Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10: Top 5 Video Editors Review 2018

What is 2018’s Best Windows Video Editor? Here are our Top 5 Editing Softwares for Windows 10 this year! If you are looking something simple & easy to use, Try Filmora Video Editor FREE:

Filmora offers two editing modes – easy mode for quick editing and full feature mode for more effects and advanced tools. Its full feature mode has an intuitive and modern interface where you can do all the basic editing such as trimming, cropping, rotating, adjusting speed and hues. The great thing about Filmora is its effect library, which includes over 300 handcrafted filters, overlays, titles and transitions. You can spice up your videos easily by dragging and dropping the desired effects to the timeline. Its music library is a hand chosen compilation of artists from the Pacific Northwest. The selection of genres ranges from Hispter Folk to Electric Pop, making your music search so much easier.

If you are trying to make your videos look more professional but you are not a skilled user, Filmora has made its advanced features painless for you. You can easily apply motion elements, split screen, green screen and picture in picture by dragging and dropping. Filmora supports a wide range of video, photo and audio formats. You can even import your files from Facebook and Instagram. Once finish editing, you can upload you videos to social media, burn to DVD or export to different formats and mobile devices. The lifetime license of Filmora is reasonably priced at $49.99 with free lifetime updates. If you would like to try Filmora, download the trial version from its website I will also leave the download link in the description box below.

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is not included as part of Windows like the previous versions, and is not supported for Windows 10. However, we found out that the program is still fully functional under Windows 10, and you can download it on the Microsoft website.

The reason we still want to recommend Windows Movie Maker is because it’s free and easy to get started with if you have very limited video editing experience. The program works with images and videos. You can add simple titles, effects, transitions and audios to your video within 20 minutes. However, if you want fancy filters and more advanced editing tools, you might want to check some of the intermediate editors like Fimora video editor.

Corel Video Studio Pro
Another popular mid-tier video editor is Corel Video Studio Pro. It has a usable interface featuring the familiar three-panel view — content, effects and video preview occupying half the top of the window and the timeline taking the whole bottom portion. For basic video editing, Corel offers a multi-trim tool, which lets you set multiple in and out points. Other cool features include stop-motion, which allows you to control a DSLR from within the software, and motion tracking, which allows you to track the movement of an object and apply other effects to it. It’s available at $79.99

CyberLink PowerDirector
If you have more editing experience and are looking for a near-pro-level editing tool, CyberLink PowerDirect can be an option. It offers tools for basic editing such as trimming and cropping as well as for professional editing. For example, it allows keyframe editing, a tool that offers precise control over when effects begin and end. Just like Filmora video editor, PowerDirector also offers picture-in-picture, chroma-key, overlays and cropping. It also offers over 100 transitions and effects to choose from.

When you install the software, make sure to use a computer with room to spare as it will take up nearly a gigabyte of your hard drive. The ultimate edition of PowerDirector is $129.99.

Adobe Premiere Pro
When it comes to professional-level video editing for Windows, you might have heard a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro. It is famous for its clean interface, flexible trimming tools, unlimited multicam angles and ultimate power in video editing. One new feature in Premiere Pro CC 2015 is the new Lumetri Color Panel. Adobe has built a wide array of color grading and correction tools into Premiere Pro, allowing video editors to make highly detailed and customized color adjustments. Another great tool is the Morph Cut transition, which is made to smooth over jump cuts in interviews and dialog shots.
Now Adobe offers only one way to get hold of Premiere Pro CC, which is through an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. You can choose from paying $239.88 for the annual subscription or $29.99 per month.

Now these are simply just tools to get the job done. And remember, getting great shots before you bring it into editing is the key like getting smooth shots using a stabilizer, good lighting and audio, are more important than the software. If you are new to video editing, we recommend Filmora video editor as it allows for advanced editing easily by dragging and dropping. See you next time!


Emory Georges says:

DaVinci Resolve is multi-platform and free. UI is a learning curve, but it might be a great tool to learn as it is available on Mac, Windows and Unix.

