Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018

The Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018, with recommendations for both FREE and PAID options to suit every Mac video editor, no matter what your budget or video style!


► FREE: (Best FREE Video Editing Software for Mac)
– iMovie:
– DaVinci Resolve:

► UNDER US$200: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac under $200)
– DaVinci Resolve:
– WeVideo:
– ScreenFlow:
– iMovie:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:

► US$200+: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac over $200)
– Adobe Premiere Pro:
– Final Cut Pro X:
– DaVinci Resolve:
– WeVideo:
– ScreenFlow:
– iMovie:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:

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— Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018 —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Mac video editing software. Whether you’re new to video editing, or are a long-time seasoned PRO Mac video editor, it can be difficult to keep up with all the software available to make sure you’re using the right program for you.

Every 6-12 months we do a full review of the video editor landscape on both Mac and Windows, and update our recommendations on the best video editing software for every budget.

In this video we do just that, with a full review of the best video editors for mac, and our recommendations for every budget!

Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video!

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Mike Brancatelli says:

great video. which software would you recommend for creating Instagram and snapchat videos? videos that are long, vertical and can have text without cropping it out.

Thirstytraveler41 says:

Wow…Great informative video…Adobe Premiere Elements then for now…Thanks for sharing

Hexspa says:

Can anyone tell me if any of these offer automatic audio fades, or even crossfades, when splitting clips? How do you all deal with clicks and pops?

Lil Riggs says:

Great insight! Thank you for posting.

OmegaMan X says:

I use iMovie app but I need something excellent for uploading and editing videos for YouTube purposes

Tjitze Kranzo says:

Honestly this is a great help in showing all the options that are out there. More research than I can say I’ve done!!

Joan Evans says:

What? No mention of HITFILM? Compositing, SFX and editing. They even have a completely FREE version. And if you really like it, you can buy the full version.

Montaguesh says:

Starts at 2:35

Tungy says:

Imovie good as it’s frre

Real TV1 says:

I movie is my life

Dunkin says:

What about best iOS editing apps?

Yasmeen Kayyali says:

i have downloaded after effects however i don’t know which editing app is the one i seek. my aim here is to edits videos of series i watch and add dialogues here and there while enhancing the resolution and colours. i want to have all of the tools to do that however i don’t know which app to depend on for now as im still a beginner. i used iMovie for the past 2 years or so and thought it was such a great app, yet now that i know there are many better ones. i wanna know which one i should start using. so my question here is that what app should i use for my aim, and where could i learn more about it? does after effects serve my aim or should i go for something like premier pro for better portrayal of the serials’ scenes. if you have any tips on which app should i use and where to learn about it i would really appreciate it. thank you!

PiCkle BroThers says:

Starting a channel with my cousin, I need some help on how to edit intros thumb nails and all that other stuff.

Magical Moments says:

Where is the Lightroom and Avid? These are also top tools. And davinci resolve is amazing but hardware hungry.

Howard Cogan says:

first of all i make dumb videos for fun but I’m a true geek and bounce between Adobe PP and FCP X I tried Resolve once, but couldn’t get it to play more than 3 frames in a row without freezing. Unless you are making a multi million dollar project with a large team and tons of effects then go with FCPX especially just to tell a story you are crazy not to use FCPX. I tell all my editor friends they would be home 3hrs earlier from work and probably have an extra 2 mos a year free when you add up the time saved. Also with Adobe they don’t make the Hardware or the OS, so it’s an exercise in insanity with the crashing and instability on the various platforms and hardware. But kudos to Adobe cause I know they care and keep improving their products but i’d rather be an editor than an IT guy.

Omnizoa says:

I imported 10 images into Lightworks and it showed I imported 3. I imported 10 audio tracks into Lightworks and it showed I imported 8. Instantly uninstalled.

Jesper Agerbæk says:

Is Filmora any good?

BlondieNextDoor says:

Great video, as always!
This is the video I needed now. I am looking in getting a new laptop, not sure yet which one but probably Mac book pro. I am not too knowledgeable about technology, but I’m learning. It’s scary to decide to spend 1K or more on a peace of equipment you don’t know much about.

Koalarsky says:

if you have a bad mac DONT GET PREMIERE PRO
it made my computer so laggy and i had to click the export button like a million times to get the menu to come up

Pls_No_Kill says:

Any one here to start a channel?

SilentStuff says:

my Davinci Resolve crashes.

Laura Brett says:

Haha, I’m using a steam-powered 2010 iMac. Is there anything that will actually work smoothly (or at all, ha!) on my machine? I have iMovie, but am wondering about Screenflow as it has screen capture.

vegasrenie says:

I’m learning Hitfilm Express, and it’s running okay on my 5-year old iMac. It challenges me, and allows for flexibility that I just can’t get from iMovie. I wanted Davinci Resolve, but no, not on an older computer! One of the reasons that I chose this when I wanted to upgrade from iMovie, is the fact that it can use multiple cameras. I am not doing multiple cameras now, once again it’s a learning thing, but I wanted the ability to do it. And, it also allows for multiple audio tracks as well. It feels very professional, but the cost fits my budget!

UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and splurge (for me) on a new Mac Mini, slightly upgraded, along with a new, larger and brighter display. When I get my new setup going, I think I will be testing final cut pro, hitfilm, and resolve, before I decide which one will be my permanent choice. I’ve long since outgrown iMovie, and I figured it’s time to put on my big girl pants and jump in!

Andres Hurtado says:

Hey bro, nice video I would like to be able to have 2 individual screens for my videos doing song covers, is it possible to get this and Multicam editing in a not so expensive <$100 video editing software?

Chris Winter says:

Hey man, not sure if you’re gonna get this buy i’m coming back to aus today for 3 weeks. I’ll be in qld for a little while. You got time to catch up? shoot me an email at if you’re keen! Speak soon.

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