Best Video Editing App for Android (2019 Review!)

Our roundup of the BEST video editors for Android in 2019! We take a look at the leading options, and our pick for the best video editing app for Android this year.


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Best Android Video Editor:
► PowerDirector –

► Kinemaster –
► Inshot –

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— Best Video Editing App for Android (2019 Review!) —

In this video we take a look at the latest Android video editing apps, including what’s changed since our last roundup in 2018, a review of the leading Android video editors right now, and our pick for the BEST video editing app for Android in 2019!

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Taktak Boom says:

Thx you so much

Ajeet kumar azaf says:


Kelvin Igbinigie says:

Thanks Justin…. I use Inshot and Powerdirector on my Android phone.. Inshot is really cool and easy to use especially for beginners and the aspect of switching between different video dimension is really cool..

BPDL Chan says:

What about cute cut

gaming holic TV says:

I hope your channel will be prosperous

KOTB Entertainment says:


Jaden Jusino says:

Nice vid justin

ZEDKARIA Officielle says:

How i can make transition in inshot please help me ?

Leanne Juliette - Awakened Rebels says:

This video is JUST what I’ve been looking for!!! Thank you!!!!

Raskidon hiphop says:

To me me I fell like Kinemaster is the best

Comedian MsAnita says:

I have used all 3 of these LOVED THEM. My acting teacher told us to u used Kinemaster. I have a new phone might switch to power director since it was my 1st love. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. I would like to see u do an Audio Editing video for android & PC thanks

rabbit care says:

Iove kindmaster

KombuchaLiz says:

I’ve been using Powerdirector free version for 5 months (thanks to your videos ). I just upgraded to 3 months. Your videos are so helpful. More on editing withPD would be awesome.

Lo Renzo says:

Appreciate the insight!

George Boutros says:

What’s a good video editor for iPhone 7 ? Something for a beginner… should I just practice on iMovie?

Mike PointOh says:

Always awesome content Justin! I use both Power Director and Inshot. I actually edit first in Power Director, then go to Inshot to size my video for Instagram and add text & emojis if I want. Both are excellent apps and have extremely powerful tools inside that make edited video & Images go from Average to Freaking Awesome! I’ll post a video I made from Power Director I made for my Ab Challenge Group on Instagram. You will want to see this edit!

PersianOcat says:

Thanks for video, I fink you need trim under neck bro lol

Misha Basu says:

My life as a youtuber was sorted with your earlier KineMaster editing app video. No looking back since then. #mishabasu

Vinod Malloji says:

Hi Brown

Geeks Life says:

Such a handsome man. What accent is that?

Tom Terrific says:

I noticed that Power Director wanted access to my Contacts and Google Drive – no thanks.

mr roy blush says:

You subcribe my channel mr roy blush

hobbypotter says:

Thank you for this! Question… Color correction ….is difficult (for me ) on the Android because the screen seems to enhance all images, then when it’s published online everything looks less vibrant. Is there a simple fix for this so I can be sure that what I’m seeing is what i’m getting while editing?

Gord Isman says:

Thanks for the comparative Justin. Do you actually do editing on mobile devices for any of the content you publish?

Georgina Bisby says:

So useful – thank you. Looking forward to trying these apps out – I’ve used Adobe Premier Clip for a few of my videos lately but it’s pretty limited in comparison to these.

Ajay Prajapati says:

Plaes make a video on how to install Kinemaster and inshot in PC … That would be very helpful

It's Todd says:

To me cute cut is the best

Michael Krisa says:

If you have Android and an ipad – would you need to purchase two licenses to shot with one and edit on the other?

GSXS RHINO 1000 says:

Hey Justin! thank you for sharing this content I am currently using KineMaster and like everyone else always looking to improve my footage. thank you

Alpha Gaming says:

I use kinemaster and filmora

PowerDirector University says:

If you want PowerDirector for iOS like this comment.

gaming holic TV says:

Thank you for your help
It helped a lot actually

Andy Raman says:

Audio editing software

Britt's Little Bunch says:

I used powerdirector for years until I switched to a iPhone

Thatone Dude says:

No serious video maker would use Android for editing video. Too few options and hardly any apps that you can cay one time fee. iOS all the way for video editing. I do shoot a LOT of video on my main phone (Android), but no thanks to editing on it.

it's May's life says:

Very helpful content but one quick question pls how can I purchase the subscription cos each time I use my card it keeps saying to check it and I tried paying with my sis too but it’s the same. How can I change that BTW I live in Nigeria so pls help me.

Eiman Aduna says:

Vlog Star

GYSI says:

In my opinion Kinemaster is the best.

Willie Lee Henderson lll says:

You made this super easy to understand. A lot of youtubers have a hard time doing that

Scott Tovey says:

I refuse to use subscription based programs.

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