Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Here are the best video editing apps for Android and iPhone / iOS. These video editing apps are all cross platform so they work on all devices and allow you to edit amazing videos for YouTube or any other social media platform. These video editing apps are also perfect for mobile journalism.

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➡️ KineMaster
➡️ Vlogit
➡️ FilmoraGo
➡️ Quick
➡️ InShot
➡️ Adobe Clip

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✅ Apple Phone:
✅ Android Phone:
✅ DSLR Camera:
✅ Audio Recorder:
✅ Microphone:
✅ Color Card:

✅ Affordable Lav Mic:
✅ TRRS Mic Adapter:
✅ Tripod:
✅ Phone / Mic / Light Rig:
✅ Mini LED Light:
✅ Amazing Stabilizer:


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Mz. KAY'S KORNER says:

I love your promo

King JudeOfficial says:

Nice, it was helpful


#New thanks for the great info on these apps as it will be helpful for when im not at home and away from the computer.

760Piper says:

Is there iOS app you recommend for applying filters or color grading your videos?

Yonnie Utuk says:

Hello Dee, I looove your videos, am always always looking out 4 them. I have a few questions on video monetization, my question is what if I hit the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour benchmark

Bobadilla Adventures says:

Now What do you think about my videos my friend check out the one tutorial for long exposure capturing Lightning

T rex says:

Power director

Kirby Awesome says:

7.5K subscribers mind blown!

Prady Playz says:

Is it just me or…………

Pristine Auto Detailing says:

Here from the YouTube Creators hub! Enjoying your vids!

Konstantina Playz says:

My life is a lie…..


Rushil Gandhi says:

Can you plz make a video on streamlabs new update in iOS coz I tried to stream with it with some overlays but when I checking me stream there was not any kind of overlay. Plz make a video on streamlabs

Ahmed Ha says:

Make a video about how to make a music video 😉 love xoxo

Grabster says:

InShot it honestly my favorite. The fact that you can remove the watermark by simply watching an ad makes it a must for everyone

CJMack_30 Vlogs says:

Kinemaster all the way. I had no clue how to use Filmora Go

Darkie markie says:

Hi dee

Pocca Lil-angel says:

#askdee Is it ok to use the “Audio Library”? ‘Coz i saw it here on YouTube.

Athlotr Cool says:

What is the best app for recording on iOS ??

C Ch says:

FYI. I see lot of YT savvy uploader pinning their videos in recommended feed comments where you HAVE to click on them to add them to watch later or a playlist. I don’t mind them for news updates (Thomas Delauer”s studio was burglarized and vandalized, a good reason to pin a comment) and Film Courage announces things and invites questions to use in upcoming videos).

BUT twice now today a pro YouTuber has stuffed a video in a pinned comment where I couldn’t bookmark it without being forced to open it.

*I will begin to hate you if you continue this practice.*

Be warned.

Maki w20 says:

If I have HP and I want to editing video but I don’t know best app edit please help

Blind Dog Imagery says:

Hey Dee
Love the App recommendations for Video editing. I’m new to the youtoob seen and I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate my digital photography into video. Thanks for the tip.

Panda - Three Monkeys Racing says:

I am using “IntroVideo” to make my intros, “Thumbnail Maker” for thumbnails, and “KineMaster” to create my full video.

rPm Nexus says:

These are some really kool apps. I dont really use my phone for editing but these apps will help me in the future if my computer takes a dump. (Knock knock on wood)

Oscar M says:

What is the best screen recorder for mobile gaming?

Legion of Weirdos says:

Hey, are you Nick Nimmin?

I’m going to have to start practicing the whole “edit on the phone” thing.

Teen agers says:

Do music video editors video pls

Allison Mitchell says:

Thank you! Very informative and helpful.

ZeCube says:

ki ne master ok not kiiinemaster #deefacts

Galaxy Tutorials says:

All of your videos helped me so much thank you ❤


Bro please tell me which app u use for make thumbnail

Bobadilla Adventures says:

Hello my friend how you doing good afternoon I have a quick question okay there is twice with this time that YouTube send me one of my own videos recommendation to watch it, what is that mean

TravisBluebeast says:


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