Best Video Editing Software for Mac: Late 2017 Review!

Roundup of all the major Mac Video Editors in late 2017, and our thoughts on the current BEST Video Editing Software for Mac for every budget! ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:


► FREE: (Best FREE Video Editing Software for Mac)
– iMovie:
– DaVinci Resolve:

► Under US$200: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac under $200)
– DaVinci Resolve:
– WeVideo:
– ScreenFlow:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:

► US$200+: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac over $200)
– Adobe Premiere Pro:
– Final Cut Pro X:
– DaVinci Resolve Studio:

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⁉️ QUESTION TIME ⁉️ What video editing software are you using on Mac, and what’s your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments!

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— Best Video Editing Software for Mac: Late 2017 Review! —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Video Editing Software on Mac, and the number continues to grow with some awesome new players entering the market over the past few years.

We did a video covering the overview of the Video Editor landscape on Mac in late 2016, but the market keeps evolving with new updates rolling out across the board – so we thought it was time to update our recommendations for 2017.

For any Mac users deciding which is the best software for them, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start, whether you’re currently using the best software, and what the best upgrade options are.

We’ve tested a HEAP of options, from free to pro-level software, and in this video we’ll run through my recommendations for the BEST Video Editors for Mac across every price bracket in late 2017. No matter what your budget; whether you’re just getting started with video and looking for the best free video editing software, are considering an upgrade from your current editing program, or have been editing for years and just want to know if you’re using the best video editor out there for you – this video is for you!

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pinkklipstick says:

Thanks, this video answered a lot of questions that I had about what video editing software I should use for my new MacBook Pro.

Communication Skills Coach Alex Lyon says:

Great video as always. Very comprehensive. To answer the Q, I’m using Final Cut Pro. I love the drag and drop aspect of lots of the transitions, effects, titles, etc. I switched from Adobe Premiere Pro to FCP because it is easier and more intuitive for me as a person with very little editing experience until 18 months ago.

MasterDxgamer MTG says:

Pin this

Elinor G says:

Im interested in the tracking effect. if ill buy screenflow will i be able to get this effect?

Gracefully Aging With Betsy says:

I have a new channel and very new at this. What editing software could I get for Windows that would be “easy” to learn? Thanks for your help!

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Elements 14. Favor feature is the FX presets.

mikbonsai says:

Hi, just come over from Nick Nimmin channel after seeing our three editing tips. Love what you are doing. Getting to grips with iMovie trying to switch over from Windows movie maker on PC to Mac.

C O says:

I started my professional work with non linear editing with Avid in 1995. Back then, it cost 120,000 plus dollars on a 100mhz nu-bus mac. Storage cost a premium and 27 gigas was like three hours of video. The resolutuon was composite NTSC. Now, for free or under 200 you can do just about anything with nearly unlimited storage.

Yang Xu says:

been waiting for this one for days

Brian Wells says:

thanks for the info, can you do a video regarding the amount of “Power” needed to run FCPX or Adobe such as memory, RAM and processing speed, minimum to be acceptably “fast” or ideal power for those looking for new equiptment to upgrade to…Thanks Justin, great information as usual…

deepak jain says:

Lol…. more than 70-80% of the film industry uses avid media composer and it’s not even in the top 3 … they have more experience than you and I feel u must consider and find out why they use it and then come up with the pros and cons and make a video about it

Ramtin K says:

Hei Justin!
I understand this is a review on the products on their own, but you should’ve let the newbies know about the color finale plug in that you can purchase for FCPX. That plug in takes the software to a hole other level. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? Otherwise great vid 🙂

alittleolder says:

I only ever used Moviestudio and Vegas on the PC. Not planning to change but I was wondering, how hard is it for you to jump between the programs? I would be really interested in that.

Geoff McDonald says:

Great! Thanks Justin – I’m going to check out Da Vinci Resolve

dronalpes says:


King Tube says:

Great video you deserve way more subscribers and views

AstroFocus says:

Another fantastic video Justin! I found you from Nick Nimmin’s channel. Because of people like Nick Nimmin and you I’ve been able to get 5k subscribers and i’ve been gaining 50+ subs a day with 5k+ views a day mainly because of a video of mine that has been doing very well. I wanted to ask you if you could create a lower third for me? It would be extremely useful for my channel. Don’t worry if you can’t. Thanks 🙂

Paul Scarth says:

Hi Justin. I’ve been using Adobe Premiere Pro for a few years now on my Mac and always been tempted to move over to FCPX.

