael Krisa says:

I’ve been teaching mobile video to realtors the past 7 years and the challenge was always editing. 60% of the room is IOS, 30% android and 10% something else. iMOvie was the pick for IOS – just dumb simple to use and Power Director for Android because of the feature set and One Time pricing. I did switch over to Kinemaster – hated the $50/yr recurring … BUT … for teaching it was great because it ran on both platforms.

Eone Burns Vlogs says:

View my channel on Youtube Eone Burns Vlogs
I’m using power director

Waterlily pond says:

Thank you Justin

JakeFox says:

I like it but I like desktop editing. I use VSDC on windows 10. If anyone wants to know

justmadeit2 says:

Can anyone recommend a good free editing app for my desktop computer ?….because i like to edit my phones video on the my computer. Free and fairly easy to use would be good, i use windows movie maker at the mo. So any others, thanks

Muneer Al-Blooshi says:

Hey, Justin.. i love your review n tips good job keep it up bro.. can you make tutoring for ” LG v30plus camera guide or tips.. please

Might Dai says:

I would love lumafusion on my iPad but it costs a lot

Mike PointOh says:

Power Director is my absolute 1st choice for editing. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Inshot. Although not a powerhouse like Power Director, I still need to use Inshot for every video I post on Instagram. Because the video size is too large and Inshot helps me scale it down to fit. I also use the text, emojis and animations from Inshot. Which are better than Power Director

Ian Paul Saligumba says:

I’ve been using Power Director last year until now and I love it so much!

Magdalena Koh says:

Hi Justin! Thank you for sharing and best of all, your review/comments for this Vid editing apps. brilliant and a definite keeper, I will share this with my friends who are on Androids. Look forward to more from you

TechAizad says:

I wish there’s more video editing app like Kinemaster and PowerDirector…

Rob Bob says:

Kinemaster has better option of transition & font than power director

Tony's Lawn Care says:

Good stuff buddy

John's Guinea Pigs says:

I came to the same conclusion and have used powerdirector for forever now I love it!

Walter Houben says:

You forgot the best ! Videoshow ⭐⭐⭐

Mike Wxlf says:

Right in time as I am currently searching for a recommended app

SeanRicalde says:

I hacked my kinemaster for free!

Maree Mirkovic says:

Hey, thanks got the great content! I was about to download power director but didn’t because there’s a overwhelming amount if comments saying that the app has an error that keeps telling them that their device is not compatible…

Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech says:

When editing on Android i edit with Cyberlink Powerdirector. The app is amazing!!!

Eduardo Tejeda says:

I can’t stand subscription base video editing apps. Doesn’t make sense to pay monthly for that kind of service.

A retired YouTuber says:

Kinemaster always!

My Life's Ventures says:

aaaahhhhh I always love your new up to date and some times changing views on the newest or maybe the oldest editors! Thank you for all you do man, keeps me up to date on the newest gadgets to edit my videos!

Anubhav's Emuparadise says:

Today is my birthday can you pls look at my channel

Gord Isman says:

Thank you for this great comparison Justin! Can you tell us, do you find that it takes a lot more time to edit on a mobile device? Would you typically do mobile editing for some short videos only? Is the skill level needed simpler for mobile user vs desktop users for something like Powerdirector?

elemental fractal says:

I bought Power Director last year with Google Rewards thanks to your video. Glad I got before it went to a subscription. It does everything I need and I haven’t used all the features yet. I’m not all for monthly pricing so I wouldn’t recommend buying it now but it is almost as powerful as my desktop version of Sony Platinum.

Michael Krisa says:

Hey Justin totally off topic – you did a mic review a while back and really praised the Boya mic. Do you have an experience with their wireless version?

Rosalind Bell says:

Love your videos 5 Star thank you. I wanted to use Keywords Everywhere but it is not available on an ipad and I don’t have a Mac book yet- can you recommend something else that will do the same job as I want to search for keywords and tags. A tutorial on this would also be fab. Thanks

A Beginner Guitarist's View says:

Tend to use PowerDirector on my LG G5SE as it allows me to easily add overlays, text and a little colour “grading”. The vertical video mode is useful for IGTV too. Generally though, I copy video over to my laptop and edit using Vegas Pro for anything significant.

Nicholas Heidl says:

Shame you didn’t mention a free one without limitation, but then I don’t know if there is one available of reasonable feature rich grade.

Scott Tovey says:

I don’t do subscription based apps whether
it be on a mobile device or on my computer.
It is a waste of money.

If I purchase a program out right with a flat fee,
I will always have the use of that program even
when it is outdated. Contrast that with a subscription
based fee, if you go through a budget crunch and
cannot pay the subscription fee, you no longer have
access to that program. You pretty much wasted your

Compare the digital program subscription fees with that
of a magazine subscription. If you keep the magazines,
you still have access to that information even if you
should decide to cancel the magazine subscription.

So what do you really get with a subscription based
digital app? Nothing. You have no rights, no possession
and no lifetime use. Subscription based digital content
and apps are a waste of money.

Bro Smart says:

I use Premiere pro pc but these video editing apps are very helpful.

تجارب سعود TAJARIB SAUD says:

It’s power director my favorite
All videos on my channel edited by power director only one my friend use final cut x
I really like it i bought it year ago and now 9 line to edit

Trails Of The Smokies says:

I hate power director! Very basic in editing music (start/stop/fading point)

I like VivaVideo… not mentioned in this line up. Its perfect for quick edit or a little more in depth editing. NOT PERFECT but I prefer to power director.

Nice review video… thx!

fox e gaming says:

make a video on apps that pay you

Preston Flaniken says:

Powerdirector has recently expanded the number of layers you can add to a video, plus you can use Chroma key. Glad that I got it when it was a one time fee. The subscribers get access to new features before I do, but I’m ok with waiting. While I’m not a fan of the subscription based model, I understand the business side of having the subscription model.

Amelia Ryan says:

i want a good editing app for android that is free and doesn’t have a watermark or even if i have to watch a video every time to remove a watermark. any one have any suggestions

John Maguire says:

I had such high hopes of finding a good quality app but these subscription based software models are a deal breaker for me. These models make bad economic sense for the average user. $7.00 /month approx. doesn’t seem too bad at first, but it soon starts to wear a little thin. It almost makes better sense to transfer video files to your computer and, using Blender, do the necessaries. A bit difficult when it comes to Instagram however, which means you have to upload back to your phone post editing so that you can post to Instagram (unless there is a way to post from your PC). I guess it comes down to convenience and efficiency, but for the cost on cost on cost on cost, I’m going to take the time to learn Blender. Thanks for putting the video together 🙂

Nemesis 009 says:

your speech is so fresshh❤️thanks btw:)

Carine Favour says:

Please i need help. I use filmora to edit my videos. Of recent the audio and plays before hand

stefano giovannini says:

Your videos are clear and to the point. It would be great if you could do a follow up for the best editing apps that are not subscription model.

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