Best Video Editing App for iPhone 2018

Looking for the ultimate iPhone video editor? Here’s our current pick for the BEST Video Editing App for iPhone 2018 (and why!) **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► iPhone: ► Android:
► LumaFusion:
► KineMaster:
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— Best Video Editing App for iPhone 2018 —
Every year, the video editing apps on Android and iPhone seem to get more and more powerful… We did a full overview of the video editor landscape on both Android and iOS last year, but there have been some significant app updates since then, so it’s time for a fresh review.
In the last round, we narrowed the choices down to Pinnacle, and iMovie. Both have had some significant updates since then, but there is now one clear leader when it comes to the BEST iOS editing app…
In this video, we take a look at the current Video Editing App landscape, what’s changed with the leading iOS video editors since last year, and my recommendations for the BEST Video Editing app for iPhone right now!
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Techno World says:

nice video

Doug Hewson YT says:

Great review Justin. As a Final Cut Pro user, I like the new import from iOS iMovie function. On my most recent video, I recorded on my iPhone, but I couldn’t start editing on my MacBook Air as I had left the power supply at home. Instead, I pushed it to my iPad and did my rough edit with iMovie. Once done, I exported and imported to FCPX for a tidy up and adding effects, titles, audio and color correction. Worked a treat!

52 Weeks Later says:

Still for me it’s imovie, it’s free and I like the compatibility between the iPhone, iPad and MacBook

MasterSkull King says:

I like way you edit your video

Andrew Prior says:

Great video thanks Justin. I do all of my editing on my Macbook via Imovie and film basically all my videos on my Iphone for now. Is it better to edit on the Macbook or the Iphone/Ipad in these apps?

Abdullah Tube Hacking says:

Justin Brown – Primal Video Please make a video on which lens adapter is best for sony cybershot DS-W800???

Aakash - Primal Video says:

I am using right now KineMaster and Powerdirector on Android. Combination of both app equals to best video editing on Android.
Don’t know about Android

Victor Hugo says:

For animation like a Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate I recommend to testing Animation Pro.

You don’t know about it!

Robin Malau says:

Thanks for this!

Jo.Explore says:

Thanks for the tips and the presentation.

Siddharth Gupta says:

*Hello sir love from India I really like your video can you make a video how to edit like professional video on Android and some cool shooting tips*

Beanie Draws says:

Pinnacle was great, but it’s no longer supported. and has been abandond. LumaFusion is essentially the new Pinnacle as it’s developed by the same people from what I understand, and it’s been that way for about a year. LumaFusion got updated in just the last week or two, but I haven’t played around much with it. Pinnacle is still great if you don’t care about receiving updates for it anymore and don’t need help support for it.

J vv says:

I use Videoleap, saves in $K 60 FPS the free version! take a look

Rabar Jamal says:

Lumafusion or powerdirector? For people how have both Android and iPhone.

Eugen C Popa says:

I downloaded both apps as per your suggestions however… I found it quite difficult to use them on iPhone… Probably much easir on iPad..?

Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech says:


John Reynolds says:

Thanks you for the recommendations with reasons behind the recommendations

Zain Faraz says:


Eric Leszkowicz says:

I always love the time I save by watching your reviews because there is so much I don’t have to research or worry about.

Thank you

Beanie Draws says:

Could you do a video on iOS 11 screen recording? This relates to your tip about having your video settings equal across all devices. I filmed a drawing tutorial using my screen capture on iOS 11, and on my logitech C920 over the top of my ipad pro, and turns out no matter what, the iOS footage wouldn’t sync and I don’t know why. Also, all my iOS footage were in different frame rates. One said it was 30fps and one was apparently 13fps? I recorded the audio with some syncing claps, and when I imported both into premiere pro, I synced to the audio, but the video was completely out of sync. I contacted Apple but they were no help.

I haven’t tried to edit it in LumaFusion/Pinnacle yet, so not sure if it’s somehow a thing that only iOS can recognise in playback, and once it’s on PC the audio is out of synce with the video.

Also, I tried to stretch my video to the correct audio cues, and even then the video went out of sync… as if the video was changing frame rates visually, speeding up and slowing down, with the audio maintaining it’s own frame rate.

Was really dissapointed with how it all turned out because it trashed my tutorial I planned on making.

So not sure if you have the same experiences or not. Would like to see you try it out (if you haven’t already tried it?)

RJTech says:

Been using LumaFusion on my iPad Pro 10.5 for about 6 mo if I’m traveling. I find its actually better for me than FCP because it means all i need is an ipad an no mac book! ..course for other work i still use FCP on an iMac. In my case this app has made me use my laptop less and less.

Anime UNIVERSE says:

You can pitch audio up and down in Kinemaster

andrewmurraytv says:

How do you do you lower thirds in this video? Love the little sound that drops too

Robert Edwards says:

Justin, thank you for another Great Video! I’ve been away from video editing for a while. I’ve found many of your video extremely helpful. Keep up the good work.

TheAcousticGamer says:

Best video thanks for the tips you really helped me!

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