Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!)

Looking for the ultimate Android video editor? Here’s our current pick for the BEST Video Editing App for Android (and why!) **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► Android: ► iPhone:


► PowerDirector –
► Kinemaster –

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— Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!) —

Every year, the video editing apps on Android and iPhone seem to get more and more powerful… We did a full overview of the video editor landscape on both Android and iOS late last year, but there have been some significant app updates since then, so it’s time for a fresh review.

In the last round, we narrowed the choices down to Cyberlink’s PowerDirector, and KineMaster. Both have had some significant updates since then, but there is now one clear leader when it comes to the BEST Android editing app…

In this video, we take a quick look at the current Video Editing App landscape, what’s changed with the leading Android video editors since last year, and my recommendations for the BEST Video Editing app for Android right now!

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Epic GameBot says:

Hi Justin! What do you prefer a MacBook Pro or an iMac? I am considering buying one so your reply would be awesome! Btw I don’t really care about portability.

Wilson M. says:

PowerDirector and KineMaster are the best no doubt

David Armstrong says:

Be good to see the audio wave, as this helps me remove sections where I have not said anything.

CreativeQueen x says:


Zeek Street says:

Hey Justin can you make a video about the blue yeti mic?, I just received mine and I would like your advice

Kranti saini says:

kinemaster is still number 1

Jacob Christian Glover says:

Great Video Justin! You always drop informative and relevant content on your audience. I appreciate you, keep the videos coming. Be well and stay encouraged!

Shadow Nickstar says:


TeamAnimalTV. says:

I found that power Direct is really useful for me because it is so easy to operate.

Pinoy Short Film says:

I like your Videos!!! Keep it up! Also can you shout out me? Pls

The Christian Guy says:

Hi, How many video layers you can add in powerdirector?

YRJ Is Here says:


TechMish says:

Whey From Aurangabad as well

IISavage AngelII says:

I just want to say you are a good helper for beginners

DEB 830 says:

but there is no volume envelope Option in power director. kinemaster is the best

Brandi L. Eckert says:

THANK YOU…great video and the first that I took notes on all the way through without pausing or replaying even once….you are clear, concise and point out only what is needed in a naturally timed out progression. I found your teaching style to be as close to perfect, for my taste, as is possible! LITERALLY, 15 min and I have not even one question remaining! JUST, REALLY GOOD JOB.

Zoiid_ says:

My opinion is KineMaster because KineMaster has alot of editing settings and also has Chroma key, But PowerDirector you need to pay to get 4K and Chroma Key on PowerDirector is only available on PC. So, KineMaster id better

Acoustics Pro Bono says:

that’s very helpful. thanks very much Sir.

Dogcube 51 says:

justin your tips helped me just hit 1000 views

RJTech says:

78k! On the road to 100k so well deserved. Been with ya pre 2k days…(Chilupian) ..LumaFusion for iOS when you can. It’s so awesome.

Brett Harris says:

Pity that power director dose not have fade in and fade out between cuts.. unless i haven’t see it… ?

John Spirou says:

I wish there was an app like lumafusion in iOS….much more powerful

Fardin Rabbi says:

Guys honestly I’m using PowerDirector for a long time and it is faster and much easier than kinemaster

Robert Schoenert says:

Thanks for your videos.  I am just starting out and you make it so easy for me.  I am a fan of PowerDirector, switched from Premiere Elements

Bob Hayes says:


Based on your recommendation I have purchased Power Director Video Director and the Takama Flip-Zip Tripod and couldn’t be happier with both of these excellent tools for smartphone video. IThanks for your videos they are very helpful to this newbie.

Preston Flaniken says:

PowerDirector paid version.

There is a way to color correct the entire video layer. There are a few steps to the process, but it can be done.

Barry Euphorik says:

Does Power Director have Chroma Key?

Agi Merasz says:

can this add subtitles to the entire video?

Dignokas ! says:

Great video justin,
Ive been using kinemaster for a long time.And I totally agree with your top picks . All others like vivavideo and other editors just give basic tools .
Never knew much about powerdirector . Found out that the color correction is great in powerdirector and it can also reverse the videos while kinemaster cant . And also thanks for the tips you gave at last! Gonna share this video with my fellow small youtubers

animesh ghosh says:

Kinemaster is my favourite app now because of the minute control options

Kranti saini says:

chroma key animated text

Kranti saini says:

love from india

All Clouded says:

Great tips

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