The thing I love about Premiere (and even Avid / FCExpress) is the ability to define an in/out point and drop this clip onto the timeline. Is this something that can be done with FCPX ? I really can’t seem to make that transition into rubber band timelines…

Any help / advice really appreciate. Cheers, Paul.

Leola Durant Looking For Eden says:

I’m just editing on my iphone 6. with imovie. I find it easier than editing on the computer. Even though I had a video on YouTube since 2010 I only just started really getting in to YouTube. I’m still trying to find my way around, and trying how to really make it work for me.


i switched to a Hackintosh and now i use final cut pro x for free to edit my tech videos!

Discover PARROTS says:

Would Davinci Resolve 14 work well on a Macbook Air? I had troubles with Final Cut Express due to long rendering times. Then, in Shotcut, the play was slow and shaky, not as smooth as in iMovie. Would Davinci be so taxing on my little laptop?

Tech Alpha says:

*awsm* *:)*

D says:

I’d go pc with premiere pro.

Kelly Harris says:

Great timing for me to find this video. I am new to video editing and was ready to spend $400 for FCPX. I think I will give the free Davinci version a shot first. Thanks!

Frank Stonehouse says:

Important to also mention that Apple is offering a Pro Apps bundle at educational discounts if you are a student or teacher. For $200 you can get Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor, 4 and Main Stage 3 … this deal can’t be beat.

Akuma Gota says:

i use camtasia — i like the glow effect

Afrodite by Olympia says:

Excellent vid! As a new youTuber your vids are literally helping me slay my game! Thank you!!


Does da Vinci have a trial membership?

LifewithGulia A says:

Love your videos!! If anyone want to support my channel please subscribe and comment if you do and I will sub to you back. Thank you.

Rory on a Bike says:

For people whose needs go beyond the capability of iMovie, I agree that Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve is the best option for free software. Although perhaps not entirely free – if going the Resolve route, I would consider it essential to purchase the tutorials that Aexis van Hurkman, author of the Resolve manual, has made for Ripple Training. That said, I would like to see more clarity about Blackmagic Design’s future pricing intentions before investing a lot of time in Resolve. Blackmagic Design appears to be hemorrhaging money with this product. Free is great, but is unlikely to continue.

I’ve tried Telestream’s new Screenflow 7. The continued use of a proprietary file format that cannot be read by any other application, the apparent purpose of which is to lock one into Telestream’s software, is a complete deal breaker for me. Also, Apple Motion ($50), including the many first rate Apple Motion templates that can be purchased by those who don’t want to learn Motion, makes Screenflow annotations and callouts look amateurish by comparison. For screen capture, QuickTime (free) works very well, except that on a fast computer it records at 60fps, which results in very large files. This can be easily and quickly fixed by processing the screen capture through HandBrake (open source and extremely capable), or indeed Apple Compressor, at a lower frame rate. For audio recording, Garageband and iMovie, which also records audio, come with a Mac computer. If you own Final Cut, you already have advanced voice over recording and editing capability.

Final Cut works fine for me. I like its magnetic timeline, speed and stability, as well as its integration with Motion, Compressor and Logic.

Dennis Leyton - YOmasmas says:

So, I use Screenflow and it takes me like 1 hour to export a 10 minute video, is it normal? – Dennis

JJ Model Making says:

Final cut Pro X all the way x

Dave Rae says:

Thanks for another great video Justin! I still maiinly use iMovie although I do have Camtasia too. Often I want to keep it as simple and quick as possible so will just use iMovie on my phone.

Ernie Lansford says:

LOVE your work, Justin. THANK YOU! I subscribed. Please provide links to previous tutorial on creating the intro and title inserts using keynote. I understand the green screen concept, it’s the roll in and movement of the slide that stumps me. Thanks.

canturgan says:

Final Cut is very fast and I am using a 2009 iMac. There are also a lot of plug ins available.

Dean Rogers says:

Hey Justin. I just checked out your vid & have a question. What’s the minimum hardware requirements so that your apple can run the more professional editors, like premier pro, Divinci resolve & Final Cut Pro? Cheers!

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