Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review!

Roundup of PC Video Editors in late 2017, and our thoughts on the current BEST Video Editing Software for Windows for every budget! ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:


► FREE: (Best FREE Video Editing Software for Windows)
– VSDC Free:
– DaVinci Resolve:

► Under US$200: (Best Video Editing Software for Windows under $200)
– (FREE) DaVinci Resolve:
– Adobe Premiere Elements:
– WeVideo:
– Cyberlink PowerDirector:

► US$200+: (Best Video Editing Software for Windows over $199)
– Adobe Premiere Pro:
– DaVinci Resolve Studio:

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⁉️ QUESTION TIME ⁉️ What video editing software are you using on Windows, and what’s your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments!

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— Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review! —

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Video Editing Software on Windows, and the number continues to grow with some awesome new players entering the market over the past few years.

We did a video covering the overview of the Video Editor landscape on Windows in late 2016, but the market keeps evolving with new updates rolling out across the board – so we thought it was time to update our recommendations for 2017.

For any Windows users deciding which is the best software for them, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start, whether you’re currently using the best software, and what the best upgrade options are.

We’ve tested a HEAP of options, from free to pro-level software, and in this video we’ll run through my recommendations for the BEST Video Editor for Windows across every price bracket in late 2017. No matter what your budget; whether you’re just getting started with video and looking for the best free video editing software, are considering an upgrade from your current editing program, or have been editing for years and just want to know if you’re using the best video editor out there for you – this video is for you!

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Accounting Clue says:

em… the machine you have may affect your choice in those editors.

Only from my past experience with some of these editors:

Best Quality Free:
Davinci Resolve
What I like… very good at color grading and presets among free edito;
Don’t like … not usable without dedicated graphics card

Most convenient Free:
What I like … no installation needed; very intuitive hotkey; can use even with legacy on-board graphics (less than 1 GB VRAM);
don’t like … no keyframing features

Function-wise speaking:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016:
What I like … preset is pretty much good enough for almost everything you need; hotkey is acceptable
don’t like … price, you know … also rendering speed is an issue especially if you don’t have a decent graphics card

Best overall
Camtasia 8.1:
what I like … the user interface is the best for all editors I used so far; like to use its zoom and pan;
don’t like … price (still acceptable to me) and hotkey for some complicated tasks cannot be set

Other software used:
Hitfilm 4 Express (long rendering time); Kdenlive (windows portable version, crashed sometimes);
VSDC (hotkey not fit me … switched to Shotcut);

Others’ comments appreciated

TzzSmk says:

I wonder, why you liked Resolve more than Hitfilm ? thx for great video btw 🙂

Joseph McKay says:

Ive been using the free Davinci Resolve. Hands down love it. Definitely a learning curve when coming from never having done video editing before. Only issue with Resolve is it is an extremely demanding program on the computer. You really have to have a very well spec’d computer to get it to work properly. I have a new (this year) decently spec’d gaming laptop so i can edit on the go and even at that, it will still be sluggish at times.

J Garcia says:

Thank you for the update. Im so glad you finally added leds to your background!

My Bae says:

Best editor for pc? Plz leave suggestions lol these all look good but what is the best one?

Lera Pisareva says:

I’ve been using VSDC for half a year. I edit videos from time to time, so this editor is the best option for me, as it doesn’t add a watermark and that’s more important – no trials! Free features such as Instagram filters, gradient, plenty of transitions go above and beyond 🙂 Tutorials on their YouTube channel are really helpful and inspire to create awesome videos 🙂

Brian G Johnson TV says:

Bro! Totally using Final Cut Pro. Ha!

Nina De la Cruz says:

Good to see VSDC made it to the list!

Cod CodyPlayz says:

A free one is shortcut it works really well and is easy to use when starting out

Charles Mohommed says:

Great video. I’m currently using Filmora and find it quite simple and adequate for a beginner.

Andrew Wright says:

Hi Justin and thanks for yet again a great clip of advice.
I use Filmora at the moment – I’m a moderately capable user for professional video course purposes. My films are being hosted on Vimeo.
One major question I’d like to get an answer to is that of embedding Subtitles in the films – an essential feature of my courses; it takes ages of editing in Filmora to reach the final result and I’d like to ask what you think would be the speediest/most efficient way of doing this. I can’t really afford to get this done by an outside agency at the moment, by the way.
Editing in YouTube is quite good – cutting and pasting my printed scripts into the subtitle editing window (although also quite time consuming) – but I can’t then export the finished article from there to Vimeo, can I?
I would consider migrating to another editing suite if it would answer the problem.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andrew Wright.

Jessica Santana says:

I was trying to use the previous ones you spoke about but I’m happy you did an updated version. Also, how can I find out if I need more space on my laptop ?? I’m a struggle!

Grindge says:

Vegas Movie Studio Has The Same Upgrade Factor As Premiere Elements

Konstantin Milkevich says:

I’m using blender’s video editor. Blender is af fully free 3d animation and 3d design program, however et also features a pretty powerful video editor and supports ALMOST EVERY FILE FORMAT AND CODEC!!

Creative Nepal says:

Hey bro Best Slideshow Video Editor ???

RabbanaTaqabbalMinna says:

Thank you for this.

ultimate energy of knowlage says:

Hitfilm is much better than davinci resolve or vsdc
hitfilm is the best video editing for free
Sony vegas is the better davinci resolve paid version

Aubanater says:

Thank you for this video.

Hackers of today says:

i am using cs4

Florida Railroad Productions says:

I have 4 video editors Power Director 16, Hitfilms 4, Filmora and Openshot they are all good

Pete Almen says:

hello justin brown i have windows 7 with windows movie maker what im try to do I be an amatuer just trying to add music to a you tube video with wmm downloaded video to wmm but it took about 5hrs before it bearly moved anything faster on a no budget thank you

Htop Music says:

Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premiere Pro are two great editing software for windows.

Nick Nimmin sent me and I subbed here

Abhijit Mukherjee says:

Please suggest me some free video editing software for Windows 7 32-bit pc?

Xta Passions says:

I have a pc (win 7 64bits ) with a 980ti, I just bought a go pro hero 6 and filmed in 2.7K 120 FPS.
I was used to edit with sony vegas pro 13 but now that hero 6 is using h.265 it is not possible… I am looking for a good editing software to start learning again with those 4k, 2k … files with h.265.
Can you tell me what would be the beset solution for you knowing that I will render my edition in 1080P for youtube ( to keep good details from the 2k, 4k videos ? )
Adobe premiere pro cc ?

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