Best Video Editing Software for YouTube 2018 — (Mac & Windows)

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Since choosing the right video editor is a crucial step in managing your YouTube channel, what is the best editing software for youtube? Here are some of our favorites, both free and paid, for Mac AND Windows!

So this first editing software is for mac, called iMovie. It is a basic video editor that is also 100% free and can be downloaded from the app store. It also has built-in animation as well as sound effects. Mac users who are new to editing should try iMovie to get a feel for making videos because its easy for beginners to use.

Windows Movie Maker
The next one on our list is the iMovie equivalent, but for Windows. Its 100% free editing software that used to come with Windows. It’s no longer supported by Microsoft but dont worry,t you can still go download and install it on your PC. I recommend Windows Movie Maker if you’re just starting out in video editing on Windows and want to explore the basics. You can use it make a quick video using clips and images with simple audio tracks. However you’ll soon realize that for more advanced results using transitions, filters, or effects you’ll need to upgrade to another program. But since this one is completely free, there’s no harm in trying it out to get going!

Filmora Video Editor
If youre looking for a more powerful video editor for both Mac and Windows, you can try our very own Filmora. Our software has an intuitive and simplified approach to editing, and is great for both beginners and more advanced editors who are looking for added features. Unlike iMovie and Windows mover maker, you can add videos and multiple layers of effects and audio to your project timeline.

Filmora removes the hassle of trying to make your videos look professional with its simplified approach to editing and awesome effects presets. With a huge library of music, titles, and visual effects you can easily spice up any video. You can even import your files from your social media accounts and when youre done editing them, upload them back to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Actually my favorite part about Filmora is that it has this awesome YouTube channel where you can learn to make pro videos from other creators, like Matt and JJ, theyre pretty cool.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows & Mac)
So if you’re already into video editing, then youve probably heard about Adobe Premiere Pro. This is another software like Filmora which is suitable for both windows and mac. It has gained popularity for its simple interface and large selection of effects. With it’s flexible trimming tools, unlimited multicam angles, great effects like the Warp Stabilizer that can stabilize your videos and a full internal color grading feature Premiere Pro has all the tools you’ll need to make your videos from start to finish. The best thing about Premiere Pro is the ability to integrate it with Adobe’s other products like Photoshop and After Effects for a more advanced workflow. Premiere Pro can have a steep learning curve for beginners and a complicated user interface. The only way to get ahold of Premier is paying a monthly subscription fee of $40. So if you’re a serious editor you’ll likely spend more than a few hundred dollars renting this program.

Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
If youre a Windows user looking for a really advanced editing software, you might consider VEGAS Pro, made by Sony, one of the biggest names in multimedia products. Although not very modern looking, Vegas has tons of advanced features like visual special effects, 3D editing, compositing, white balance, and chroma key.

For beginners that are relatively new the program has a steep learning curve due to all the features found on its interface. But like filmora, this program has built-in interactive tutorials that show you how many of these tools actually work. I recommend this software only if youre a more advanced editor looking to switch to something with more features, or are willing to put in the time it takes to learn to edit on an advanced program.

Final Cut Pro (Mac)
Final Cut Pro is an advanced editing software for MacOS users. The powerful tool allows editors to create amazing videos using features like filters, motion graphics, and special effects.
What differentiates Final Cut Pro from other editors, is that it also supports 360-degree video editing for VR and real-time VR headset playback to see how your 360 edits work in their target environment. Its also really great for mac users because its architecture allows it to run off of the latest CPU and graphics cards,, so users can get the most speed and power out of their editing computers,

Now these are simply just software tools to get the job done. Making great videos goes beyond just editing, its also important to generate new video ideas, take great shots, and get good audio. Our YouTube channel is all about teaching you to make your very best videos, so please subscribe if you haven’t already. See ya’ll next time!


Christian Vargas says:


GOKUL S says:

Always Filmora is a best editor…

POTVID dotcom says:

Guys, you should try Lightworks. Even the free version is great.

ARCuber says:

Ok i wont pay money for annything!
Windows movie maker sucks cause of ugly effects and trans and it has no overlay! I movie isnt on windows
Filmora has watermark on free version and all others are for pay!

