Best Video Editing App – Pocket Video – Tutorial

An amazingly powerful video editor that fits in your pocket! Hands down one of my favorite apps now to create content. This video is sponsored by PocketVideo.
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caleb gimenez says:

Umm I got an important question, how do you get YouTube music archive? I tried it and it does not work its all blank???

Iza Standley says:

mine doesn’t show the type of project

Whatever It's Yen says:

I love it but when I save it, it’s not good quality or not HD

Noor! says:

My video’s won’t load, can somebody help me fix this?

Hasnain Gaming says:

Bro can u help me cause when I try to make video and pick it doesn’t work it says importing and it’s takes ages

Dxrcey says:

I need help seriously !! I edit my videos on it and it won’t let me log it , make a new account or save all was going well before that , it won’t let me

EnergeticTuber says:

the best part is there is no watermark !!!!!

Xx_Meow 647_xX says:

How do you edit the transitions? Pls reply fast I really need to know!

Hollie Western says:

They don’t offer in us anymore

Spencer Etherden says:

Will I be charged for using the itunes option for adding music?

Angelo Asuncion says:

My youtube music archive , doesnt show any music theres no file at all

Kawaii Weee says:

I love pocket video but when I want to add speech bubbles it doesn’t show up on the screen!

Va. Clipas says:

at 00:59 how did he do that

iWilliamMay Hem says:

I can’t seem to get the music to work

Jalen Sias says:

How do you delete clips you don’t want in

Horcea Adi says:


Xgirl1909 says:

It always crashes Ughh not the best app ever

Muizzæ'ß World says:

I just watched mine load BUT IT TAKES FOREVER

diannevlogs says:

But my videos are not on hd

Fuzz Deez says:

wow it changed a,lot. the thing is, I don’t know how to cut part of the video 🙁

iWilliamMay Hem says:

Subscribe to my channel yall !!

Aalisha Byles says:


Lukas Petrone says:

I’m going to get it right now

MakeupbySydnie says:

It says downloading assets

Abuzar Ansari says:

it is only for iPhone right please tell me

wwe fan says:


manor says:

i cant add from camera roll what i do!?

Fallout Death says:

so I can upload it to YouTube


When i use pocket video on my phone, i cannot do anything you did in the video. By the way i am, using andriod.

AishaaaHaulsx says:

Ty this helped me out

TC Films says:

Can u delete clips?

LifeHacks 4U says:

One day before my b-day… weird…

Savannah Suggs says:

🙁 It’s not available in the U.S. store as of today!

Brayan and Kevin says:

didnt work :/

Lala Diamond says:

Should I use vertical mode ? When I make my video? Great video! Anyways.

TaeGiisbothofmybiaseu 슈가 says:

I don’t know if I could do this but what if I wanna use the whole I tire video on YouTube and do a voice over for the whole video?

Happy Days says:

every time i touch the T texting it is back????

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