Herobrine gamer 1504 says:


Joe Andrei says:


Jeff Smith says:

Was looking for something simple and not “crazy”

rgr Toro Hdrz says:

great video Thanks for the information also … thanks for the bloopers hahaha!!!! XD

Kello Gt says:

movie maker link please

Alca Graphics says:

Filmora great for starting out. But if you’re gonna crack your software anyways, I would recommend svp. Its pretty easy to pick up and edit with. If you’re against piracy, try shotcut, it’s great to get you used to the concept of timelines and how to do all the basic stuff before moving on to a paid program.

John Sargunar says:

There is an error that comes up when we try Filmora. WMVCore.DLL is missing. How does one come around that in Windows 10

Fortress Tech says:

Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported by Microsoft.

namz rocky says:

I subscribed to ur channel

SD1ONE says:

Filmora is perfect for me…but i only have one complain whenever i use freeze frame or take snapshot, it always taken in low resolution and does not look good in final clip….PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP………….. also it would be good if they add motion tracking and composite shot.


I’ve decided I’m getting filmora

Pragyan Techno Gaming . says:

although I think your video editor is the best

Fortress Tech says:

Yay! A silver playbutton!

Jacob says:

I definitely seem to be interested in giving your video editing software a try but I have a question before I download. How much is the version without the watermark? And will it work well on my high-end computer running on Windows 10?

Prics says:

Can you create a smoke color blast: Red, Green, Blue, yellow. And the monster pack, a enormous crocodile walking, running, eat, facing, roaring and fighting with a giant ape? The crocodile dead by ape.

Prince .R says:

I hate filmora because of watermark for not registering … really ruined .. sorry to say so

Average Nerd says:

Thank you, Filmora, for being nice enough to tell us that having to register is a con.

Legendary Gamer says:

I don’t have iTunes so how can I get good music


I love filmora! Hope you guys can develope this software more in the future!

Yousuf Farkhad says:


Your programme is awesome. Hats off for you guys.

However, I have one suggestion.

I usually translate videos and I use Filmora to do that.

I first translate my work on Word and after that I transfer my translation to Filmora.

However, I cannot copy and paste my translation from Word to Filmora directly without writing anything

I would highly appreciate if you fixed the issue.


Zachery James says:

The price was good. But after exporting with filmora my videos looked terrible.

Filmora Video Editor says:

Try Filmora FREE:

Passang Lepcha says:

It relies more on RAM than Processor for rendering video files. So you need to have more RAM. I felt so….

Jacob says:

What do you use to edit YOUR videos? Do you use Filmora?

Snowie Puppy says:

Watermark……. i warned you. Don’t WASTE your time and effort unless you purchase it. You’re welcome.

Filmmaking on a budget says:

Hi Filmora!, could you exagerate more the audio “lines”, it would make much easier the audio synchronisation

BunnyGirlsTV RBLX GamePlay & More! says:

Filmora have watermark

Molon Labe says:

I love how they flat out tell you it has a watermark, but what they don’t tell you is that the watermark is literally right in the middle of the screen and completely ruins the video.

Bjarne Nilsson says:

Just a note about Davinci resolve ,, resolve 14 Includes faice refignment (aotmatick tracking of lips eyes etc but this requires Resolve studio, evry other traccking feature is avalable in Resolve (the free version),.The number of effects in resolve is somewhat limited but Black magic design hass a vfx package called Fusion (same pricing model as Resolve

Alan Heath says:

After 10 years using Windows Movie Maker and nearly 20m views, perhaps I ought to get something better.

Amai Studios says:

Best Video Editors for me:

JJ Rex says:

Filmoras bAd

lUo 5 says:

Thank you very much. Can I create videos by those softwares or just edit it.

Pragyan Techno Gaming . says:

can u tell me some tips with your newly launched screen recorder? what is the use of add marker ?? How to use tutorial features in Filmora scrn??

Audrey Ash says:

FILMORA IS THE BEST its very easy to use!!!

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