Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018!

The Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018, with recommendations for both FREE and PAID options to suit every PC video editor, no matter what your budget or video style!


► FREE: (Best FREE Video Editing Software for Windows)
– ShotCut:
– HitFilm Express:
– DaVinci Resolve:

► LESS THAN US$200: (Best Video Editing Software for Windows under $200)
– Filmora:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:
– WeVideo:
– DaVinci Resolve:

► US$200+: (Best Video Editing Software for Windows over $200)
– Adobe Premiere Pro:
– DaVinci Resolve Studio:
– Filmora:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:
– WeVideo:

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— Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018! —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Windows video editing software. Whether you’re new to video editing, or are a long-time seasoned PRO Windows video editor, it can be difficult to keep up with all the software available to make sure you’re using the right program for you.

Every 6-12 months we do a full review of the video editor landscape on both Mac and Windows, and update our recommendations on the best video editing software for every budget.

In this video we do just that, with a full review of the best video editors for Windows, and our recommendations for every budget!

Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video!

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Ollie Baldwin says:

What video editing software do you use?

Lucas Mara says:

I have tried to use Davinci Resolve to edit my first video. For some reason audio is choppy even though have not added any colour grading or effects. The audio is fine in my original footage. I am editing on a laptop which as a dedicated graphics card

I am running Davinci Resolve on a dell laptop with an intel i7-8750H processor, 16GB RAM and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5. I also have a solid state hard drive. Is in an underpowered graphics card contributing to the degradation in audio?

Does anyone have any idea why my audio quality is really bad.



Mach Zero says:

Excellent video Justin! I liked the video and subbed to your channel! I’ve been looking for some good editing software since the ones I have are sort of old and out of date, so I’m going to try one of the ones that you suggested. Thank you again! 🙂

TheSamya2005 says:

So… lightworks is a no? spent a few hours yesterday playing around with it, and the one shortcoming that could turn me is that I could only get it to work properly when I transcoded my videos to a specific format, and even then they have this method of swapping low and high quality versions of the same video so editing will perform well. Is this a general video editing issue, or just lightworks?

Luji The Genie says:

This was a little bit subjective especially since you didn’t include Sony Vegas Pro 16 in the $200 and up category.

Lyfeofbee says:

Thanks for the tips! this video has been very helpful

tom daddario says:

Thanks Justin
What I’m doing is very simple so I may try and go with something on my iPhone just for ease

me pun says:

i use hitfilm express

Online GamerTM says:

noice bro i subbed on you news

Steve Strother Headshots & Video says:

Great advice! Thank you.

florie Brown says:

Thanks Justin yet again another clever idea. Very helpful tips.

AndyDOHD1 says:

I use Nero Video at the moment for Playgroup and local school functions but will definitely be looking at Davinci Resolve. I am just a dad who helps out , so not a professional. I may get my 2 daughters (10yo and 12yo) to try too, all part of their ICT education.

Bit Catchy says:

How about Vegas pro?

Standartenführer says:

too much jibber jabber

tom daddario says:

I’m a stand up comic looking to start a project using green screen. Your video was incredibly helpful. Thanks so very much

Oldskool says:

Which is better?
1. Recording in 1080p @ 30 FPS
2. Recording in 4k UHD @ 30 FPS and converting it to 1080p without quality reduction.
If the second one is better then please tell me the best software to do so.

Just Go says:

Justin, speaking of recording frame rate 24, 30 or 60..which one to pick? Thanks

Eivan Andres says:

I might try up devinci resolve cuz i currently using filmora for almost half a year now and found that it is so slow when it comes to rendering and saving the project for final video that more likely have to wait 30 mins and i mostly do slideshow of pictures and mixed with a bit of videos and music. And i do that for my friend’s birthday or thanksgiving party of someone, and I’m looking if u can recommend something better (software) for making slideshows of pictures with videos,musics and switching transitions with faster render and saving..

