Best Video Editing Apps (Mostly Unpopular)

go down 🙂

most of these are unpopular and i think 2 of which is pretty known 🙂 but if you know 5/5 of these then im deeply sorry 🙁 these are my favs and ive been using them for projects and such i hope you like it too!

(LEGAL WAY) cause i think videohance and analog are paid
using your phone (android or apple)
1.go to

2..use the referral code XRQY7Y
3. install featurepoints as many apps as you can until you reach 700+ credits

5. go to rewards redeem an app then search the app you like’ll get the code then go to appstore -featured- redeem and type your code! then done!
7. make sure you have a US appstore, if not you can change it. just look for youtube tutorials

i’ve been loving low pitched audio for a while now so i used the same old love of selena gomez and made it a male version which is really cool, plus it doesnt have a copyright 🙂 if you want me to make a pack of non copyrighted music, just let me know

sorry i didnt upload last wednesday, i was really busy ):
i love you all!!!

Credits to Amanda Steele/MakeupbyMandy24 for the videos

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if it says “this channel does not exist” then just search “idkrez” on youtube 🙂

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rsty.c FTW says:

Wow love it but it not free 🙁


You forget an app that is so helpful too is called pocketvideo

Hope Vii says:

im an iphone user but i dont really use my itunes/music to download/play songs instead i use fileorganizer thats why i am having a hard time editing vids on my phone cause i cant add any music. does anyone know any app or how i can add the musics i have from my file organizer when im editing a vid? please help

Camilo, P Gleici says:


Jhemy Eusebio says:

tutorial for vizmato please, why my app is boring i cannot do what i want but in the video its cool

Joshua Caloyong says:

How to download videohance app?

Ranz Cerdeña says:

is the vont app available on androids?

Sunday Hero says:


Fatimah Timtim says:

How do you save your video in meipai?

CrypticFurs says:

I’m in the uk 🙁 most are usa

Wheelerpineditsz says:

Videochance is 3.99. I’m broke not rich smh

Dini K says:

For analog which one is it cuz there are several different types

aesthetic Vlogs says:

Any YouTubers that want to subscribe to eat other

ssplcy says:

Is it only on phones?

Nancy venia says:

I left BIG FAT like 🙂

Heather ShadowSlayer says:

Btw can this apps search free songs like IDGAF And etc without itunes??????

dancing panda says:

Please does anyone know an android app like vizmato?!

Saniyah Chan says:

Somebody tell me why I could not download maipai on my tablet AND iPad if it has a table/iPad on the screen. Oh and I could download it. Because I have a phone AND I WENT TO FILTERS ON THE APp SToRe

Madiana Salt says:

It’s going to fast!!!

Bazinga Bazinga says:


shofiyyah a says:

Thankyou so much!

NeverWithoutNalani says:

I use Vont but I don’t recommend it. It’s glitchy, annoying, and nothing works all that well

Ostentatious says:

Thanks all these apps are awesome!

Rhea Boquel says:

I can’t find vizmato in google play , did they delete the app?

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