Best Video Editing Software for Mac (on every budget!)

What’s the Best Video Editing Software for Mac? Here’s the BEST options for every budget! ***** Recommended Software:

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** Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac **
– DaVinci Resolve:
– HitFilm:

** Best Video Editing Software for Mac: Under US$199 **
– Adobe Premiere Elements:
– Screenflow:
– Filmora:

** Best Video Editing Software for Mac: $200+ **
– Final Cut Pro X:
– Adobe Premiere Pro:

Best Video Editing Software for Windows:

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— Best Video Editing Software for Mac (on every budget!) —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Video Editing Software on Mac, and the number continues to grow with some awesome new players entering the market over the past few years.

For any Mac users deciding which is the best software for them, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start, whether you’re currently using the best software, and what the best upgrade options are.

We’ve tested a HEAP of options, from free to pro-level software, and in this video we’ll run through my recommendations for the BEST Video Editing Software for Mac across every price bracket. No matter what your budget; whether you’re just getting started with video and don’t know where to begin, are considering an upgrade from your current software, or have been editing for years and just want to know if you’re using the best option out there for you – this video is for you!

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Niklas Ånesen says:

Hey! I have a mac that are made in 2007, that menes that i cant use those..-_-

Ixxy_ says:

someone please help i cant get imovie i have macbook and its still not on here!

GalaxyModzFTW says:


T B says:

Thank you very much!

TriggeredYT RBLX says:

Are Any Of Them Free?

el nata says:

what good cameras do you recommend?

Khadeeja S says:

one of the very few trullyyy awesome videos!

winfilelocker winfilelocker says:

Thanks for these great tips. I Edit Video Files using Gilisoft Video Editor and its pretty easy and great so far.

carson clark says:

what would be the best for video games

Ava Blogs MSP says:

Actually you can use iMovie on Mac for free it’s on your launchpad

Bifty Fraubit says:

can you edit iphone recorded videos on the davinci resolve software?

AyeeKinq says:

imovie is free..

Helder Pimenta says:


Jai Kavi says:

Thanks for the very helpful vid! I’m wanting to edit 4k on a 2014 macbook Air with 4gb ram and i5 processor. Is this possible and with which software?

Colm Harling says:

For a novice which is easier to grasp Screenflow or Adobe Premiere Elements? Brilliant presentation, clear articulate advice, thank you!

Kyle Marquardt Vlogs says:

imovie is free again

Raquel Ilano says:

Great advice my friend. I mainly shoot stills but im getting bored with it. I will try davinci resolve for free. Thanks and keep up the good work

Janet Lim says:

Justin which video apps allows me to add a fixed top & bottom header bar that stay from beginning to the end of a video?

Tyler Ledingham says:

20 likes and i will make my mom buy me a macbook pro

Edalia Shine says:

I hope you can answer my question. If I were to download Di Vinci Resolve, would I be able to add WAV audio files? I do covers on YT and I’d love to make my vids sound clearer.
Also, instead of a video being an actual “video”, can you just add a picture to the place where the video is supposed to go?
The application I’m using for audios is Audacity, and I’m wondering if I’d be able to use WAV exported audios from Audacity on Di Vinci Resolve. Thanks!

TheSimmoMaster says:

If you can’t afford final cut pro 10, you can get motion 5 (which like after effects except more simple but with less features). It is harder to make transitions and stuff like that but it’s only 50 bucks!

Pat West says:

I got Final Cut Pro illegally and its the best thing ever

Mark Peters says:

Hi Justin. Windows pc here. I know, Mac would be better or more choose. Of course to see for what you projects really need. But now : Why most don’t talk about Greenvally ” Edius”? Simple, pro, lightning fast and super stable software. Price is (sadly) a bit pro. But to take in consideration. Grts, Pozo

CJ 99 says:

imovie is free for me

Trkdriver74 says:


Garen1 says:

Mann, I just got a MacBook pro and i was happy cuz i could finally use the iMovie to edit my videos on the mac rather on my ipad… the stupid thing crashes every time i make a change … any advice?

UsagiWhiteNight says:

What is the smallest editing program when it comes to storage? I want something that doesn’t slow down my laptop so much.

Dean Gibson - Grainstore says:

Hi, Is there a way of doing fancy titles in DaVinci Resolve?

KR Bassin says:

can u use the final cut pro

KV3 says:

dude thanks!

Allan Frederiksen says:

That was very, very helpfull, thank you!

Weeaboo Dan says:

What did you use for this video?

Jacob Tran says:

thanks you help me

Mark Johnston says:

very clear and concise, thank you. You don’t mention why iMovie not recommended – is it not a good route to FCP X?

J True says:

I have to say, i found your channel when searching for KineMaster Video Editor for Android Reviews, and have now been a loyal subscriber. Thanks for all that you do. I downloaded your PrimalVideo Editor pdf, and it has helped me out a lot so far. I have just downloaded Davinchi Resolve, and will be progressing towards a youtube channel now. I have 2 dell latitude d620’s, one running linux mint, the other is my OS tester. But i also have a mid 2010 macbook pro which i will be upgrading here soon with 16gb of ram and a ssd. Im sure that will put me in the game with editing. Blessings -JTrue

PowerL1N3 says:

Justin Brown – Primal Video

Ok so here’s my deal. I have a 2011 15”MacBook Pro.

It wasn’t booting up all the way and kept on shutting itself off so I thought it was a battery issue.
Got a new battery and still did the same thing.

Next I thought maybe I had to clean it out since I haven’t cleaned it since I got it back in 2011.
So I opened it up cleaned everything and still kept turning off during boot up.

Next I noticed it was hot so maybe the thermal paste was really old on the CPU itself. So I went back in cleaned the old thermal paste off the CPU carefully and replaced it with Liquid metal thermal paste and hooked everything back up and it stayed on this time plus it felt cooler but then my hard drive wasn’t booting up all the way and I couldn’t get into Utilities to fix it nor was network recovery was working to fix it.

So I got a new 500gb SSD with two 8gb RAM sticks just to go ahead and update the ram. I put my OS on the new hard drive through a friend who also had a mac laptop because it needed to be partitioned and setup properly and it booted up successfully on his computer. So I put it in my laptop and it’s booting up and then the screen glitches out with lines and then give me a blank gray screen the whole time.

So I check what’s going on, on the inside again and notice that the liquid metal spilled on the outside of the CPU and I tried cleaning it but it keeps giving me the same results so it’s pretty much done for.

So my only choices are getting a new motherboard with the same specs for my 2011 laptop.
Upgrading to a 2012 laptop with a higher Ghz rate and quad core for a faster CPU, also so I can add my SSD and my RAM sticks I already bought.
Selling the laptops parts and just investing in a MacBook Pro 15” 2016 or 2017 model for better rendering times for video editing because I plan on creating my own YouTube channel and start making tutorial videos.

My question to you is, in my case what would you advise me to get that would benefit me? Because I really need a new laptop soon but I don’t want to make the investment if it’s not going to be worth it and I’m really going to work hard to make these videos quality and keep up with my uploads.

Abdulaziz Almass says:

Thank you

Anthony Wu says:

Greatest Video Editing Software regarding Mac & pc try video editor contentsamuraipro

Reyn & Renzo says:

10 likes on this comment I will get a mac

Arlyn Hembel says:

Thank you! I was looking for free editing programs to try out and this video was super helpful.

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