Sleek says:

I use splice on my phone witch is good but I want to switch to computer

khiloman says:

thank you for your awesome video and insightful comments and perspective

Donnelle Griffin says:

I’m just trying to reestablish my YouTube Channel and so overwhelmed by it all. I have put Filmora on my Laptop as a Windows 10 user and then after watching this makes me wander if I should have chosen Davinci Resolve. I’m new at all of this!!! 🙁 If I use Filmora free version at 1st, I’m wondering if the watermarks are removable via the laptop. I know that using Filmorago on my Android and its $1.99 to remove watermark per/video. Please give me pros and cons of Filmora please??!!! Thank you.

Paint Rag555 says:

Great Video… I really like your background. You lost most people at 6:18

Patrick Blackler says:

Stop filibustering me and get to the point

NichFam TV says:

how would you compare the new power director 17 or 365 to these? I have power director and Filmora currently but really want something to make cutting my youtube videos to the beat much easier.

Wanda Sobieska says:

This was very helpful. Thank you!

eplipswich says:

Not trying to nitpick, but I think you should change the logo for DaVinci Resolve for the next Best Video Editing Software for Windows video. Because DaVinci Resolve’s logo is no longer the red circle with 3 white droplets, but a black circle with 3 droplets of different colors (reference here: )

Sean's DIY & Reviews says:

I use Corel Video Studio. What is your opinion?

Gerri Graham says:

Can you please tell me which of these recommendations require an internet to create your video. I am a full time RVer and often have no internet. Thank you so much.

Shout Quick says:

can you make video on filmora

RichbergEnt says:

You failed to mention that in order to use Divinci Resolve, you have to have a Good GPU. Otherwise it will not work. Personally…i think people sleep on Vegas Pro…or Vegas Movie Studio.

Mind Of Milton says:

Thoughts on Sony Vegas?

Gregory Campbell says:

Shot cut is not free. I exported 5 videos then I said I had to pay.

Interactive DNA says:

As a professional using high-end editor for over 30 years. PowerDirector is the best based on speed you edit and it renders faster then any other software. I have tested them all!

Asip O says:


nsabimana emmanuel says:

Hey, i use movavi video editor or windows movie maker when so it depends to the time i have especially when i’m campus i use movie make because its easy to edit.please make tutorials on film hit.Thank you be blessed.

Cochise Bryant says:

Hey Justin, on your page you have PowerDirector listed as one of the software platforms you recommend if Adobe doesn’t interest the consumer. I have a PC and am looking to graduate from Windows Movie Maker to the next level up as I grow and learn my way. PowerDirector currently has a promotion for CyberLink Director Suite 6 (Includes Premium Effects and Templates) for $127.99 that ends today. Help, lol! Is this a good move to make?

Fredrick Laverdiere says:

Why no mention of Pinnacle Studio?

HostedMedia says:

how can you not like this video? Justin amazing content man thank you very much, this helped me a lot as I am in great need of a video editor 🙂 keep up the amazing work.

Amelia Ryan says:

can you do the best video editing software for ubuntu

Official Solomon B Music says:

I use powerdirector

ispguy2001 says:

In the video you mention Filmora is good for Beginners. Is DaVinci Resolve good for Beginners as well ?

RedEye says:

shotcut is not my editing software because of this video thanks so much a thumbs up from me .


what software you use for ur video, please?

camelCased says:

I”m using PowerDirector, but I find that some functions are more complicated to use than they should be.

For me the ideal video editing software is not the one that has lots of complex features but the one that allows to achieve simple goals using simple steps.
For example, splicing, gluing clips, crossfade, speed up / slow down, crop, pan, add simple titles, export a selected fragment only – these should be as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately, many editors have nasty surprises here requiring weird, inconvenient, non-intuitive workflows for simple functions or asking for third-party plugins for simple crossfade or titles.

Uncle Buck says:

Was looking at powerdirector 16?

Nm A says:

I’m not sure why a very popular software in the video industry is not here Powerdirector 16/17

TechAizad says:

Can you do a review for the movavi video editor?

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