Tamim/TG says:

Davinci resolve 15- For Editing normally
Filmora- For Everything else

Trust me this is the best budget combo ever

SxmpleOlivia MSP says:

Can you help me? Every time i preview my video it lags sooo much what do i do to fix it?

Ralf says:

what about multi angle video editing and audio sync in filmora?


Asks a editing software sponsor channel what editing software they use…

Alberto Zelaya says:

Seriusly sony vegas?, in my humble opinion is a bad copy of Premiere Pro

Danielplays backup says:

I cant put my intro window

prince dotillos says:

i am using filmora about months and now i got bugsplat when i open it anyone how to fix this problem?

Tonyfromthebronx says:

wow the only one that was free at all was the ad in the middle XD oh and at the end oh boy clickbait

Rinks says:

Filmora is my favorite 🙂

JD Sarfo says:

HEEEYYYYYYY OVER FRIGGIN HERRRE! Filmora is good and all that but why do people miss the OBNOXIOUS WATERMARK!

JD Sarfo says:

Wait, i thought this was a free editor list SORRY

MC874 says:

Filmora have simple interface.. but need’s more feature like cropping image ( not like resizing the image ) and need more work because Filmora have the ” Crappy ” Rendering that makes Laggy when editing..

Creative Zone says:

I Think it should be a best editorwondershare filmora cracked:i am also downloaded this method its really easily cracked..

Karate Caveman says:

Hello fellow YTPers,Sony Vegas is the best one to choose if you want to make a YTP.

Brother Technical Zone says:

nice video

Pakistan 360 degree says:

Another thing I am using filmora 8.7 do I need upgrade version

Harshjeet sinh Gohil says:

the filmora element downloading is too slow, please help me!!!

Dillan Hayden says:

Thank you guys so much for this video!!!! I think I’m going to go with Filmora. I currently have premiere pro, bu its not too user friendly for me being at an beginner/intermediate level. IMovie is cool but its too basic, so Filmora has to be my happy medium!


Sir i promote filmora for pair promotion on my channel if you want contact me

Bryan Denny says:

you need to add support for 360 video

DaTrippster says:

Wpuld these be good for edits? Like for shows and stuff

Genuine Gamer says:

Vegas has no motion tracking

Alejandro Tuber says:

Try Hitfilm Express, it’s free and have a lot of features.

Victor James Kerketta says:

i like that

Awee Sports says:

Get Even More AMAZING Scenes & Special Character Themes for VideoMakerFX EVERY MONTH! link:

Phoenix The Gamer says:

Next time can you also show us a screen recorder?

Douglas Chaves says:

Very helpful information thank you I also came across this and it’s been helping me a lot

TwankTon says:

filmora has a bug I don’t no it does not work because youtube does not support it and plus why is the watermark so big?

LifeOfBrian says:

filmora is great its an awesome program with almost everything you would need for mid level to semi pro video making, only thing it needs is a little better color correction and more first party filmora luts to download.

Maria Molchanova says:

UGh, get the freaking water mark offfffff

Amith Raj says:

How about davinci resolve ?

Adventure Buddy and Co l Nat & Bry says:

Is Filmora a once off $50 fee?

Subramanian M says:

I have been using this VideoMakerFx software for about a month now and I’m not pro in video editing but this software helps me a lot Try this using the link below to get maximum discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CameoLover93 says:

I’m trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

After the latest update, I made a video and went to export it like normal. The video is about 20ish minutes long and the output format is MP4.

The video has literally been converting at a snails pace for over 7 hours…

My computer runs on windows 10 and uses a 64bit operating system. In all the years that I’ve had Filmora, I’ve never had to struggle this hard to render one video.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch in the software?? Anybody else experiencing slow conversion for videos?


Sport Lany says:

What’s the difference between business $135 and basic $59? Is the business including all the effects ? Free music?

Pakistan 360 degree says:

I want urdu language in my video but it just won’t let me. No font gives me desire text. As Urdu words are written like میرا نام but it ‘ll always shows them like م ی ر ا ں ا م which basically means nothing. What do I do now

Bigbcool Plays says:

I do like filmora alot it’s very simple but i want to know a video editor with no watermark free and simple

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